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    Hello, I’m Bella Brown, aka cyndaquil. I have only been playing competitively since January, but have been interested in the game since July-August 2011. I first found out about the game just before I was about to get on the train to go on holiday to Greece! This is what happened...
    I realised I had nothing to do on the train journey to Heathrow, so my mum went to WHSmith and bought a magazine each for my brother and I and a newspaper for her and my dad. I wasn't too pleased about the magazine, so rushed back to WHSmith, grabbed 'Pokémon World' (now known as Pocket World) and jumped onto the train. This holiday, I had apparently brought too few books along with me, and I turned to reading 'Pokémon World' for pretty much the whole holiday. When I got back I had already decided to go to Antics, the model shop, and buy some Pokémon cards. And look what happened! A new Pokénerd emerged!
    So I've been to about 6 Pre-releases, one City Championship, one Battle Road, and Iwent to my first nationals this year!
    In this article I will be writing about how to prepare for nationals and my experience at UK Nationals 2013. (SENIORS)

    How to prepare for Nationals
    NOTE: This is just my experience and opinion, and in my opinion, there is no right way to prepare, as everyone is different. However, for Pokémon tournaments, there are a few key points, which I will highlight.

    1. Playtesting. This is one for everyone! Make sure you are completely happy with your deck and how to play it, and most importantly, learn from your mistakes.If you haven't playtested enough, you could misplay in an important game, rather than one that doesn't really matter, as well as feeling insecure with your deck and not totally understanding it.
    2. Mindset. To do well in any tournament, you must have a positive mindset. Samantha Norrie wrote about it in this article here.
    3. Sleep the night before. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired, I’m always grumpy and make mistakes. In Pokémon, it causes me to misplay. In a tournament as big as nationals, it’s important to get enough sleep, so go to bed early as you may be nervous which can keep you wide awake until you succumb to your drooping eyelids.
    4. Get everything ready before hand. If you get up early the morning of nationals and rush to get everything ready, the likelihood is you will forget something or make a mistake (e.g. checking your deck and forgetting a card). So make sure that you have a bag of everything you need the night before, especially your deck, freshly sleeved and checked multiple times.
    5. This one’s important. Work out how you’re getting there, whether you’re staying overnight, what time registration starts, and what time you need to be up to get there in time. Work out (using your brain or the internet) how long it will take to get there, and always factor in a bit of extra time for traffic and the possibility of running late.
    For my nationals, registration started at 8.45AM and ended at 9.30AM. From Stroud to Birmingham it takes about an hour and a half, and my dad often comes down to Birmingham to work and he says it can take 2 hours maximum, so we factored in an extra 20 minutes for lateness and traffic, and planned to get up at 5.50AM. In the end we got up at 6.15AM, but with the extra time factored in and planning to leave at 7.00 (at the latest 7.30AM), we got there early; aided by the extra time factored in and the traffic-less roads.
    6. Relax. Pokémon is only a game, and there is no need to be nervous! I was completely panicking but my dad told me that I didn’t have to play when I got there if I felt too nervous and that I could always watch and play in the side events. So I went, making myself think that I was going to watch with the option to play, rather than going to play with the option to watch. In the end, once I met my friends, I was fine, and I felt way more relaxed (although still a teensy bit nervous). Obviously, if you have been to Nats dozens of times before, you are likely to feel less nervous than your first time, but some people get more nervous than others so don’t be afraid if you’re feeling a bit nervous- it’s normal. Just Keep Calm and Carry On Play Pokémon!

