Looking Back and Beyond – Pleasanton Regionals and Decks for the Next Format

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    A blastoise build without rare candy... interesting meta call
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    Yikes, good catch. I should have noticed that when editing. I'll add a note in the article.

    I'm not going to make any guesses as to what Andy intended the list to be (I'm sure he'll comment in the next day or two), but I'd recommend checking out Henry Prior or Ray Cipoletti's lists.
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    Yeah, it's a bold move, right? :)

    My system is: 1) the lists are in Excel (where I keep lists and testing results), 2) I move them to Word (where I write my article), 3) then they go into the wordpress editor. Apparently, I made mistakes this time, and I apologize for that. Normally, I do a good job double checking that the final list is the same as the one in Excel. Apparently in my excitement for twins, which are actually coming today now (I'm actually at the hospital waiting room right now), I didn't catch that and I must have just tried to fill the four spots.

    -1 Water
    -1 Stoise
    -1 Catcher
    -1 Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX (This is really just a personal preference call. I normally play with just two Black Kyurem EX, but I know some people who only play with two Keldeo EX).
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    Assuming energy switch comes back as speculated do you see HO OH making a return?
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    Do we have any information on the flareon decks that made cut in seniors?
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    Great read, but may I ask WHY you run 3 Super Rod in the Chandy list? I have a deck similar to yours and it is currently 11-2 on the PTCGO and it has 1.
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    I'm guessing its because the deck runs a low amount of Fire Energies (9) and as Chandelure PLF accelerates from the deck multiple are required in order to keep getting off multiple attachments each turn and avoid running out of Energies (which will happen pretty quickly if attacking with something like Reshiram NXD. For this deck Super Rod is effectively like Energy Retrieval/Superior Energy Retrieval for Blastoise/Emboar decks which are also generally used as a 3-per deck (except it can also get back Pokemon as well which is useful as space is quite tight so getting back extra attackers or a Chandelure line are both very important).