“March Madness” – What to Play for Week 3 of States

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    Few questions
    1) In bouffulant/yvetal, if you had the space, would you put in more sableye, or do you feel that only 1 is needed?
    2) Also in bouffulant/yvetal, what are your feelings on Keldeo EX? It is your only way to break out of paralysis lock (not a huge concern, but a concern nonetheless). It is also good for those times when your opponent flips heads on laser and you flip tails on the sleep flip.
    3) Now that yveltal EX is the main attacker, is it worth it to run 2 Darkrai EX? You almost never attack with it, and I assume two is only to make sure you have 1 when one is prized. Do you you think
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    @AndrewMenza 1.) Sableye is better against stage two decks. If there is not much mirror or VirGen or anything like that and lots of stoise and Rayboar I would cut Baby Y for a second Sableye. Otherwise I feel like one is good enough. I don't play hammers or anything I REALLY want to get back.

    2.) Chris Murray added a Keldeo EX and he said it was clutch in mirror when he would stay asleep on Laser if Garb wasn't out. He also cut Sawk for it I found out and he didn't play against much Plasma. I think Keldeo EX is really good in the deck, we didn't have any accelgor in our area so I didn't feel the need to play it. If you have accelgor and there's a lot of mirror with and without garb in your area you can cut Sawk for Keldeo EX. Against a lot of the other non mirror decks that play laser you will probably want to ability lock so I think that's mainly what it would be for. I mean you don't have to cut Sawk either, you can cut whatever you want, but that's what I would cut for it.
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    Thanks for your response. I don't think it matters much, but I was talking about the NON-GARB version.
    Also why is sableye better against stage two decks and baby y better against the mirror and virgen?
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    So, against Blastoise and Emboar what you do once you have the lock is try to abuse lasers and catchers so they can never attack. Sableye is good at letting you abuse catchers and lasers. It puts a lot of pressure on your opponent. You tend to junk hunt a lot once they run out of scrapper to win the game. VirGen and Mirror are very tempo based. Junk hunting is not as important. You don't NEED to get your lasers and resources back. The 30-50 damage baby Yveltal can do while still accelerating energy is more important. Against Blastoise and Emboar the damage is far less relevant, as is the energy acceleration.
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    How do you feel about Enhanced Hammer in either dark decks?

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    Hi there,

    I really enjoyed the article and it certainly gives quite a number of lists to test against. I have a few questions though:

    1. I was wondering what blastoise is supposed to do as a game plan against garbodor now? Theoretically you want to ballista three exs as per usual but if garb has any single prize attacker active and you can't catcher around it, ideally you would want to use keldeo to conserve energy. This however opens you up to a return ko from yveltal and a bad prize trade (e.g. 110 sword on sableye or garb means yveltal justs attaches two energy, band and uses laserbank for 170). Is there any way around this?

    2. Was also wondering if you would consider running enhanced hammer (particularly with garb). Obviously the garb list is extremely tight but I played plasma against a garb list running two enhanced hammer and it absolutely destroyed me. I haven't the faintest idea what to begin to take out for them though.

    3. I also wanted to know why the shadow steal drifblim wasn't played by Jon Bristow? I would imagine you wall behind both derail drifblim attacking for free in the relevant matchups and use your turn attachments on benched pokemon to later overwhelm with booster etc. I just feel this could also be done fairly efficiently with even a single shadow steel at any point.

    Also vaguely wondered about running two scrapper in virgen. Is It really necessary to devote two slots to them? I often only red signal Once a game and offensive pressure with banded slash tends to stop sableye junk hunting back lasers. Obviously two scrapper is more helpful than one against garb (and possibly banded lugia) I'm just thinking about whether the space couldn't be better used elsewhere?

    Once again, great article. Look forward to seeing more of your writing soon!
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    @AAHTSUNAMI and @Tax_collecter Enhanced hammer is very good against Plasma. But, I don't think you need it to beat them. That is why I don't play it. It can be added to the deck, and it will put in work against Plasma, but I don't think they are needed. It seems like over kill to me. I also only play 1 sableye and no skyla, not when I junk hunt for them I could just get N'd and never see them again. If you really like enhanced hammer though I honestly don't know what you can cut for both another sableye AND two hammers. I guess you would have to cut baby Y, an energy, and one other card. I honestly do not think anything else is truly cuttable though...

    There should be one Shadow Steal and one Derail Drifblim. That was a typo I made and never noticed, I apologize. Jon sent me the list like that knowing I knew it was 1-1, I just forgot to change it. >.< @Adam

    The two scrappers are needed against Garbodor if they apply too much early pressure. Sometimes when you scrapper you would rather red signal KO a Yveltal that is being powered up to maintain tempo rather than KO the Garbodor. You don't want to get poisoned later on in game, or at least you want to have another out to rid yourself of special conditions and be able to red signal again. It's also good to get rid of muscle bands and such. Yveltal Garb is one of your worst matchups at 50/50 so if I were to cut a scrapper for something else it would be to tech for that matchup. I don't think there is anything else that you would want against that matchup.
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    Cool. I had a feeling the drifblim was a typo. What about the blastoise question? I really don't see how that matchup is winnable without just sacking catcher flips and nuking exs every turn.
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    @AAHTSUNAMI The Blastoise vs Garbo matchup is one I would recommend testing a lot until you get used to it. What you should be aiming to do is attach 3 energy to a Keldeo EX and catcher Garbodor and KO it. If you only play one scrapper and you can't do this and they get the lock on turn two it's very hard to win. If you play two scrapper you can go for the same game plan, you just have more of a chance to actually answer when they are able to KO Keldeo EX with Yveltal EX. Whenever they knock out a Keldeo EX with Yveltal you have to Tool Scrapper and Black Ballista it. They usually can't knock out a Black Kyurem EX in one hit. The matchup is very slow and you will be manually attaching a lot.
    As much as I hate to say it, Catcher on both ends is huge. If they hit key catchers its hard to win but if you hit catchers it gets easier. TLDR: Catcher KO Garbo with Kedleo; Tool scrapper Black Ballista EX Pokemon when they attack with them. A good Garbodor Player will make the matchup very hard by just junk hunting forever, forcing you to hit a catcher or just KO the Sableye with an EX giving them the edge (usually).[DOUBLEPOST=1395379091][/DOUBLEPOST]@AAHTSUNAMI You can also just get those games where you set up much faster than they do and roll them before they get anything going. It's not a good matchup for Blastoise with one scrapper, but it's winnable. With two scrapper it gets easier, especially if you can dowsing for the third scrapper. At that point you actually just almost run them out of tools as well.
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    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Side note: Did anyone think the "Gold Breaker. Dream maker. Love taker." reference was funny?

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    You didn't like/need Jirachi in Blastoise Ray?
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    @Vysekun I think it's too fragile and an easy 2 prizes for your opponent to take whenever they want. You also don't NEED it. It's nice to have of course, but there is nothing I would want to cut over it.