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  1. ian

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    Pokemon: 18
    2-2 Luxray GL LV.X (RR)
    2-2 Garchomp C LV.X (SV)
    2 Crobat G (PL)
    1 Bronzong G (PL)
    1 Lucario GL (RR)
    1-1 Blaziken FB LV. X (SV)
    1 Uxie (LA)
    1 Azelf (LA)
    1 Unknow Q (MD)
    1 Dragonite FB (SV)

    T/S/S total: 28
    4 Cyrus (PL)
    4 Poketurn (PL)
    3 SP Radar (RR)
    3 Power spray (PL)
    4 Energy Gain (PL)
    2 Bebe Search (RR)
    3 Pokemon collector (HS)
    1 Expert belt (AA)
    2 Aarons collection (RR)
    2 Seeker (TR)

    Energy total:13
    3 Lightning
    1 fire
    4 dce
    2 call
    3 warp

    (Note this list only has 59 cards. I can't figure out the 60th.)

    My huge problem is consistency.
    I'd like to run the most consistent build of this deck.

    If you have any cool tech ideas i'm really open to them

    thank you for all the help
  2. Kettler

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    Consistency is your biggest issue? In that case, the number one starting point is to take a look at the counts of your consistency cards! Your Cyrus, Radar, Bebe, and Collector counts are all bearable to great; it's your Uxie and Call Energy counts that are a little upsetting.

    I would highly advise a 2-1 Uxie LV.X: the extra Uxie Set Up can and will promote a cycle of constant consistency throughout a game (especially with Seeker), and the Uxie LV.X is essentially a free card every turn - something that'd certainly promote consistency for good. Even if you don't own the Uxie LV.X, I would still heavily urge you to run that second Set Up guy.

    If you are going to run Call Energy, then you have to be able to justify the count you run them of. You can make a good case for 4 or 0, and can even make a case for 3 in some lists, but never have I seen a legitimately consistent list that ran two Call Energy without anything to back them up. So my suggestion to you is to do one of the following (or both):

    +1-2 Call Energy, so as to guarantee the better starts with it.
    +1-2 Energy Exchange, so as to not only guarantee your ability to fetch a DCE late game, but a Call at the start when going second in some games.

    The latter idea echoes what Fulop's recently tried in his Dialgachomp, but what I'd ultimately recommend is +2 Call; +1 Energy Exchange.

    I would also suggest that, for this list, you cut 2 or even all of your Warp Energy. Unlike Dialgachomp, and unlike a Luxchomp with 1-1 Dialga tech, it's just not as good here as there.

    As for the 60th card, that can be draw. You have three great options in PONT, Cynthia, and Copycat. Right now, my preference is PONT because, unlike the others, it's an absolute guarantee, which is what you need if your consistency is shaky.
  3. ian

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    I knew I'd get called out on only running 2 calls. I'm waiting to pick up the other 2.
    thanks for the help.

    Do you see any other problems with this deck?
  4. Kettler

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    "Problems"? Not really - it's a pretty solid list in general. I think you could go to 3-1 on Garchomp C to give you a bit more mirror edge if you feel comfortable with that (you have two Aaron's Collection, so getting back C LV.X shouldn't be an issue).

    You could also cut the Expert Belt. Unlike every other card in the deck, it's unfetchable, and so it's relatively unreliable. This would do a good job in making room for other more useful cards, such as the extra Calls.

    Last of all, a question: how is the 1-1 Blaze with one Fire working out for you? Is it reliable when you need it?
  5. ian

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    I'm going to cut the E belt. I've only used it once and that was to donk with unknown Q.
    I haven't had any trouble with any of the 1-1 and fire prized. It really helps against the huge amount of Dialgachomp in my area.
    the 3-1 garchomp might be a better play than 2-2 i'm going to test it out soon.
  6. ian

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    So I've worked on this list a ton and this is the 59 card list I've got
    2x Luxray GL
    2x Luxray GL Lv.X
    3x Garchomp C
    1x Garchomp C Lv.X
    2x Crobat G
    1x Bronzong G
    2x Uxie
    1x Uxie Lv.X
    1x Azelf
    1x Lucario GL
    1x Dragonite FB
    1x Unknown Q
    1x Smeargle

    4x Cyrus conspiracy
    4x Poketurn
    3x Power spray
    3x Energy gain
    3x SP radar
    2x Aarons collection
    3x Collector
    2x Bebe
    2x Premier Ball
    1x Junk arm
    1x Expert belt
    1x VS. Seeker

    3x Lightnin
    4x DCE
    4x Call

    I thought maybe twins, chatot g, or purugly g to fill the 59th spot but i'm on the fence.
  7. Kettler

    Kettler Active Member

    Like everybody else and their mother, I'm a fan of X-1 Luxray over X-2. Going that route could save you a crucial space, so at least consider it.

    Twins is a nice option to make the "unfetchable" Expert Belt a little more fetchable; however, I think that last spot would be better spent contributing towards any of the following: a Promocroak with Psychic, a 1-1 Dialga, an Ambipom G, and a few other possibilities. However, for your metagame, Twins may be more appropriate.

    I've seen both Chatot G and Purugly G teched into Luxchomp, and I like neither due to their conditionality.