May 2014 Underground Schedule

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  1. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Thursday 5/1: Erik Nance

    [5/3-5/4: Last Flashfire Prereleases, Germany Nationals]

    Tuesday 5/6: Andrew Zavala
    [5/7: Flashfire Officially Released]
    Thursday 5/8: Brit Pybas

    Tuesday 5/13: Mike Diaz
    Thursday 5/15: Kyle Sabelhaus

    Tuesday 5/20: Erik Nance
    Thursday 5/22: Dustin Zimmerman (League Challenge analysis)

    [5/24: UK Nationals]

    Tuesday 5/27: Ray Cipoletti
    Thursday 5/29: Jay Hornung

    [5/31: Italy Nationals]
    [6/15: South Africa Nationals]
    [6/28-6/29: Canada Nationals]
    [7/4-7/6: US Nationals]

    Also, as a heads up to everyone, I've been busy coding the past week and am working on some changes to the website. I've installed new forum software and am working on a tighter integration between them and the blog. (This current forum software is going to be phased out.) The login issues will finally go away and everything will be a lot better synchronized. The new forum software is also more functional than this software, so I'm hoping it facilitates better discussion.

    There is probably more that will be happening, but I need to finalize details first before I announce anything.
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