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  1. pikazap

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    I have been looking for some ideas lately for a SP deck for cities thats not luxchomp or dialgachomp but still has both abiltys...kinda.
    the idea is to start with Absol G and snipe first turn for some stress on your opponent for sometime damage on their bench causees trouble or if possible if against gastly you have chance to ohko it which can cause donk, second use lv.x to get rid of their top card three flips gives better chance to get rid of at least 1 card and since its sp you can poketurn it up lets say i got all three and two poketurn i can zone up to 9 cards if lucky equal game lost cause usualy their best cards are in the next 5 so 9 makes them draw bad card and zoning their counter will give better chances of winning 60 damage and discard one card is not bad and being dark can let it use special dark, Garchomp C is their for second attacker (isn't he always?) and for healing well thats my strategie in basic form, so heres the list dont forget to read it all for understanding and making this easy on us all.


    3 Absol G
    1 Absol G Lv.x
    2 Garchomp C
    2 Garchomp C Lv.x
    2 Crobat G
    1 Bronzong G
    1 Toxicroak G
    1 Skuntank G
    1 Ambipom G
    1 Honchkrow G ( its also third attacker)
    2 Uxie
    1 Uxie Lv.x(i dont currently have it if you can make small offer i dont care it condition as long its playable i can prob. trade Infernape 4 Lv.x for it if you can and its bad enough condition i dont have its fair price for good condition and i have no money to buy it and i think that Infernape is my most valueable card)
    1 Azelf
    1 Unown Q
    2 Sableye
    1 Dialga G
    1 Dialga G Lv.x


    3 Pokemon Collector
    4 Cyrus Conspiracy
    2 SP Radar
    4 Energy Gain
    3 Power Spray
    4 Poketurn
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Bebes Search
    2 Galactic HQ
    1 Aaron Collection


    2 Dark Basic
    4 Dark Special
    4 Double Colorless Energy
    1 Psychic

    well thats the list im very specific on how to do this please use - to tell what to get rid of and + to say what to put in leave no space empty or no extra im sure there is 60 and thats the amount i need after every change also when someone makes suggestion ill respond in this thread then someone else can reply so i can focus what goes on it goes you me you me in pattern so on and so on dont double post i cant read tha very well i come on every 2-4 hour from the time i wake up to the time i go to sleep if you got a complaint pm me or whoever your angry to put ALL your suggestion in here i think thats all, good day.
  2. baneeez

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    You need 4 Special Dark. Also try 4 sableye they will add consistency and an ability to donk
  3. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    + = add in
    - = take out

    im not sure what to take out and what to put thats the point in making this thread and my request are specific sorry i need +,- its easier and my eye sight isnt going well i have this old toy with red lense kept using it to the point its hard to read that well so those signs make it easier
  4. baneeez

    baneeez New Member

    -1 Aarons
    -1 Twins
    -1 Uxie (2 is all you need)
    -1 Seeker
    -1 Collector
    -1 Junk arm


    + 4 Sableye
    + 2 SP Dark

    I know it seems like its taking a lot out but the consistency of Sableye will help a lot. Also personally I'd scrap the toxitank Idea and go with a 1-1 Honchkrow SV. It will still help against machamp and be disruptive against gyarados. Hope that helps. All of what I said is just personal opinion but I think some of this advice should make your deck more consistent and have more options.
  5. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    ok ill try that for awhile im disapointed i have to take out the cards that i said not to take out but i have no choice also honchkrow will help i still dont know what to take out im more used to copy decks lol since this is my real first time making my own deck idea(i think) i dont know what to take out if you can plz?
  6. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    anymore? this deck will nvr be perfect so i know someone gots something
  7. DialgaChomper

    DialgaChomper Member

    I call this deck poor mans luxchomp. Lol
    I think a DGX line would be nice. Also you should have three power spray.
    +1-1 DGX
    +power spray

    -vs. Seeker
    And hmm, why in the world would you use sableye in a deck that's sp, is this sablock? I don't think so, if you need consistency starters, well this deck don't need one, all the others sp don't need one, they just run into Cyrus and boom, SET UP!
    -2 sableye.
  8. pokefan1234

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    I have to say this first before I do anything: I WAS the original creator of the deck so please take my suggestions seriously. (Look up the article here if you do not believe me)

    -1 Absol G
    -1 Toxicroak G
    -1 Skuntank G
    -2 Galatic HQ
    -1 VS seeker
    -1 Spec. Dark
    -1 Luxury Ball
    -1 Sableye SF
    -1 Bronzong G

    + 1-1 Honckrow SV (better than toxitank and counters Garydos)
    + 2 Junk Arm
    + 1 Power Spray
    + 1 Absol G X (magnifies Lost Zone ability)
    + 1 Bebe Search
    + 1 Pokemon Communication (better than Lux Ball in SP)
    + 1 Aaron's Collection
    + 1 Honckrow G

    Trust me on these changes^

    Also, I think the best way to run this deck is to Snipe with Garchomp C X, retreat to Absol G, Level-Up (Lost Zoning something important) Poketurn Absol G, then Snipe again with Garchomp C X, by doing this Garchomp C X is allowed to attack to times in a row

    Hope I helped :D
  9. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    dialgachomper: ok i understand ill change

    pokefan1234: why do you read only half the article i said that their is a pattern so i can make it better