Tier 2 Lugia-based Plasma variants (Speed Lugia, Snorlax PLF)

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  1. Professor_N

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    Why are people arguing over a name, just call it whatever you want to call it....
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  2. Luigi

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    Well my latest deck has been pretty consistent for me over PTCGO. Depending on my matchup I use Snorlax or Lugia (or Both). Kyurem is there as a cheap basic attacker and to use against Emboar decks (and Delphox once it is released).
  3. PellOfTheTundra

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    Gahh I hate when people start naming decks that already existed in almost the exact same form...
    Literally the only difference between this and old Plasmabox is Genesect. We were all aware when people started using it that Deoxys and Thundurus were going to be in. The only thing we couldn't predict was Genesect from Plasma Blast.
    The only thing that urks me more about it is when people argue over who gets to name a deck that already existed.

    Call it what you want, but don't get mad at me if we play at a cities or something and I call it Plasmabox.

    AS FOR THE DECK ITSELF, it's good now because of the new playstyle. I hate playing against it, but I also kinda hate playing it. I won't pick it up, but for those that do, more power to you. The only reason I don't really like the deck is Snorlax's energy cost being so high, and having to lose that if you're KO'd.[DOUBLEPOST=1388070169][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, as a side note, Snorlax was from Plasma Storm, not Plasma Freeze.
  4. pokemonguy

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    And Lugia and Snorlax.
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  5. Monferno

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    Kobayashi literally got the list from Kevin Baxter and hasn't stopped posting about it after he won some CC.

    People who think the deck is supposed to immediately swing with one attacker are the ones who aren't winning with it. Obviously you should be playing intelligently.

    I hate to break it to you, if winning on TCGO means you'll win at real events, I'd have a lot more CP. It's something nice to use if you don't have a lot of people to test with IRL, but I'd really recommend finding a nice group to test with instead of relying on TCGO for practice.
  6. RisingDawn

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    and those aren't plasma pokemon?...
  7. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    So is Genesect so then even Pell doesn't make any sense.
  8. r3skyline

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    If you guys think what I wrote and my replies were arguing, I would hate to meet ya'll IRL. Was a simple conversation and if it excites/works ya'll up, dang...

    Losing a snorlax, even though it has 5 energy attached...Hmm, I'd gladly trade a lugia for an ex KO. In fact, I do and I still win.
  9. RisingDawn

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    I read what you wrote, don't attribute me to ignorance. Its hardly a simple conversation with phrases like "If you cant see whats wrong with these lists, why question me?"

    If you aren't going to help people by pointing out what's wrong you're doing nothing more than teasing about it. " If you cant see whats wrong with these lists, why question me?" Maybe because you know something the rest don't know? that's pretty obvious. I understand withholding info, but posting that you know what's wrong is ehhhhh.

    Regardless, I find the forced Yeti thing completely pointless, as the deck already existed (Plasmabox or more simply Plasma). Snorlax and Lugia were used in Plasma when Thundurus and Deoxys were released. Decks change and advance as sets are introduced and new rules come into play. The deck evolved into this, its still plasma I don't see the humor and the constant posting of unfunny yeti related things drives me up a tree.

    that's not a new playstyle, those are new rules/sets.

    I think we're mature enough here to handle critique about decklists.

    Sorry about swept up in sematics but the deck actually seems slightly inconsistent in nature, high risk/high reward i suppose
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  10. Luigi

    Luigi Formerly Zitro

    Now that's is how to respond. :)

    I don't play at tournaments, only among friends and on PTCGO. As I said, my deck so far has done well in said environment.

    If people want to point out where the deck faults and how to improve it, I won't say no. But setting yourself on a pedestal with a "I know more than you" attitude will only make you look arrogant.
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  11. r3skyline

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    I could honestly not care less about how I come across online. I have nothing to prove online. People who have met me IRL know who I am and how I really act.

    Knowing that Luigis list is online and friend circle only, then it is fine. Tournament worthy? I dont think so.

    RD - if it worked you up what I wrote,its really not my fault. Dont take things to heart so much online haha.

    Also, from what I recall, people dropped lugia and snorlax never made it in initial lists over in americas. People ran TDK with MAYBE a teched lugia. To call the decks the same is wrong, sure they both feature plasma, but play differently. This snorlax version I would say is more related to speed lugia.
  12. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    , still it was a known deck with Snorlax and Lugia

    "I could honestly not care less about how I come across online. I have nothing to prove online. People who have met me IRL know who I am and how I really act. "
    "Honestly,if you have to ask then my response is one you wont like"

    I'm not worked up by any standards, but still debate is debate.
  13. r3skyline

    r3skyline UAV MECHANIC

    Staple poke lineup should be from this.

    2x lugia
    3x deoxys
    2x thundurus
    2x snorlax
    1x genesect

    From there you can tech it.

    Supporter lines are usually standard

    4x juniper
    4x n
    3x colress
    2/3 triad
    2x skyla

    Energy line usually
    6x light
    4x dce
    4x plasma
    2x prisim
    4x light
    4x dce
    4x plasma
    1x prisim
    4x light
    4x dce
    4x plasma

    Trainers and energy are obv meta Dependent.
  14. JR_nathan

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  15. pokemonguy

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    Stadium should always be Frozen City.
  16. JR_nathan

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    I know.

    I'm just asking r3 how many.
  17. r3skyline

    r3skyline UAV MECHANIC

    Depending on the meta of my tourny id play 2/3.
  18. Casca37

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  19. r3skyline

    r3skyline UAV MECHANIC

    Ok, you roll up to a tourney. There are 1/2 darkrai, no blastoise or emboar. Mainly plasma (which there would be now based off of all the new reports coming in) is the field. What purpose is there to run 3 Frozen City at an event like this? None. That's why it can be left up to either 2/3. At a regional/states, yes I would definitely suggest 3 for the stadium war. But at a low level event like a cities/LC, 2 with 2/3 triad will be more than enough.
  20. HighShroomish

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    Hate to break it to ya, but names don't matter.
    So you've tested their lists quite a bit?
    You are arguing.
    It is a legitimate question.
    You understand that people posts their lists here to make them better, right?
    if you come across as snobby and cocky, like right now, people won't listen to you.

    His list could work fairly well, and he just wanted some help, you wouldn't know how well it works unless you'd tested it for awhile.

    He's taking it how most people would take insults. Just because it's online doesn't make your words any softer.

    Plasma is a tool box deck. I still call it Plasma. It's not a different deck. It's like saying Blastoise should've been named differently when BKEX was released.

    Luigi- Scrappers. one way or another, you need those.