Lickyloaf's Trades: H: Mega Charizard EX SR (107), Espeon*, EXs, Pokemon Coins W: CYL

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  1. Lickyloaf

    Lickyloaf New Member

    1. 6P trading rules apply.
    2. US traders only please.
    3. Do not offer me damaged/played cards. All my cards are NM-M and I expect the same from you.
    4. I will not trade with anyone who has a negative ref.

    Refs from other sites:

    Trade Cards Online: 35 unique refs out of 44 trades

    Pokegym: 14

    eBay (Buying&Selling): 163, 100%


    X18 X&Y
    X2 Plasma Freeze
    X1 Plasma Storm
    X1 Dragons Exalted
    X1 Next Destinies
    X1 Emerging Powers
    X1 Trainer Challenge
    X1 Zoroark/ Beartic (Zoroark)
    X1 Serperior tin
    X1 Emboar tin
    X1 Samurott tin
    X2 Mewtwo box
    X1 Kyurem box
    X1 Dragon Vault
    X1 Deoxys Tin


    X2 Mega Charizard X EX (69/106)
    X1 Charizard EX FULL ART
    X1 M-CharizardY EX (107/106)
    X1 Charizard EX (12/106)
    X1 Kangaskhan EX (not full art)
    X1 Pokemon Center Lady FULL Art
    X1 Magnezone EX (not FA)

    Venusaur EX Full Art
    X2 Skarmory EX (reg art)
    M-Venusaur EX
    Venusaur EX (not full art)

    Legendary Treasures:
    X1 Black Kyurem EX
    X1 Reshiram Gold FA

    Plasma Blast:
    X1 Palkia EX (not full art)

    Plasma Freeze:
    X1 Tornadus EX FA
    X1 Heatran EX (not full art)

    Plasma Storm:
    X1 Charizard (Shiny)
    X1 Victini EX (not full art)
    X1 White Kyurem EX
    X1 Articuno EX FA

    Boundaries Crossed:
    X1 White Kyurem EX (not full art)
    X1 Celebi EX (Not full art)

    Dragons Exalted:
    X1 Rayquaza #128 Shiny
    X1 Giratina EX (not full art)
    X1 Giratina EX FA

    Dark Explorers:

    Next Destinies:
    X1 Kyurem EX (not full art)
    X1 Kyurem EX FA

    Noble Victories:
    X1 Virizon FA
    X1 Terrakion FA
    X1 Meowth (Secret Rare)


    X6 Energy Retrieval
    X8 Energy Search (1 reverse)
    X3 Energy Switch (1 reverse)
    X3 Full Heal
    X3 Plus Power
    X7 Pokeball (1 reverse)
    X6 Pokedex
    X4 Pokemon Communication (1 reverse)
    X4 Potion (1 reverse)
    X5 Professor Juniper (1 reverse)
    X5 Revive (1 reverse)
    X5 Super Scoop Up (2 reverse)
    X5 Switch

    BW Emerging Powers:
    X9 Bianca
    X8 Cheren
    X2 Crushing Hammer
    X4 Great Ball
    X6 Recycle (1 reverse)

    BW Noble Victories:
    X4 Cover Fossil
    X1 Eviolite
    X7 Plume Fossil (3 reverse)
    X1 Rocky Helmet (reverse)
    X4 Xtransceiver (1 reverse)

    BW Next Destinies:
    X6 Cilan (1 reverse)
    X15 Exp. Share (1 reverse)
    X10 Heavy Ball
    X14 Pokemon Center (2 reverse)
    X2 Skyarrow Bridge
    X10 Double Colorless Energy
    X5 Prism Energy

    BW Dark Explorers:
    X4 Cheren
    X4 Dark Claw (1 reverse)
    X4 Enchanted Hammer
    X9 Hooligans Jim & Cas (1 reverse)
    X5 Old Amber Aerodactyl (1 reverse)
    X3 Professor Juniper
    X3 Random Receiver
    X5 Rare Candy
    X4 Twist Mountain (1 reverse)

