Let’s Talk About Worlds! Part I: The Grinder (Featuring Sam Liggett)

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    This was great. I really enjoyed the read, and as a player planning to go to the grinder it was very helpful.
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    i liked the article overall, but why didn't you mention lugia? i play it as a 1-of in straight plasma (3 kyurem, 1 absol) with 1 dce and scramble switch. it swings the goth matchup to around a 45/55.

    but the main thing that it does is destroys darkrai. i have tested this matchup the most and have used lugia 100% of the games. the score is currently 36-23 in plasmas favor. perhaps my darkrai list is a 1-2 cards away from what it should be, but the matchup is certinly in plasmas favor. and maybe this is just me, but i dont think any deck has much skill in playing. maybe darkrai has the most, but certainly not chandelure/vileplume/dodrio levels. however, deckbuilding is very skillful this format imo.
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    An interesting article. I've made my deck list choice, and I'm heading out sunday evening so I'll have about 5 days left to test either in person or on PTCGO, but after 280 games logged with my Blastoise I think my tech choices might just see me through a sea of gothitelle and maybe mirrors. If I happen to see Darkrai all day, well, so much the better. :) You didn't mention however if you think Grinder being 60+3 (as opposed to 75+3) is going to hinder Goth or give other decks more "outs" to Goth.
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    Hopefully everyone believes you and plays Darkrai for Grinder. I legitimately cannot tell if you have tested much with Blastoise, because it feels very ideal for Grinder.
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    Honest Blastoise players (they do exist!) find that the deck can screw them over terribly with bad starts.
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    Yes, that's part of the reason it didn't do well at US Nationals, it's not a good deck for Swiss. But in BO3 it works really well since chances are you're gonna get 1 terrible start at most. Still, I don't like the reasoning for not playing Blastoise. A luck-based 50/50 is just what you're gonna have this format, especially since your only negative matchups aren't very relevant.
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    You sure you aren't saying that in reverse? Blastoise is a god-like Swiss deck due to the fact you don't have to setup as many games and you can take a bad start or two. In BO3 not only do you need to avoid bad starts, but you also have to get the combo every single game otherwise you lose. Personally speaking I don't think that having 2 complete coin-toss matchups is the way to go if you want to do well in the grinder, heck Gothitelle is a better option in that regard since you can tech for mirror extremely easily.
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    So Gothitelle teching Gothorita for the mirror and Blastoise teching Wartortle for the Gothitelle are completely different scenarios? Interesting.