Tier 2 Lugia-based Plasma variants (Speed Lugia, Snorlax PLF)

Discussion in 'Competitive Deck Discussion' started by Casca37, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Casca37

    Casca37 The Swarm

    Hey everybody! I noticed there wasn't a forum for the Lugia EX version of Plasma, so I figured I would go ahead and start one.

    Basically, the idea behind the deck is to set up Lugia EX as fast as possible, and then use his ability, Plasma Gale, to draw prize cards really quickly.

    Here's a sample decklist:

    3 Lugia EX
    4 Deoxys EX
    2 Thundurus EX
    1 Kyurem PLF (or Absol PLF, if your prefer. Any non-EX attacker really.)

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Colress
    2 Skyla
    1 Shadow Triad

    4 Colress Machine
    2 Team Plasma Ball
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Random Reciever
    3 Bicycle
    2 Float Stone
    2 Switch/Escape Rope
    2 Tool Scrapper
    1 Scramble Switch ACESPEC

    4 Double Colorless Energy
    4 Prism Energy
    4 Plasma Energy
    2 Lightning Energy (Or, drop the prism and play 5 Lightning and an Energy Search)

    SO, the Items list is what is a little foggy. After Pokémon Catcher got nerfed, the deck has gotten some free space. How should the Item/Supporter line look?

  2. Diegomaxxx

    Diegomaxxx New Member

    Have you consider keeping the catchers? because lugia can't ohko any EX in format, so if your oponent keeps retreating or healing his pokemon, you gonna have problems.

    Or you have the option to add cofagrigus (six feet under) or frozen city to score kos more easily.
  3. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Frozen city should definitely be added but you shouldn't be ohko'ing EX's with just lugia. You soften them up with thunderus while also loading lugias on the bench.
  4. areuter

    areuter Member

    Yes, it really should. You might be able to tech Genesect EX in there too so you can destroy Blastoise completely
  5. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Yeah, but how much would you attack with Genesect EX in this deck? The focus is first on Lugia EX, and then Thundy EX to power it up. The way I could see it improve Blastoise matchup is to Red Signal up Blastoise and Plasma Gale for 2 Prizes.
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  6. Casca37

    Casca37 The Swarm

    SO, I've been testing this quite a bit, and I think that it's got a lot of potential, especially since the format is shifting to a slower, more long-term style of playing. I played, and won, against Genesect Virizion, Blastoise, and Darkrai, and tied against TDK Plasma. It's definitely a decent play.

    Here's my current list

    11 Pokémon

    3 Lugia EX
    3 Thundurus EX
    4 Deoxys EX
    1 Rotom PLS (It's weird, I know. But it really helps out with hammer spammers and it can help you discard energy and draw into stuff.)

    36 Trainers

    4 Professor Juniper
    3 N (Why three? Well, with Lugia drawing 3 prizes in one hit, you are usually playing N for only three cards, so I decided to play a third Colress and drop an N)
    3 Colress
    3 Skyla
    1 Shadow Triad

    4 Colress Machine
    2 Bicycle
    2 Random Receiver
    2 Tool Scrapper
    2 Ultra Ball
    3 Team Plasma Ball
    2 Switch
    2 Float Stone
    1 Energy Search

    1 Frozen City (Thinking about adding another....)

    13 Energy

    5 Lightning
    4 Double Colorless
    4 Plasma

  7. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    Drop a Ball for a Frozen City.
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  8. weakest

    weakest Bear enthusiast.

    This deck is very good and kind of scary. It beats Empoleon fairly easily and can be very threatening. The deck can utilize Genesect EX well and has the options for attackers. My Pokemon line would be something like this:

    3 Thunderus EX
    4 Deoxys EX
    2 Lugia EX
    1 Genesect EX
    1 Kyurem PLF/Absol PLF/Snorlax PLS
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  9. Alphust

    Alphust New Member

    ACESPEC is missing; probably dropping 1 colress machine
  10. Casca37

    Casca37 The Swarm

    The ACESPEC is actually down by the bottom. It's the "1" down there. I left it open cuz I'm testing Scramble Switch, but might play Computer search instead. So there's space for it, but I just left it open to options.
  11. TuxedoBlack

    TuxedoBlack New Member

    I really like the Genesect EX tech. Red Signal + Lugia EX seems like a great combo.

    Why only 1 Lugia EX? Just wondering.
  12. Casca37

    Casca37 The Swarm

  13. weakest

    weakest Bear enthusiast.

    A common play I have seen is to Switch to a Genesect with a Plasma attached. Retreat to Lugia. And Shadow Triad th Plasma back for either Lugia or Genesect. High counts of Shadow Triad help with that.

    I would play two as that's all you need.

    If you meant Genesect, then it is because it is still a tech card. I have no way of attacking with it consistently and there are enough Fire things running around that you don't need to be giving up prizes for no reason. Plus you only really need one as if it is prized, you can run hot without it.
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  14. Covabro

    Covabro New Member

    This deck gets a lot better with power band!
  15. Drench

    Drench Active Member

    I like how you mention Empoleon like it's BDIF or something, lmao.

    Because this deck is wanting to just be fast and hit with Lugia, I would say add in a Max Potion or two, as you really only will have to worry about poison and piled up damage.
  16. weakest

    weakest Bear enthusiast.

    When I made the original post, Empoleon was played a lot more and had a lot of hype around it. That's all.
  17. grimlaw

    grimlaw Member

    So been trying this build out, its pretty fun. I did drop the lugia count to two, since it seemed I always had more of them then I wanted and tossed in gene sect ex for a clunky catcher. Rotom has done very little but haven't ran into a hammer time deck as of yet. I wondering if prisms might be a better. Any thoughts?
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  18. Casca37

    Casca37 The Swarm

    Yeah I actually dropped the Rotom. He's fun, but bench space is a thing. Prisms could work, but I don't think attacking with Deoxys is really a huge asset - you could definitely try it though! I'm trying out Genesect EX too, because catchers are iffy and my life is pretty much tails all the time lol.
  19. JR_nathan

    JR_nathan Mr.3 Rings Himself

    I can't wait until Muscle Band-Lugia comes out. 3 Deoxys and you OHKO 170 HP EXs.
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  20. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    So this, with Snorlax and Genesect EX, is apparently a thing now. HeyFonte calls it the Yeti. I don't know how well it stacks up to regular TDK, but I'll probably be giving it a try soon.