    BW Dragons Exalted:
    X6 Devolution Spray (2 reverse)
    X13 Giant Cape (1 reverse)
    X13 Rescue Scarf (2 reverse)
    X9 Blend Energy (Grass, Fire, Psychic, Dark)
    X5 Blend Energy (Water, Lightning, Fighting, Metal)

    BW Boundaries Crossed:
    X2 Aspertia City Gym
    X3 Energy Search
    X2 Great Ball
    X4 Hugh
    X7 Pokeball (2 reverse)
    X2 Potion
    X2 Rocky Helmet
    X3 Switch
    X1 Town Map

    Plasma Storm:
    X5 Bicycle
    X5 Colress
    X8 Colress Machine
    X4 Escape Rope (1 reverse)
    X6 Ether
    X6 Eviolite
    X4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    X6 Plasma Frigate
    X8 Plasma Grunt (1 Reverse)
    X3 Plasma Energy

    Plasma Freeze:
    X3 Frozen City
    X5 Shadow Triad (X1 rev holo)
    X3 Superior Energy Retrieval
    X4 Team Plasma Badge
    X2 Team Plasma Ball
    X3 Plasma Energy

    Plasma Blast:
    X3 Caitlin (X1 rev holo)
    X4 Cover Fossil (X1 rev holo)
    X2 Energy Retrieval
    X5 Iris (X1 rev holo)
    X2 Plume Fossil (X1 rev holo)
    X2 Pokémon Catcher
    X6 Professor Juniper (X1 rev holo)
    X3 Rare Candy
    X5 Reversal Trigger
    X5 Root Fossil Lileep (X1 rev holo)
    X4 Silver Bangle
    X3 Silver Mirror
    X2 Ultra Ball
    X8 Plasma Energy (X1 rev holo)

    Legendary Treasures:
    X1 Bianca
    X1 Crushing Hammer

    X1 Cassius
    X3 Evosoda
    X1 Fairy Garden
    X1 Great Ball
    X1 Hard Charm
    X1 Max Revive
    X1 Muscle Band
    X1 Professor Sycamore
    X2 Professor’s Letter
    X1 Roller Skates
    X2 Shadow Circle
    X4 Shauna (X2 reverse holo)
    X3 Super Potion
    X1 Team Flare Grunt
    X1 Double Colorless Energy
    X1 Rainbow Energy

    X4 Blacksmith
    X3 Fiery Torch
    X3 Lysandre (X1 RH)
    X4 Magnetic Storm
    X5 Pal Pad (X1 RH)
    X3 Pokemon Center Lady
    X3 Pokemon Fan Club
    X4 Protection Cube
    X4 Sacred Ash
    X3 Startling Megaphone (X1 RH)
    X3 Trick Shovel
    X5 Ultra Ball

    BW Promos:
    X2 Battle City BW39

    XY Promos:
    Yveltal EX
    Greninja EX

    I have TONS of energy cards. Ask if you need any!!!
    X5 Darkness (Have some from older sets too)
    X5 Steel (Have some from older sets too)
    X5 Fairy
    Xx Fire (range from Base to BW)
    Xx Water (range from Base to BW)
    Xx Grass (range from Base to BW)
    Xx Lightning (range from Base to BW)
    Xx Fighting (range from Base to BW)
    Xx Psychic (range from Base to BW)


    X1 Pyroar
    X1 Druddigon

    X1 Trevenant
    X1 Raichu
    X2 Phantump
    X2 Pumpkaboo
    X1 Zoroark
    X2 Honedge
    X1 Wigglytuff #89
    X3 Spritzee
    X1 Swirlix
    X1 Xerneas

    Radiant Collection:
    X1 Servine
    X1 Torchic
    X1 Piplup
    X1 Gardevoir

    Plasma Freeze:
    X1 Weavile
    X1 Absol
    X1 Kingdra (rev holo)
    X1 Chandelure

