“Let’s Get This Haus Party Started!” – SC Top 8, Mind of a Metagamer, and States Lists

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    Great article
    With Virgen top cutting everywhere do you think there will be an increase in Rayboar decks?

    Also, what do you think is the best way to counter rayboar with Virgen?
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    Great article. Could you give percentages of matchups for "Sea Horses with Ninjas"
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    Great article!

    For another SC Top 10:

    Kevin Baxter - Created the Yeti deck that was super popular during cities, riding it to ~250 championship points between cities and league challenges, doing that mostly before anyone else picked up the deck. During state championships, played Emboar to Top 8's at I believe 2/3 weekends of states, and followed it up with a 2nd place at NE Regionals.
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    I just wanted to call out Adam for the cringe inducing article title ;) I KNOW hes behind this! ( Great article though, of course! )