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    Pokemon (14):

    -4 Mew Prime
    -4 Smeargle UD
    -2 Rhyperior Lv.X
    -1 Blaziken FB
    -1 Blaziken FB Lv.X
    -1 Giratina "Let Loose"
    -1 Unown Q

    Trainers (11):

    -4 Pokemon Collector
    -3 Pokemon Rescue
    -3 Seeker
    -1 Team Galactic's Invention SP Radar

    Energy (35):

    -15 Psychic Energy
    -4 Call Energy
    -4 Warp Energy
    -4 Rescue Energy
    -4 Cyclone Energy
    -4 Fire Energy
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    First off, welcome to the boards Wingullz!

    If you haven't, check out my article on Mew located here: Login | Pokemon TCG Tips and Strategy - . There, I advocate a heavy Smeargle count due to the importance of that turn two Hard Crush. My problem with Sableye is that it's sacrificing that, and in doing so, you're practically giving up a second prize (most decks should be able to score two consecutive KOs on 60 HP Pokemon easily). Of course, if you reverse the Sableye/Smeargle count, or if you cut Sableye entirely, then it may be a good move to revise the trainers a bit.

    One oversight, though, was not referencing the usefulness of Blaziken FB and Infernape 4, which are both viable DGX counters in their own ways. So if it's been working well against DGX, then keep it.
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    Ugh, sorry for accidentally locking your post. Stupid "Close" function being right below quick reply...
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    I have been a little worried about Smeargle lately because I have been "Portrait"ing a lot of my opponents who do not have any Supporters in their hand. I understand that there is a luck factor with what I portrait, but I was wondering if there is any way to increase that I can get a good start. Or if I just have to rely on my opponent having a Supporter.