    Deck Choice
    I decided to play Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX, due to the fact I had most of the cards and could borrow the few I didn’t have, and because I love the deck. Also I love the ability to power up an attack to do 200 damage in one turn, as well as the strategic thinking needed to get a Blastoise in play and then use it to your advantage.
    Here is my list:

    Pokémon: 12

    4 Squirtle
    3 Blastoise
    3 Keldeo EX
    2 Black Kyurem EX (BKEX)

    Trainers: 35
    4 Professor Juniper
    3 N
    1 Colress
    3 Skyla
    3 Ultra Ball
    1 Heavy Ball
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Float Stone
    1 Max Potion
    1 Super Rod
    3 Pokémon Catcher
    3 Superior Energy Retrieval
    2 Energy Retrieval
    1 Tool Scrapper
    1 Computer Search ACE SPEC
    2 Tropical Beach

    Energy: 13

    10 Water
    3 Lightning

    Card Choices
    I decided to run 2 BKEX and 3 Keldeo EX due to the fact I didn’t have 3 BKEX and hadn’t tested with three copies. But 3-2 or 2-3 Keldeo/BKEX, I think both options make a good, consistent list. 4-3 Blastoise is considered normal nowadays (compared to 4-4), so this is how I played, and also due to space constrictions in the list, as it is already very tight. I played Super Rod as after BR’s my one loss was to the mirror, who suggested I played Super Rod, as it is very, very good in a deck with only 12 Pokémon. I decided against teching for Klinklang or Sigilyph decks, which was very glad about as I never played against either of these matchups in the tournament.

    The Tournament

    Round 1 vs. ??? with Darkrai EX/Sableye/Absol PLF
    I was very nervous at this point so can’t recall much about the game, but I remember he managed to get multiple attackers set up before I could get rolling with BKEX/Keldeo EX. Also I think, in this game, that one of my BKEX’s was prized and it, alongside good play from the opponent, cost me the game.

    Round 2 vs. ??? with Heatran EX/Thundurus EX/Rayquaza EX
    I don’t know what this guy was thinking with the deck, but I got very confused when he started with Thundurus and then benched Heatran. Anyway, both my beaches were prized this game, and I was unable to get set up properly without them. He started 2HKO’ing my Pokémon whilst I sat there with no hand, hoping and hoping to top deck a supporter. But alas, I didn’t, and lost the game. I was a bit upset about this, but a loss is a loss, and how you lose doesn’t really matter to anyone except yourself and your opponent.

    Round 3 vs. Becky S with Darkrai EX/Absol PLF (a netdecked list-she did tell me this- with DCE, what?)
    She had netdecked the list, and it had odd modifications from a normal list. Also, she told me she didn’t have all the cards on the list so had to change it slightly.
    Anyway, she was a nice opponent, but was not very experienced in the game, and didn’t know how to pull of the combos needed to win (e.g dark patching onto a benched Darkrai EX, retreating into that Darkrai EX from an active Absol, energy switching an energy to Darkrai EX, an dealing the KO), and this lost her the game. I got set up pretty quickly and catchered up a couple Darkrai EX’s to KO them for two prizes (with Black Kyurem EX) or spread damage around her field (with a 3-4 energy Keldeo EX), as well as killing her Pokémon with energy so she couldn’t mount an attack FTW!

    Round 4 vs. Gideon C with Blastoise/Keldeo EX/ BKEX
    No! The mirror! My opponent arrived a bit late, but apologised and was a very nice opponent. We both got set up pretty fast, and I started crushing him with BKEX. He killed my BKEX with his, which I then returned with a super-fast return KO from my benched BKEX.
    At this point he catchered up my Blastoise, and killed it. All of my Blastoise were dead, and I super rod to get 2 of them back into my deck. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I think I ultra balled for a Blastoise, and Skyla’d for a Rare Candy….forgetting I had played/discarded all four of them! I wish that I had played Dowsing Machine, but it was too late for that. I think I had 1-2 energy on a BKEX on the bench, so I stalled for a while with a Keldeo w/ Float Stone, and attached to BKEX. He then Colress’d for 8-9 and luckily, whiffed the catcher he needed to kill my BKEX on the bench for game (At this point I was 1-2 up on prizes, but he could still win with the catcher). I drew a card, attached an energy in hand to BKEX, retreated via Float Stone into BKEX, and OHKO’d the opponent’s BKEX for game.
    A very close game against a very nice opponent, so overall a very satisfying game!

