HL-on Metanite (Metagross δ/Dragonite δ)

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    Metanite gets a fair bit of attention for its success throughout 2007, but it was a very viable archetype in 2006 as well. The object of the deck is to use the Energy-recycling Poké-Powers of Dragonite δ and Metagross DX to fuel powerful attacks from Metagross δ and various tech Pokémon. Below is the list Erik Nance and Kevin Nance played at Worlds (or at least Erik's best recollection).

    ---Pokémon (20)---
    3 Holon's Castform
    4 Beldum δ
    1 Metang δ
    1 Metang DX
    3 Metagross δ
    1 Metagross DX
    2 Dratini δ DS 66
    1 Dragonair δ DS 42
    2 Dragonite δ
    1 Mewtwo δ
    1 Rayquaza ☆

    ---Trainer (29)---
    3 Rocket's Admin.
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 Holon Adventurer
    1 Holon Researcher
    1 Holon Scientist
    1 Holon Farmer

    4 Holon Transceiver
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Fluffy Berry
    3 Pokémon Reversal
    1 Pow! Hand Extension

    4 Desert Ruins

    ---Energy (11)---
    7 Lightning Energy
    4 Metal Energy

    This deck is based around the crippling amounts of disruption that Pokémon Reversal can provide. As Erik Nance said in his November article, flipping a single heads on Reversal could mean taking out the Pidgeot on which so many competitive decks at the time relied, or dragging up a Pokémon-ex for a game-winning KO. The heavy Rocket's Admin. count also works with this disruption strategy, as this deck takes a lot of setup and often plays from behind, but can also survive almost entirely on its board later in the game.

    The Pokémon lines are a bit thin, but they clearly worked. Between Dragonite δ and Metagross DX, the deck has three Energy-recovery Pokémon, which allows for a bit of breathing room in case one is prized, and the Holon Farmer (combined with Holon Transceiver) can recover those Pokémon if one is knocked out.

    The Mewtwo δ and Rayquaza ☆ are huge in this deck. Many decks like Mewtric and Dragtrode both focused heavily on sub-100-HP Pokémon-ex, and it's not uncommon for either deck to have three or more on the board at once. With the Mewtwo/Rayquaza combo, this deck can win the entire game out of nowhere. As Kevin Nance recalled:

    In one of my most exciting games ever, I was down 6-1 in prizes when time was called. I asked the judge and the opponent “do I still get one turn?” The opponent and judge both laughed and said yes. So I dropped down Rayquaza *, moved all the energy with Mewtwo (his Power is almost the same as Shaymin’s Celebration Wind) and took the last 6 prizes for the win-knocking out 3 EX Pokemon. It was such a good win!
    Against decks which ran bulkier Pokémon-ex (notably LBS), this deck has four copies of Desert Ruins to wear those Pokémon down into Rayquaza's KO range. The Stadiums also serve to repeatedly counter Battle Frontier, which shuts down Dragonite completely.

    Erik Nance finished in Top Sixteen at Worlds that year and Kevin Nance made Top Thirty-Two. The deck had several other Top Cut placements, most prominently Yuta Komatsuda's variant, which finished in Fourth Place.
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    I love you. This is awesome.
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    Yuta Komatsuda's 2006 World's 4th place list:

    ---Pokémon (20)---
    3 Dratini δ
    1 Dragonair δ
    3 Dragonite δ
    4 Beldum HL
    3 Metang HL
    3 Metagross δ
    1 Metagross DX
    2 Jirachi DX

    ---Trainer (25)---
    4 Celio's Network
    2 Copycat
    2 Steven's Advice
    1 Rocket's Admin.

    4 Rare Candy
    4 Pokemon Reversal
    2 Pokemon Retriever
    1 Warp Point
    1 Switch

    4 Holon Ruins

    ---Energy (15)---
    10 Lightning Energy
    4 Metal Energy
    1 Psychic Energy
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    Sooo, this deck is kinda like Magnezone/Eelektrik, huh? Except the damage output is obviously lower, the card draw is less "situational" if you will (as in you have to have less than 6 cards in hand to get anything with Magnezone, which of course can draw more than 1 like Metagross can), and you can reuse Energies you burn. This deck must have been fun.
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    In the Nance list, why did the deck run the different Metangs? The delta Metang is obvious, searchable through researcher and all that but why did they play the psychic Metang? Was it for psychic boom, and if so, what specific matchups were they thinking about when they included it?
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    The DX Metang was in there as another way to beat up on Medicham ex. It was a 2HKO with Psychic Boom and a possible OHKO with Quick Blow. Of course, it could also be a surprise against Mew ex and other Psychic attackers, but it just provided another out for handling Medi.
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