Manila, Philippines Battle Roads Report!

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  1. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    First off decklist!

    3x Darkrai EX
    2x Sableye
    2x Terrakion
    1x Mewtwo EX

    4x Juniper
    4x N
    3x Bianca
    2x Random Receiver
    3x Crushing Hammer
    2x Switch
    4x Pokemon Catcher
    3x Eviolite
    3x Energy Switch
    1x Enhanced Hammer
    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Dark Patch
    2x Tool Scrapper

    9x Darkness Energy
    4x Fighting Energy

    Reasons for the cards:

    2 Sableye - WHY 2??? My reason is that most of the time I can't start with Sableye which gives me problems. I found myself retreating to it and Energy Switching instead. So I cut it to 2 and the one spot for more consistency cards.

    2 Tool Scrapper - pesky Eviolites will die by my hand!

    2 Switch - ACCELGOR. This one mathcup wrecks the deck so much that this card had to be included.

    To the tournament!

    So I fill up my decklist and give it to the person in charge of the registrants. I wait for my friends because I arrived 3 hours early.

    Fast Forward to the tournament scene. I thought I would be fighting with the Masters because of the small population of Seniors. Surprisingly, we reached 6 players so we had to play 3 round of Swiss in the Seniors division.

    Round 1: L. Ruiz with Garchomp Altaria

    This round I was facing my cousin who was borrowing my deck so I knew what he ran plus he was still a beginner. This match was very lopsided and ended up in my victory. He did not get going, and he only managed to pull off 1-2 attacks.

    Round 2: R. Villangca (3rd Place) with Rayquaza Eelektrik

    Going to this matchup I was intimitaded by Rayquaza, the monstrous 170-HP beast. But since I was faster than him I managed to rack up damage and take the game by killing off his Tynamo and Rayquaza at the same time. I always targeted Eels to cut off his energy accel.

    Round 3: E. Lim with Empoleon Accelgor

    The whole tournament I was in the top table. Now facing my final challenge, I say to myself, even if I lose, I still get the same promo as first place does except for it being cheaper. I had no intent of winning since this was good enough. We played as well as we could, TIME WAS CALLED, it became a first to kill battle eventually he used his Mew to lock my Sableye and unfortunately for me, I did not get the Switch and energy to kill him next turn. Well played Enrico, well played.

    So it was announced, 1st place was E. Lim, 2nd Me, 3rd R. Villangca. Unfortunately my brother took 4th place with his Darkrai Hydreigon deck. Well, I got double Garchomp in my prizes so that made my day. That ends my report!
  2. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    If your ideal start is Sableye, I would have increased his number rather than decrease it lol. But congrats on your second place win! I don't think I've ever read any reports coming out of the Philippines before so it's pretty cool to read about it. How is your meta over there? What's really popular at the moment? I understand you have the same format as us here in the US but every area seems a bit different as far as what is seeing play.

    I'd end with something in Filipino but the only things my dad taught me how to say are "Salamat" and "Mabuhay" hahah.
  3. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes


    I'm curious, how many players were there in Masters division? And how many different Battleroads locations are there in the Philipines?
  4. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    Gelatin it's been so long since Pokemon Organized Play was active here in the Philippines. Popular variants are Darkrai Hydreigon, Eels, and Empoleon, since they are the cheapest to make here. absolutely no one plays Darkrai Terrakion. Either they go hammers or zoroark. Salamat sa inyong oras sa pagreply ng thread ko! (thank you for your time in my thread!)

    Vysekun there were only 22. Since the Philippines is a Third World country, most people cant afford Pokemon. There's only one location feasible for play, Manila. Darkrai Zoroark took 1st in Masters