    Plasma Storm:
    X1 Infernape
    X1 Manaphy
    X1 Gallade
    X1 Lucario (Dual Armor)
    X2 Liepard (Silent Claw)
    X1 Snorlax

    BW Boundaries Crossed:
    X1 Ditto

    BW Dragons Exalted:
    X1 Garbodor
    X1 Garchomp-Mach Cut (reverse)
    X1 Hydreigon-Ability
    X2 Bouffalant

    BW Dark Explorers:
    X1 Accelgor
    X2 Aerodactyl
    X1 Krookodile

    BW Next Destinies:
    X1 Zekrom

    BW Noble Victories:
    X2 Kyurem
    X2 Landorus
    X2 Hydreigon (1 reverse)

    X2 Zekrom
    X1 Zoroark (Cracked Ice Holo)

    BW Promos:
    X1 Reshiram BW04
    X2 Snivy BW06
    X1 Tepig BW07
    X1 Oshawott BW08
    X1 Minccino BW13
    X2 Axew BW26
    X2 Battle City BW39
    X3 Thunderus BW41
    X3 Tornadus BW42
    X1 Landorus-FULL ART BW42
    X1 Kyurem BW44
    X2 Meloetta
    X1 Leafeon BW87
    X1 Flareon BW88
    X1 Vaporeon BW89
    X1 Glaceon BW90
    X1 Jolteon BW91
    X1 Espeon BW92
    X1 Umbreon BW93
    X1 Eevee BW94

    Dragon Vault:
    x2 Dratini (2/20)
    x1 Dragonair (3/20)
    x2 Dragonair (4/20)
    x1 Dragonite (5/20)
    x1 Bagon (6/20)
    x1 Shelgon (7/20)
    x1 Salamence (8/20)
    x2 Latias (9/20)
    x1 Latios (10/20)
    x1 Rayquaza (11/20)
    x1 Axew (13/20)
    x1 Haxorus (16/20)
    x1 Druddigon (17/20) (blister promo)
    x1 Kyurem (21/20) (secret rare)

    XY Promo:
    X1 Sylveon XY04


    X2 Cresselia and Darkrai Legend
    X1 Palkia and Dialga Legend
    X1 Zoroark and Legendary Pokémon
    X1 Mewtwo EX
    X1 Deoxys EX

    Sleeves (SEALED):
    X1 Red vs Green (62 count) Pokecenter sleeves (sealed)
    X2 DP era sleeves (50 pack, Ultra Pro) (Features: Regigigas, Heatran, Leafeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Houndoom, Garchomp, Togekiss, Yanmega)
    X1 Subway Bosses Ingo & Emmet (Sealed 62 count)
    X1 Yveltal Sleeves (Sealed, Elite Trainer Box)

    Collected from theme decks over the years. Ask if you would like pictures.

    x1 Yveltal (shard pattern)
    x4 Victini (red and sparkly)
    x1 Reshiram and Zekrom (white and silver)
    x4 Reshiram and Zekrom (Bronze)
    x4 Zoroark (silver with a red background)
    x2 5th gen starters (sparkly)
    x2 Shaymin and Jirachi (sparkly)
    x2 Palkia (sparkly)
    x1 Dialga (Shard pattern)
    x2 Cranidos (light blue)
    x1 Shieldon (Gold)
    x1 Tyranitar (Blue shard pattern)
    x3 Elements (red)
    x1 Elements (greenish yellow)
    x1 Elements (orangish)
    x1 Elements (purple)
    x3 Elements (gold)
    x5 Elements (blue)
    x3 Team Rocket Symbol (Shard Pattern)
    x1 Team Rocket Symbol (Red)
    x2 Team Magma Symbol (red)
    x1 Team Aqua Symbol (blue)
    x1 Jirachi (Goldish)
    x1 Celebi (Green/yellow)
    x2 Rayquaza (Sparkly)
    x1 Rayquaza (green)
    x3 Deoxys (wavy pattern)
    x2 Mew (sparkly)
    x1 Mew (hot pink)
    x2 Bulbasaur (Light green)
    x3 Charmander (pink)
    x1 Chikorita (green)
    x2 Treecko (Green)
    x2 Treecko (gold)
    x1 Mudkip (blue)
    x2 Torchic (red)
    x3 Aerodactyl (orange-WOTC)
    x3 Vileplume (green-WOTC)
    x2 Pikachu (yellow-WOTC)
    x1 Meowth (sparkly-WOTC)
    x2 Pikachu (Silver Metal)

