Rogue Kyurem PLF, Deoxys EX, Masquerain PLB

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  1. djf123

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    This is the competitive deck thread for Kyurem PLF, Deoxys EX, Masquerain PLB. The strategy of the deck is to set up many Kyurem to stream easy KO's and only trading 1 prize. The Masquerain is in the deck to control how you use your tools as this deck plays quite a few.

    Here is a sample deck list.
    [Spoiler=Click here to show list]
    Pokemon - 12

    3 x Kyurem PLF
    4 x Deoxys EX
    1 x Keldeo EX
    2 x Surskit PLB
    2 x Masquerain PLB

    Trainer - 36

    4 x Professor Juniper
    3 x N
    3 x Skyla
    3 x Colress

    4 x Pokemon Catcher
    4 x Float Stone
    3 x Silver Bangle
    3 x Plasma Ball
    3 x Colress Machine
    2 x EXP Share
    1 x Tool Scrapper
    1 x Super Rod
    1 x Ultra Ball
    1 x Computer Search

    Enrergy - 12

    8 x Water Energy
    4 x Plasma Energy[/spoiler]
  2. SoldiersSpirit

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    The main problem I see with this is bench space...
  3. Gradientraptor

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    I built a list very similar to the sample list several weeks ago, and it is indeed a problem.

    The Keldeo EX is unnecessary once you've setup a Masquerain as you can move float stone and Silver bangle independently.

    I found the ideal board included an active Kyurem, 3 Deoxys, an Exp shared Kyurem on the bench and a Masquerain. This is not always an easy task, as streaming Kyurem is hard early game. I'm still working on the list as I think the idea still has merit.
  4. djf123

    djf123 Basically Lance Armstrong..

    Bench space was sometimes an issue. There were many situations when all I would need benched was 2 Deoxys EX, 1 Masquerain PLB, and 1 Kyurem PLF. But say for instance I was up against Darkrai/lasers, I would indeed need each of my bench spots taken up for an optimal set up. I tested this deck before Legendary Treasures was released so I'm sure the deck list could take a bit of a different direction.

    Moving a Float Stone to a Pokemon that is asleep will not wake it up, that is more or less the purpose of the Keldeo EX in the deck.

    Like I stated above, the deck list was made when PLB was the most recent set, and there are changes that can be made with the release of Legendary Treasures.