Michael Masacre Testing Results

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  1. - My name is Michael Scot Masacre

    - Over the next (insert time period here) I will be posting updates on how my deck measures against any and all different matchups.

    - This forum will have videos of recent matchs I have played as well as insight on decks I find to have merit and worth, however please feel free to donate your insights here as well.

    - Most updates will be in the form of videos but some may be found posted in an article or discussion.

    - All forms of criticism (constructive or not) is welcome here.


    Match #1 QueenGar vs Gardy/Gallade - Win
    YouTube- QueenGar vs Gardy Gallade.wmv

    Match #2 QueenGar vs LuxChomp - Win
    YouTube- QueenGar vs LuxChomp.wmv

    Match #3 QueenGar vs LuxChomp II (The Epic Fail) - Utter Loss
    YouTube- QueenGar vs Luxchomp II.wmv

    Match #4 QueenGar vs Luxray AR - Win
    YouTube- QueenGar vs Luxray AR
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    Cool! I'm looking forward to different videos to watch, and how people play different decks!
  3. Glad you liked it man, I will be posting as often as I play!
  4. If anyone is interested in playtesting via Redshark please feel free to join my network. I am on it throughout the day and I'm almost always down for a game.

    Network Name: Massacred Perfection
    Password: pokemon

    - My network fills up fairly quickly and if you are not able to join due to this issue please feel free to message me on AIM and I will kick any in-active users for you you have an opening to join.

    Any and all players welcome, but fair warning we usually like to play via RedShark, do not expect people to play on apprentice.