    These have all come from theme decks I have collected over the years. They are just made of paper and have areas to designate the attacking pokemon, bench, discard pile, prizes, ect. I listed the name of the theme deck each one came with and the pokemon featured on it. Ask if you want pictures.
    x2 Steeplechase (Rapidash and Flareon)
    x1 Breakthrough (Crobat and Metagross)
    x1 Hydrobloom (Milotic and Kyogre)
    x1 Wildfire (Manectric and Groudon)
    x2 Starcharge (Deoxys)
    x2 Jetstream (Rayquaza)
    x4 James (James and Weezing)
    x3 Jessie (Jessie and Arbok)
    x1 Team Magma (Groudon)
    x1 Ex Hidden Legends (Celebi, Metagross, Regirock)
    x1 Groundbreaker (Golem and Aerodactyl)
    x1 Shadowquake (Gengar and Mew)
    x2 Golden Sky (Ho-oh and Steelix)
    x1 Fire Red (Charizard and Charmeleon)
    x2 Leaf Green (Venusaur and Ivysaur)


    Neo Shinings:
    Shining Celebi
    Shining Raichu
    Shining Steelix
    Shining Kabutops
    Shining Tyranitar

    Charizard (regular holo)

    Gold Stars:
    Groudon star
    Suicune star
    Alakazam star
    Treecko star
    Kyoge Star
    Gyarados star
    Metagross star
    Vaporeon star
    Espeon star
    Charizard star
    Mew star
    Jolteon star (excellent condition)

    LVX (All from set. No promos):
    Torterra LVX
    Lucario LVX
    Honchkrow LVX
    Cresselia LVX
    Darkrai LVX
    Mesprit LVX
    Rhyperior LVX
    Heatran LVX
    Dialga [G] LVX
    Palkia [G] LVX
    Shaymin LVX #127
    Alakazam [4] LVX
    Hippowdon LVX
    Mismagius [GL] LVX
    Charizard [G] LVX
    Garchomp [C] LVX
    Staraptor [FB] LVX
    Tangrowth LVX

    Retro/Reprints/SH&SL shinies/Legends:
    X2 Articuno
    X2 Moltres
    Ho-oh Legend (bottom)
    Raikou & Suicune Legend (Bottom)
    Kyogre & Groudon Legend (Top)
    Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend (Top)
    Gyarados (reverse holo shiny)


    Blastoise CD Promo
    "Bubble" Mew
    Koga's Ninja Trick (Swastika art)

    ***********I do have lots of unlisted cards from older sets. Ask if you’re looking for something in particular. *************

    CYL (High Want)
    Interesting offers
    Venusaur EX FA

    X&Y: (I would prefer the normal holo versions)

    Dragon Fronteirs: I'm working on getting a complete master set. Higher wants
    Reglualr/non holo

    Ampharos #1
    Nidorino #35
    Switch #83
    Holon Energy FF #84

    Alternate/reverse holo
    Nidoking #6
    Pinsir #9
    Ledian #18
    Mantine #20
    Seadra ‘delta’ #22
    Tropius #23
    Vibrava #24
    Kirlia #32
    Kirlia ‘delta’ #33
    Quilava #36
    Seadra #37
    Smeargle #39
    Togepi #41
    Dratini #46
    Feebas #49
    Larvitar #52
    Nidoran F #56
    Nidoran M #57
    Pupitar #59
    Ralts #61
    Buffer Piece #72
    Copycat #73
    Island Hermit #76
    Old Rod #78
    Professor Elm’s Training Method #79
    Professor Oak’s Research #80
    Strength Charm #81
    Switch #83
    Boost Energy #87
    D Rainbow Energy #88
    Scramble Energy #89
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  2. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Bulbagirl in the house :p

    Interested in Umbreon* the most and your shinings any of them really.

