Tier 2 Lugia-based Plasma variants (Speed Lugia, Snorlax PLF)

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    Plasma decks are going to have such a hard time dealing with Pyroar without killing other matchups that I would say to just not even try. Get a good list and make sure you can win your other matchups, and take Pyroar as an auto-loss. Even then, Pokemon Catcher or Red Signal can help, especially when combined with Lugia EX's Ability to end games quickly.
  2. Tsunami

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    G-booster is an option. It seems to be your best way to KO lone pyroar. 1 laser, perhaps, and if they drop virizion plasma gale it?
  3. okcd

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    Genesect will be 2 free prizes for Pyroar.

    I still think Latias EX will be an option, Pyroar can not touch Latias EX while Latias EX can still attack Pyroar if you want.
  4. CyrusTyler

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    I think a Pokemon with Shred as an attack is a viable option still. Just have to find the right one.
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    Hey guys first timer here! So my friend and I are joining the pokemon tcg scene! Were huge yugioh players but theirs a real competitive scene at our area that recently brought our interest up in this game. So my friend built the Yveltal darkrai deck and after lots of consideration I'm going with plasma! Focusing on what seems like the recent trend of lugia ex, deoxys ex, thundurus ex, and kyurem. I know this could be asking alot but I just want to say I have done lots of research but haven't played the game much to understand deck building, but anyways what is the best way moving forward on building this deck? Mostly with trainer, support cards etc? I do know I need to find something for potential pyroar coming up really soon.
  6. CyrusTyler

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    @Stylo Head to the first page of this thread for a skeleton list. In my opinion you should run 4 copies of Team Plasma Ball and no less, but this is up to the user.

    Always remember that building a deck directly from the internet does not always work for you. I'm sure you may have noticed this in your YuGiOh days, and for me, you always have to have your own take on the deck in order for it to flow. Think of it as building your own new car.

    Also, 4 Juniper is a staple in every deck, along with 4 or more hand refresh cards (N or Shauna). If you have any questions, just ask. And always lurk in the threads more, its never enough.

    Welcome aboard.
  7. okcd

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    Our pokemon with Shred attack options are:

    HP: 120
    Weakness: Dragon
    Attack: [R][L][C]: 90 damage.

    Genesect EX
    HP: 170
    Weakness: Fire
    Attack: [G][G][C] + G Booster: 200 damage.

    Latias EX
    HP: 160
    Weakness: Dragon
    Attack: [R][P][C]: 70 damage.

    Giratina EX
    HP: 180
    Weakness: Dragon
    Attack: [G][P][C]: 90 damage.

    Cobalion EX
    HP: 180
    Weakness: Fire
    Attack: [M][M][C]: 100 damage.

    Rayquaza vs Pyroar (Rayquaza Win):
    Rayquaza 1 shot Pyroar with muscle band.
    Pyroar 1 shot Rayquaza with muscle band + Laser.

    Genesect EX vs Pyroar (Pyroar Win):
    Genesect 1 shot Pyroar with G Booster.
    Pyroar 1 shot Genesect EX.

    Latias EX vs Pyroar (Latias EX Win):
    Latias EX 2 shots Pyroar.
    Pyroar does 0 damage to Latias EX

    Giratina EX vs Pyroar (Tie):
    Giratina EX 1 shot Pyroar with muscle band.
    Pyroar 2 shots Giratina.

    Cobalion EX vs Pyroar (Pyroar Win):
    Cobalion EX 1 shot Pyroar with muscle band.
    Pyroar 1 shot Cobalion EX.
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  8. CyrusTyler

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    In that case, Latias-EX with Rainbow Energy looks to be ideal once the cycle causes us to lose our beloved Prism Energy. Isn't BabyQuaza being cycled too? I know I'm looking ahead but I might as well tech for future games now.
  9. rustedspork

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    G Booster has been seeing legitmate play in some Plasma variants of late, even in decks that only run 1 single Genesect.

    Charizard's doing 170 to any EX, Genesect's fire weakness to him is a non-factor. Obviously Genesect's not the way to go if they're streaming multiple Pyroars, but if they're running a slim 2-2 line, you could probably get away with it, depending on the situation at the time.
  10. CyrusTyler

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    I think Catcher and Lysandre are going to manage to stall off what damage Pyroar would end up doing, or using either of the aforementioned to KO Litleo before it evolves. There's also Frost Spear damage with Kyurem techs, though it would take 4 turns to pull off. Though a Kyurem PLF with Muscle Band and 4 Deoxys OHKOs Charizard-EX anyways, so consider it 3 Prizes if Frost Spear hits for double KO.
  11. rustedspork

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    Pyroar still prevents Kyurem's bench damage from Frost Spear, if that's what you were implying would work. Your comment is a tad confusing. If not, ignore me.
  12. CyrusTyler

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    Frost Spear
    30 damage + 30 to Bench
    Muscle Band = +20
    4 Deoxys-EX Power Connect = +40
    90 damage total
    x2 for Charizard-EX weakness
    180 total damage

    If I can't snipe Pyroar, I'll just Frost Spear the other Charizard-EX that my opponent SHOULD have benched, Switch out, and Plasma Gale it. This, of course, relying on the hope that I can have everything when I need it.
  13. Yankeefan1985

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    Baby Ray was just in LT I like it myself with the fact most of these decks run at least one electric or more so you don't need two rainbows or prism
  14. Professor_N

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    Once your opponent realizes you don't have a good Pyroar counter, they will just not Bench anything. If they just don't Bench anything (except for maybe their other Pyroar line), then what can you do?
  15. Yankeefan1985

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    Yeah to play this deck you have to have a counter if its gets big which I think it will for awhile. I remember when Dragonite took off a bit back was huge here, if you didn't have a counter you auto lost with your plasma deck.
  16. Professor_N

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    I don't like to talk about Dragonite.... Too soon...... :'(
  17. Kirbyswag

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    Another possible counter for Pyroar could be Toxicroak EX. Haven't tested it yet, but for a DCE it poisons and poison is 3 damage counters per turn.
  18. Professor_N

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    Toxicroak is still getting 2HKOd by Pyroar, and sure, it would be KOd by Poison by then, but likely they will have another waiting on the Bench to take action, and if you don't have another Toxicroak, you could be in some trouble.
  19. shong

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    I think the best adjustment for Plasma in a Pyroar heavy meta would be to not play Plasma.

    After that, I'd probably go with Laserbank and G Booster.

    After that I'd go with...Glaceon PLF or Jellicent PLS I guess. If there were Eeveelutions that were actually good with Plasma (and if Plasma didn't always want multiple Deoxys in play) then it would be an easy choice. Maybe baby Rayquaza, Latias EX or even something like 1-1 Raichu or Garb.

    All this said, one of Plasma's strongest suits, in my opinion, is its consistency, and I think once it is sacrificing consistency by getting so desperate as to consider anything beyond Laserbank/G Booster then it is probably time to be going with a different deck.
  20. CyrusTyler

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    >not playing Plasma
    Buddy you came to the wrong neighborhood.

    Edit: In all seriousness, though. Plasma is going to suffer heavily if Pyroar sees more play than we're already speculating. I'm considering investing in G-Booster and Genesect-EX now as well as a fourth Catcher and 1-2 Lysandre.
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