    Round 5 vs. Jonas N (pokemonguy) with Darkrai EX/Sableye/Absol PLF
    It was nice to play a fellow Sixprizer, and it was a shame for him to have such terrible draws this game.
    I started off pretty well, whilst he started off pretty badly. He drew dead a lot of the game, whilst I used Black Ballista multiple times to ensure me the win.
    At this point I was on table 7 for Round 6, which is pretty good (for me, anyway).

    I went to check the round 6 pairings to find I was paired against…
    Ryan Moorhouse, who I didn’t know was 2012’s National champion until he (very subtly, modestly) told me!

    Round 6 vs. Ryan M. (Pokepower22) with TDK (Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem PLF)
    I got set up very slowly, whilst he started killing my pokes with Kyurem PLF. I got a KO on a Kyurem and a Deoxys EX, but just wasn’t fast enough to beat a ‘haymaker’ deck like
    GG Ryan!
    3-3, 31st

    Not great final standing, due to opponent’s resistance, but overall 3-3 was a satisfying result.
    I would like to thank Joel Morgan for lending me the cards I needed as well as for the moral support by text in the morning where I was so nervous I was tempted not to go! (‘If you don’t come I’ll drag you there’).
    Also Charlotte Morris for suggesting Super Rod in my deck, as well as for being a good friend along with Matt, Nick, Rhys, and Joel (sorry if I forgot one of you Welsh Gamers).
    Oh, and a lot of Sixprizers who helped me to test, especially SteveBaPanda and sangizkewl who played a lot of games with me. Thanks guys.

    ~Bella B/Cyndaquil over and out!~
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    Did ryan make top cut?
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    He didn't, whiffed it on resistance.
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    Our game was the only game were I drew badly. I I did not lose I could of cut.
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    @pokemonguy- true but sometimes you have to accept a loss, luck is part of this game as well you know.
    sangizkewl and Googleplex, thanks for liking my article :D
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    I hope Adam sees this, i want to write something for the front page :D
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    Adam sees everything. Or at least everything that he can legally see.

    Only sibon goes further.

    If you want this to make the FP it is going to have to be longer - give us a bit more background, tell us more about the story of your day and why you chose the deck.

    Also the grammar needs to be improved, contractions (BKEX, 2HKO) expanded, and stuff like 'LOL' cut out.

    Be careful about what you say about other players. You can't just say your R2 opponent was a bad sport without giving a reason. You can't say Becky S netdecked without evidence (did she tell you?).
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    Interested to know why the person you played in the second round was a bad sport, he seemed reasonably friendly and I was glad I faced him in the first round because it was a really easy win for my deck (I couldn't believe it when he started Thundurus EX and benched Rayquaza EX and Heatran EX...).
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    I'm ok with those two contractions, but I agree with the rest. The report is pretty good, but to be honest a 3-3 Seniors report probably isn't going to be interesting enough for the front page unless you played some crazy deck or the article was extremely well written. I am glad you wrote the report though and it sounds like you had a fun day!
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    Becky S told me ;) and my round 2 opponent just wasn't very nice, and a bit bigheaded. I understand about the other stuff, and next time i write it will be longer and better, it's just I forgot to take notes on the day and had to write it all from memory yesterday!
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    Reflecting the feedback, I am going to edit to improve my writing skills. :) Please give feedback![DOUBLEPOST=1371314508,1370886653][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry to double post, but I have finished editing and wanted to take it to a new post. Please read and give feedback/constructive criticism so I can improve my article writing skills.

    EDIT: Oh good, it's merged :D
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    Well done! Very nice read.
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    Thanks falco :)
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    I'm glad you thought so :)
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    Glad to finally hear and read pretty much everything that happened at Nats. Sorry that you drew badly when you did, but c'est la vie (such is life.. or Pokemon). Your next article will definitely be front page material ;) my pleasure and you're welcome for the playtesting :)
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    Good job with the newer article. You are welcome for for the playtesting (though I only got in like 2 games or so... sorry)
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    Oh no, every little helps...:D