Mexican Junior National Championships Results

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    This Sunday at 11:00 am Mexican Junoir National championship tournment will happen in Mexico city or DF. In the hotel known as Hotel Plaze Delta.
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    I'm assuming that because you're making a big deal of the Juniors that Seniors and/or Masters will be a different day?
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    Seniors is the same day, but I will only be able cover one of the two. Masters was on Saturday June 29 from 11:00 to 8 p.m.
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    show the results of Mexico masters of Nationals
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    Once I get back I will place the results from Mexico junoir divion.
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    Who cares about juniors :S.... /troll
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    The results was Bernardo del la O (TDK) vs Hanzell (blastoise) with Bernardo going on and winning the tournment. It is important to understand that some of the players that did well were apart of a unoffical pokemon team like Team Shark. To win in Mexico you will need to be part of a team. This way also in worlds Mexican player have a bad track record.

    Mexican 2013 National champoin: Bernardo. (Thundurus EX/Deoxys Ex/Kyurem)
    2nd place- Hanzell (Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Kyurem )
    The rest 8 top
    3.- Roberto (Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Kyurem )
    4.- Christian (Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem)
    5.- Adolfo Tuñon TDK
    6.- Alfredo Vargas TDK
    7.- Arturo Miranda TDK
    8.- Manuel Valdes TDK

    The location was not one of the best to hold this event. The program had over 207 players for Masters only. The event placed did not have AC it was very warm in the location. There was no room for all players, therefore players had to wait for other games to end, and judges were confused which games were just started and which needed to be stoped give the three turns. Some of the judges could not completlly understand English writing on the cards.