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    well i was at only one cities but i saw my share of strategies and some good cards like pidgeot who can slow down sp pokemon even with energy gain it was funny some new player with help from a judge last week built this guy a pidgeot and porygon-z deck from tm so it was thos two with 2 uxie and 1 azelf and 1 unown q he didnt do so well against other decks except sp since like luxray LC-C=L+CC=LCC its really not helping with e-gain so he went well against sp but out of 10 juinors only three ran sp so bad luck for him yesterday.

    in masters with my dad there was tons of dialgachomp little gengar one uxiedonk and one of his freinds were playing victorybell/vileplume which went undefeated since the masters were based on trainers gengar and retreat for help like luxchomp their i think where two he was in trouble as victorybell put special con. for locking powers hold his retreat and vileplume didnt let him use trainers my dad ran Blazechomp and lost all his rounds.

    well i said masters and juinors so far now for my division seniors by now you all should be bored but i say my day was the best except one part which ill explain later
    today my first 2/3 rounds i faced my brother then my sister i ran machamp/donphan my brother weavilelock with tyranitar and umbreon my sister ran some madeup deck every1(including me srry im mean) calls junkyard deck for pulling out every one of her good card and put it together there was this other senior runing magnezone with lantern prime for donphan match ups and he was my 3rd and last opponent i had a lead but i misread a card who gave him a turn lead and he won so i lost 18 packs and my ***hole of a rival makes a youtube video about his opening cards mocks me the whole day then pictures my sister body who then i told the judge and gave him a warning he took second place even tho we had the same score and he had the bye which made me mad i got third when i played all my matches with no trouble except my 3rd opponent made a mistake for a 15 min. penalty wait to call higher judges about ruling

    well that was my day i got to see this guys spread deck if you are interested in what it was pm me all i could say it was something about abomasnow and one legend