Let’s Talk About Worlds! Part II: The Main Event (Featuring Ryan Sabelhaus)

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    You seem confident that Life Dew is still the play, but given all the attention it received after Nationals, don't you think it's likely that Tool Scrapper will become more popular? I know it's a question everyone is asking, but since you actually got firsthand experience with Life Dew in Plasma, I was curious about your take.

    And another curiosity: what do you think is the ideal Blend split?
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    I must agree with the above poster: I think a logical extension of nationals results will be reflected in that Tool Scrapper will be at least a 1-of in most lists regardless of type. This also leads me to think that Garbodor probably won't be seeing much play in either event, unless you're expecting not to win / go all the way / do well at all.

    It's really not a bad play in general considering that most builds will have Keldeo + Float stone to deal with Goth, and if you can remove the float stones you can pin them into bad positions in most cases if you need to.