Mega Bug (yamega prime)

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    TYRANT New Member

    POKEMON 25
    4-4 yamega prime HST
    2-2 landmin
    2-2 roserade UL
    2-1 staraptor fb
    2-1 uxie LA
    3 sableye SF
    4 judge
    2 seeker
    4 copycat
    2 pokemon collector
    2 black belt
    2 pokemon communication
    2 expert belts
    2 junk arm
    4 vs seeker
    1 luxury ball
    2 broken time space
    ENERGY 8
    4 rainbow energy
    4 grass energy

    Yamega is my main attacker if i use judge or copycat i'll be able to attack with no energies. Staraptor is to get the supporters i need. Roserade is just there as tech because i wont need to attach energies at all!

    This is my first deck here so did i post it right?

  2. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    -4 rainbow
    -2 dawn
    -2 energy exchanger
    -2 pokeball
    -3 sableye SF
    -2-2 roserade
    + 2 vs seeker
    +2 judge
    +2 copycat
    +1 or 2 unown q
    +1 azelf LA
    +2 BTS
    +2-2 sunflora HS

    TYRANT New Member

    I like the roserade so how are these changes?
  4. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    -1 seeker
    -3 sableye
    +3 smeargle UD(better with speed. plus use opponent's judge/copycat)
    +1 copycat

    TYRANT New Member

    made a few other changes and now
  6. techdeck101

    techdeck101 Member

    I really like the idea, I also think 4 Copycat and 4 Judge is a must, *I* don't think you need 4 Seeker, -2 Seeker +2 Copycat
    -1 Sableye -1 Blackbelt +2 Smeargle UD I think 2 Sableye 2 Smeargle is a good mix.

    And if you could somehow fit in Azelf LA, that would help.

    Just my 2 cents
  7. lennyblagh

    lennyblagh Member

    uh no indercarnive. the rainbow is great for roserade because it poisons and paralyzes at the same time. sunflora is good, and sableye, well if you really want it... +3 grass (i just thought of that now,) +1 sableye +4 special dark (essential for his attack to work)
  8. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    blaziken fb lv.x for dialga counter
  9. killingit

    killingit New Member

    giratina lvl 55 with let loose is pretty boss in this deck as well
    if you cant set up staraptor and dont have judge or copycat but you have a collector/bebe/poke communication (call energy)get him bench him does the same thing as judge. i would say almost a must for sure in this deck bro

    also i see you dont have any bebe researchs if your playing against trainer lock or even if your not you need to have bebe (especially for sableyes impersonate!!) cause pokemon communcation is a trainer yes but you have to have a pokemon to switch with bebe you can use any card.
    and i would put some call energys there a nice touch in this deck
    i would say scratch 2 rainbow 2 grass and the 2 black belts (or 1 seeker 1 black belt) and put in 2-3 giratinas 2 bebes research (really 3 is good) and 2 call energy...

    but thats just trying to work with the deck i would scratch rainbow all together if i was gonna run it and probably the black belts.
    so if it was me i would -4 rainbow(whatever pokemon this is for i dont care its a waste) -1 grass -1 black belt -2seekers and +3 giratina lvl 55 +3 bebe +2 call energys FTW

    thats my two cents

    i dunno do what you do but bebe and giratina will make this deck beast.

    PS: BTS is definitely not a must for this deck considering its a yam is stage 1... (i run scizors and never have a need for bts)
  10. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    i only took out rainbow cause i thought roserade was a bad idea. yanmega is best speed since late game it is hard to keep up and still kill through things. yanmega can only hit 70 meaning it has to be fast to gain upper hand.
  11. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    ya indercarnive is right but too you should use no energy at ALL use counters for troubles and dont use uxie x just 2 uxies and one azelf trounles with this deck is the sp's like dialga use blaziken and donphan against luxray decks
  12. lennyblagh

    lennyblagh Member

    let loose is slow, so run some unown q's, unless you have them already and some ssu's
  13. lennyblagh

    lennyblagh Member

    i was just saying that if he really wanted to keep rade
  14. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    no rade is not ok and seeker picks up giratina and damaged yanmega