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    Well guys, its late and I'm exhausted and have to get up super early tomorrow, so I'm going to make this short. I just got back, its about a 2 hour drive to get there...

    So, I get on the road, almost get out of town and realize I forgot my deck. So, we turn around, get to my house and I can't find my deck...hmmm...apparently, I stuffed it in a tin with all of my dice that was in my backpack all along, complete waste! So, we end up getting out of town about an hour later than we wanted. When we get there, I walk in and there is already a lot of people...I'm stoked but a bit anxious as well. I tweaked my deck to the specific meta game I knew I was going to encounter...i didn't expect there to be like 8 extra people that I had no idea what they were going to run, and at least 2 people I can think of off the top of my head didn't show up...this was great news because it meant we had enough for a top 4 cut! On to the report....

    Round 1 (horrible with names, sorry everyone)
    Me w/Steelix vs ??? Drapion/Crobat Prime/Ho Oh Legend/Giratina

    We get a really late start. He was new and it was his first tournament. I notice him trying to fill out his decklist still. I glance at a couple of his cards and notice he has Moonlight Stadium and Darkrai GE. I tell him they rotated and he is scrambling to get his deck together still. The TO comes over and we haven't even started yet and he asked if he had his decklist in yet. He didn't but I said "It doesn't matter to me" so he shrugs and we start. So, we both set up fairly slow. I remember walking in thinking "man, remember to watch out for Drapion's Derail." Evan usually runs Drapion and almost took down my Dialga back in the Spring. When this guys hit the field, I totally spaced on it. We take a few turns hitting back and forth for little bits of damage and I energy stream to attach my 5th energy, a DCE, 1 Metal, 2 Special Metal. Next turn...Derail, I discard 4 energy...crap, that hurt. I had 1 Conductive Quarry prized and 1 Expert Belt prized, so I struggled all game not doing near as much damage as I would have liked. My only real saving grace this game was that I got Slowking HGSS out early and was able to give him pretty bad top decks almost all game....oddly enough, he always seemed to have energy when he needed it. He takes the first prize and I realize that we have killed a ton of time and the only way I had a chance was to send up Jirachi, get some cards in my hand and let Jirachi get KO'ed...which means I will be down 2 prizes. The TO comes by so I ask if we can get a 5 minute extension since we got a really late start and he says yes. I finally KO his Drapion (30 damage at a time). I'm not sure of everything that happend in between but I know he got out a Crobat Prime and was like "Crap, I can't hurt Steelix." I 2 shot crobat and he brings up Ho-Oh Legend. At this point, we are in our extension and are desperately low on time so I rushing like mad, probably making tons of mistakes (I think I forgot to rearrange his top deck, that hurt as you will see). Ho-oh is short 1 energy, I hit him, poison him, 10 shy of KO. He top decks an energy (my big mistake), OHKO's steelix and goes to poison. At this point, he has 1 prize left, I have 2, its my turn and time is called. The TO asks if I can KO him, I so no and we shake hands, gg man...he gets the win. So, I'm driving home and it dawns on me...we get 3 turns when time is called. He had NOTHING left, like a Zubat and no enegy and a Uxie. Had we of played the 3 turns, I would have easily taken at least 1 prize, tying it up, probably 2 easily for the win before the 3 turns was up, if not, I would have definitely taken 2 in 4 with him having no chance of KO'ing me...I'm not happy when I realize this, but oh well, gg man.

    This sucks, but with a T4, I still have a chance.

    Round 2
    Me (Steelix) vs Matt -Espeon/Mismagius/Banette/Dusknoir
    Matt's deck was one of the coolest I've ever seen. He would place damage on his Shadow command Dusknoir and Temper Tantrum Banette, then use Espeon to move all of his damage as "placed" damage on his opponent. Very cool idea and he played it very just couldn't hang with my beast. We both set up fairly fast. He almost had me in a bad spot, he kept moving all of the 30 damage I was energy streaming to him back to me and my special metal couldn't reduce it...out. So, I end up with a lot of damage and finally Gaia crush for the KO. He doesn't have anyone set up and has to promote a benched pokemon with no energy and wiffs on the draw. I draw, drop the Blissey Prime and just tank from there. I had like 20 cards in my hand toward the end and he brings up his Mismagius to Poltergeist. Normally, this would work wonders...but I have my deck set up so I rarely ever have a lot of T/S/S in my hand. I have 3, he does 90, reduced by 40, he scoops, I think I had 2 prizes left and he didn't draw any. GG man, really awesome deck.


    Me (Steelix) vs Evan (Gliscorlock)
    In between rounds, I bump into Kevin and I'm like, "Man, I hope I don't have to play Evan, Drapion is an awkward matchup for me" and he tells me that he's not playing Drapion, but he can't remember what it was. Pairings go up and I see Evan...and I'm anxious. He starts Spiritomb and Gligar and I sigh....thank God for small favors. I start a lone Chansey, attach and pass. He gets a really good start, BTS, some other things, Darkness Grace to Gliscor and ends. I drop an Onix, DCE, and make good use of his BTS into Steelix....I already knew the game was over, he just figured it out, lol. He read it just to make sure of everything it said. I attach and pass. He starts his lock on Chansey, I evolve to Blissey Prime and retreat and just run through him with Steelix. He ends up taking down a belted Steelix when I had 1 prize left. I took 6 straight prizes though once I was set up. GG man. Evan and I always seem to play. I'm 2-0 at BR against him and 0-2 in PR Drafts.

