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    first off, i would like to say that this card came out of LA, which in my limited time of playing pokemon must have been the best thing that ever happened. anyway.

    this card is awesome. im just going to be streight forward in my oppinion if it. people play luxray because it is guarneteed i guess, but this you can do so easily almost every turn. yah it is stage two, but really thats not that big of a problem

    my question is why is the card not played more often because it seems to be such a great addition to many decks and has so much potential to really just ruin someones day. well tell me what yall think.
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    Stage 2 bit to long to set up by the time u do u either are behind on prizes, setup, or both. It's flippy so only 50%. Lux is 100% faster to get setup and has sp engine to make it even faster.
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    Because you can save the time and use Pokemon Reversals instead. Also, Metagross can be Power-Sprayed and Power-Locked.
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    I will not reiterate what other people have already said so I'll just give my opinion. One Word. Slooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww. sure you can potentially do 100 damage every turn after your first Extra Comet Punch, and the Metagross SV is a great combo but it is still too slow for the current meta. Sure you can make a tank and attach as many special metals as you want but Gengar can 2 shot KO it or 3 if it has expert belt. If you can make this card playable in our current meta, all the more power to you, who knows? You might make the new Gyarados.

    For the gyarados reference go to this link:
  5. I like you, have always liked this card; however I find it works better as a tech as oppose to being it's own deck. I once played it with garchomp SV to try and gust up pokemon without energies to make easier KO's back before Reversal was released and it worked really well. However im not sure how well it would work now. Just a thought though.