“Long Live the King” – Taming the Hype Behind Pyroar

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by MarekFirestone, May 6, 2014.

  1. MarekFirestone

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  2. Vysekun

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    Nice to have a starting point with Pyroar to test with. Thanks for the article! In terms of counters, I've been thinking about running Toxicroak EX (especially in Yveltal decks) to counter Pyroar. Any thoughts?
  3. DGS87

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    Zoroark can be on Yveltal decks, but I think Pyroar and Charizards are very Hyped since they didn't saw any sucess on Japan Meta
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    I thought you were also going to talk about Mega Kangaskhan/Aromatisse. Did I miss something or did that section not make it into the article? Really liked the Ninetails/Pyroar idea!
  5. Adam

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    I totally read that too and meant to either ask Andrew or edit that out. (At this point I guess I need to edit it out.)