Tier 2 Lugia-based Plasma variants (Speed Lugia, Snorlax PLF)

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    Looks like I am going to have to delete a whole bunch of crappy posts.

    Two things:

    1. Just saying 'your lists are bad' without providing any constructive feedback is just a form of empty, pointless bragging: 'hey, I know the REAL lists! I'm better than you!' If you ever feel like posting that kind of stuff, try growing up instead, it's really helpful in life generally and you'll be able to find other ways of boosting your self-esteem.

    2. I do not give a flying fox what anyone calls this deck. No-one has naming rights or ownership. For the purposes of clarity and general understanding (which are important when trying to communicate on a forum), nicknames are not a good idea for reasons that should be obvious. Outside the forum, call it whatever you like, no-one gives a **** (though the name-dropping is kind of hilarious).

    Ok, let's resume talking about the deck in ways that are helpful to the members of this forum.

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  2. Luigi

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    The updated list had 2 Tool Scrappers in it. While in my friend circle there aren't any Silver Mirrors / Garbotoxin around (hence why I didn't use it at first), after running into it twice on PTCGO I added them.

    EDIT - Here is a quote of the post with the newest changes:
  3. r3skyline

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    I enjoy seeing people come in hours later commenting on posts as though they are still relevant, even though there is a progression already.

    The irony...

    Plasma a toolbox deck? In what universe? There is nothing other than red signal that is toolbox esque. Its an aggressive deck that can explode. o_O
  4. Luigi

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    You really are going there? Against forum staff?
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    I do apologise for the late response. I wasn't around to deal with this immediately. It's that time of year. I'm glad you enjoyed it though, you seem like you could do with some cheering up.

    When I had some time, I came into the thread to do my mod-style job. Sorry, but I can't just ignore a bunch of rubbish posts made by people trying to stroke their own internet egos. The points I made are sadly relevant to forum discussion generally, and not just to this specific case.
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    There are people from many different countries and may want to contribute to a conversation, and others simply weren't around at the time.

    and what Irony? He posted to stop the silly arguments

    Its considered a Toolbox deck as Grass toolbox, or Water Toolbox would be considered, a bunch of similarly classified pokemon that work together. The deck can be considered a toolbox regardless of its aggressiveness
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    Irony is a very misunderstood concept.
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    You represented irony quite well. Anyway yes I do need cheering up as most know, I am clinically depressed and am on medication (wellbutrin) for it. So thanks for noticing.

    I may be in the army, but im not dumb. Telling me to grow up, while also being a back handed comment is ironic.

    Toolbox is, at least from ygo backgrounds, is more than just similar monsters working together. if this deck had a trainer lineup with hammers, scrappers, max pots and the sort/etc, then I would personally consider it toolbox. It just doesnt scream TB to me.
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    I didn't actually know, but now that I do I hope that you can find a way through the depression and I wish you all the best. Sorry if my previous comment came off as insensitive.

    I don't think this deck is much of a Toolbox either FWIW. A Toolbox deck is one which works by having a lot of answers to various situations (like an actual real life toolbox does). A lot of SP decks were effectively Toolboxes.
  10. r3skyline

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    Exactly! Toolbox decks are adaptive. Any plasma deck that I have seen are not adaptive much at all.

    Also, I dont take forums too serious so insensitivity thankfully doesnt impact me a lot.
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    Yes, the less impact that people allow forums and the intenet generally to have, the better off they will be.

    At the risk of going off topic* I'm going to say that one of the things I don't like about recent formats is the decline of the Toolbox. I suppose Ho-oh is the nearest thing we have. Virtually everything now works like this: if your deck does its thing before the other guy's does, then you win.

    *Mods are allowed to do irony AND hypocrisy - what fun!
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    Is it over? Can we actually talk about the deck now?
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    Have you not been keeping up? We've been discussing, lol. I even gave a skeleton
  14. JR_nathan

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    Right before you decided to "discuss" irony w/ Baby_Mario.

    Also, I'm still waiting on the items of your "skeleton".
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    So you want me to make a list for you?
  16. JR_nathan

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    I want you to finish your skeleton, yes.
  17. r3skyline

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    Do you not know what a skeleton list is? What I gave is a skeleton. o_O
  18. JR_nathan

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    This ^ means nothing. A skeleton would at least include some staples (which there are in this variant) so that the viewers (particularly me) can get a good feel of how the deck should look like in general.
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  20. r3skyline

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    get back to heytrainer you! lol