    Awesome. I still have a chance. My deck hasn't worked perfect once. The best set up I had was my one loss, but oh well.

    Round 4
    Me (Steelix) vs Leo -Donphan
    I start a lone chansey (for the 3rd time today) to his lone Phanpy. Well, I don't know how I feel about this matchup. It doesn't really scare me but I'm going 1st (for the 4th time in 4 games) and have weakness....This game is pretty bad for me. Last night, I was tweaking my deck. I decided I wanted to play a 2-1/1 Blissey Prime/PT line, so I dropped my Palmer (which I've never needed to use with this deck), dropped 1 Uxie and changed 1 Warp energy for 1 Basic Metal. I have the crappiest start every: lone Chansey, 2 energy Exchanger, 4 energy...awesome. Thankfully, one of them is Call. He gets 2 Donphans set up but wiffs on the energy. Turn 2, I top deck Bebe, time to get to work! Search out for my Uxie...prized....awesome. Needless to say, never get going. This was Leo's first tourny and he placed 5th, just missing top cut, and he did awesome. His deck was perfect. I didn't think Donphan would really be that big a threat, and it shouldn't have really. What killed me was that i had both Blissey out early and they become victims of Pokemon Reversal. He takes 5 prizes and loads up 80 damage to Steelix before I take out Donphan for 2. Oddly enough, this is where that Palmer hurt. If I could have gotten that Palmer and got back my Blissey PT, I would have won from here on out. He had one Donphan with 40 damage. If I could have removed 2 damage, he would have hit me for 80, falling 20 shy of the KO. My Steelix was fully loaded and would KO/turn from here on out, removing 20 damage every turn and he had now way to do more damage. But, as I mentioned, I got both Chansey stuck out early and were KO'ed due to, that didn't happen. Instead, I take 2 prizes and he KO's man.


    That first round bugs me still, but oh well. One of these days I'll pull my head out of my but round 1 (last BR, I didn't spray Uxie and was beat down my Donphan, I don't think he announced his power though...). But, in the end, I new to watch out for that Derail attack. Its just not one of those match ups you think about. On another note, my deck played like crap all day and still did very well I think. I went first every game and had these starts (all lone starts): Jirachi, Chansey, Chansey, Chansey. What irks me is that I only have 1 Uxie and 2 Chansey but 4 Jirachi and 4 Onix. Going first all 4 games did NOT help with Jirachi. And, strangely enough, had I left in that Warp and the Palmer, I think I would have won the Donphan match. It was all of his crazy warp points and reversals that kept hurting me so bad.

    I'm not one to play the luck game, but 4 games going first and 3 with a Chansey start...unbelievable....I play the better part of 12 supporters and only drew 1 in my last match. And, that is the worst drawing I've ever had due to the constant Chansey starts...but, that is life! Either way, I'm impressed how well my deck did given these circumstances. Granted, one win was against an autowin and the other had no chance and the only reasonable match I had, I lost and a match I should have won, I lost (never should have been that close in all reality). I was 1 play away from winning both of my matchups, 1 I lost because of a stupid mistake by me and the other I chalk up to incredibly horrible luck. But, I realized that if I can get my Steelix out, he is almost impossible to take down.

    My son for winning Juniors (even if it was only 3 people and the other 2 were running starter decks ;)
    My 5 month pregnant wife for making the trek and hanging in there all day
    My parents for watching my 2 year old
    Steelix for being a beast
    A lot of new players, most doing very well

    4 coin toss "wins"
    3 starts with Chansey
    last second changes
    Supporter Drought
    Slowking, lol

    *For the record, a coin toss "win" isn't too bad as long as I can get an Onix in my starting hand. An early energy attachment to Onix is awesome. The odds I "win" every toss with unlikely Chansey starts, is pretty slim*

    Strange stats:
    There is a 6.25% chance I win 4 coin tosses
    There is a 27.81% chance I start with Chansey
    There is a .06% I have 3 starts with Chansey (no, that isn't .06, as in 6%, that is .00006, as in .06%)
    The odds that my only uxie gets prizes is between 1.6%-11.3%, depending on which way you consider better to caluculate.
  2. Wow man sounds like an experience lol. Bummer on the lame starts and complications bro, Steelix should have owned.
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    Here is a you tube video of my son and I battling. The resolution went to crap when I uploaded it. Anyway, it basically just kind of shows how our decks work. No, I'm not proud of beating a 9 year old...

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    Here is a you tube video of my son and I battling. The resolution went to crap when I uploaded it. Anyway, it basically just kind of shows how our decks work. No, I'm not proud of beating a 9 year old...

    Youtube says the quality will get better.
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    I know how you feel, man. Went to BRs with my Infernape/Garchomp deck, and ended up going 3-2 drop because of terrible starts in the two games I got owned in.