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Discussion in 'UG Deck Garage' started by skotte, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. skotte

    skotte New Member

    I need help with this deck and hope you can help. It is just not working for me and it seems hard to get the right cards in my hand.
    My list is:
    4 machop
    3 Machoke
    2 machamp tage out
    2 machamp prime
    1 Azelf
    1 Mesprit(Psychic bind)
    3 uxie
    1 uxie lv. x
    1 unown(return)
    1 combee
    1 unown q
    1 regirock

    4 pokemon collector
    3 broken time
    2 expert belt
    3 bebe's search
    4 pokemon communication
    4 seeker
    2 copycat
    1 luxury ball
    3 rare candy
    3 Lucians assignment

    3 double colorless energy
    7 fighting energy

    Hope you can help:eek:)
  2. Kettler

    Kettler Active Member

    Usually if you're having troubles with getting the right cards in this deck, it pertains to the early Take Out. A couple ideas:

    *7 Fighting may be just a bit too low to be reliable. Up it to 8.
    *Candy and BTS as 3-ofs maybe also be unreliable, so you could up both of those to 4 each.

    With those three spots filled, I would remove all of the Lucian's Assignment. While a good card, Lucian's effect is already copied by Machamp Prime's Fighting Tag.

    As a last suggestion, you could take out a Seeker for a 4th Bebe. I find that 4 Seeker occasionally makes thins a bit too clunky, so if that's happening for you, then that's definitely a consideration.

    Hope that helps, and best of luck. :)
  3. skotte

    skotte New Member

    Thank you so much. That just made all the diff.:eek:)