    These are the ex's I have

    Typhlosion ex
    Skarmory ex
    Flygon ex Dragon frontiers
    Magmar ex
    Banette ex
    Dustox ex
    Latias ex
    Aerodactyl ex
    Shiftry ex Power Keepers
    Ampharos ex
    Cacturne ex
    Salamence ex Dragon frontiers
    Hitmonchan ex
    Groudon ex
    Flygon ex emerge change one
    Clefable ex
    Kingdra ex
    Dusclops ex
  3. killerdrone

    killerdrone New Member

    I have a delphox rare halo and a gogoat halo for trade
  4. Lickyloaf

    Lickyloaf New Member

    Lol I’m Lickyloaf now :D
    The ex’s I like are
    Flygon ex (DF)
    Cacturne ex
    Dusclops ex
    Groudon ex (only if it’s the ex Hidden Legends one)
    But at the moment, I’m only trying to trade my shinings and goldstars for other cards of that nature. Was there any other cards of mine you liked? I think I still have a Holon Phantoms grass energy and a RH fire energy from Ruby&Sapphire. lmk

    Sweet. What cards of mine are you interested in?
  5. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Could you do...

    Cacturne ex
    dusclops ex


    x1 FA Dialga EX
    x1 HP Grass Energy
    x1 RH Fire Energy R&S

    The flygon was a mistake I have legend maker and power keeper ones and the groudon is the 038 promo.
  6. Lickyloaf

    Lickyloaf New Member

    Is there anyway I can get you to add in your Reshiram FA from Radiant Collection?
  7. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    I can if you could throw in a rainbow energy and professors letter?
  8. Lickyloaf

    Lickyloaf New Member

    yeah that works for me. So its
    x1Dialga EX FA
    x1 HP Grass Energy
    x1 RH Fire Energy R&S
    x1 Professor's Letter
    x1 Rainbow Energy
    x1 Dusclops ex
    x1 Cacturne ex
    x1 Reshiram FA (RC)

    If that's alright with you, PM me :)
  9. I have Chesnaught XY, Delphox XY and Gogoat XY, all regular holo. I'm interested in Kyurem-EX FA. CML for more I could throw in to get it? Thanks?
  10. Eonic

    Eonic Plays too many random battles

    1 Dragonite ex (91/101 Dragon Frontiers)
    1 Flygon ex (92/101 Dragon Frontiers)
    3 Kingdra ex (94/101 Dragon Frontiers)
    1 Rayquaza ex (97/101 Dragon Frontiers)
    2 Flareon ex (108/113 Delta Species)
    1 Vaporeon ex (110/113 Delta Species)
    1 Absol ex (92/108 Power Keepers)
    1 Walrein ex (99/108 Power Keepers)
    1 Electrode ex (107/112 FireRed & LeafGreen)
    1 Sharpedo ex (104/107 Deoxys)
    1 Exploud ex (92/100 Crystal Guardians)
    1 Chansey ex (96/109 Ruby & Sapphire)
  11. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Licky, I'm really interested in your Genesect EX, care to cml for it? I also have Celebi* and Regice* unlisted that I'd be willing to part with, let me know.
  12. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Would you be willing to part with any of your gold stars? If you're interested, I have both Charizard EX FA and M Charizard EX (69/106) among others.
  13. Lickyloaf

    Lickyloaf New Member

    I actually have both those Charizards already, I just haven't updated my list in awhile hahaha. I didn't see much else on your list for the goldstars though, sorry
  14. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    It's fine, on Pokebeach I'm trading for a Charizard Gold Star :D