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    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    These are the new set of Mafia Rules for 2013 and on. This thread if left open for players to debate about specific rules or propose new ones. In all cases, discussion of an ongoing game here will get your butt in trouble. If it's specific to an ongoing game; don't risk it. PM your mod or myself.


    1. I don’t tolerate ad hom wars, even moreso given the ages of some players. If your posting is merely insulting a player without providing game content, you can expect a strike from me. Three strikes, you’re out. I’m fairly lenient about this, but posting “**** you” over and over again is simply not acceptable. Severe issues will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    2. If your mod say it violates these rules, it does. You can take it up with them, or cabd, post game if you wish.

    3. Play towards your win condition. Gambits are fine, claiming scum on your own is fine, direct game throwing will not be looked upon favorably.

    4. Once a lynch is reached, you may continue discussion until your mod locks the thread. No votes or unvotes will count after a lynch has been achieved.

    5. A lynch is achieved as a majority of players voting for somebody. Half is not a majority.

    6. Do not quote or pretend to quote any information you get from any mod via PM. This includes posting your role card verbatim. Paraphrasing is fine, as are role claims naturally.

    7. Do not talk about this game anywhere else, or with anyone else. Exceptions are made for dead threads, and mod-approved rant buddies.

    8. If you have family that plays mafia with you, great. However, if there’s any overlap in computer usage, please PM your mod before the game starts so that we don’t have any accusations of cheating.

    9. Do not discuss other ongoing games of mafia in this thread. This includes games on sites other than sixprizes. This also includes using [redacted] as that loophole does not fly here.

    10. I am rather lenient upon activity. You must post once every 48 hours. Failure to do so will earn you a prod. Respond to your prod within 24 hours, or face replacement. Three prods is also a force replacement.

    11. Day phases will be 5 days long. Day 1, however, will be 1 week long (7 days). All night phases will be 48 hours.

    12. Unvoting is no longer required. Your vote will be counted so long as you bold it. Shorthand names are fine so long as it’s clear who the vote is for. If it looks like a vote, it will be treated like one. Please no fake voting.

    13. If you have a question, please PM your mod. If it is an issue you feel that the mod cannot handle fairly, please PM cabd.

    14. If a vote count is wrong, you can PM the mod or post in the thread about it to have it fixed.

    15. Please do not tag users not in the game.

    16. Please do not "like" posts.

    17. Your mod reserves the right to add to these rules or modify them, but only when he or she posts notifying all players in the game of the change.

    17. Loophole abuse is all fun and games until your mod modkills you. Don’t try it.

    18. Blue (This color at #0000FF) is the mod color. You are welcome to use any other color of the rainbow, but no variants of blue, please.

    19. Encryption, text hiding, and the like are silly. Don’t do it.

    20. Extensions will be granted at 24 hours per replacement, up to a total duration of 72 hours max per game phase.

    21. Do not use temporary information to convey messages. This includes your signature and your avatar, but is not limited to these things.

    22. At the end of every night phase, any slots without a replacement from the prior day phase are subject to modkill; regardless of role or affiliation.

    23. Any breaking of sixprizes rules is counted as an instant forced replacement or modkill depending upon severity.

    24. Pretending to break any of these rules will be punished the same as actually breaking them.
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