Need money! Please buy!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Crystaleyemonster, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Crystaleyemonster

    Crystaleyemonster New Member

    1. Only shipped to US
    2. Only US Currency
    3. Only using Paypal gift, I have postive refs on [Jarod Morales on Virbank Mart, crystaleyemonster on pokebeach and pokegym as well]
    5. Have fun!

    3x RC Reshiram
    1x Raichu Prime
    1x Black Kyurem EX
    1x Emolga EX
    1x Reshiram GOLD
    1x Latias EX
    3x Mew EX
    1x REVERSE Aromatisse
    4x Reverse Prof. juniper
    1x Reshiram EX PROMO
    1x Reverse Emboar
    1x Klinklang Plasma
    1x Blastoise PLB
    1x Terrakion LTR
    3x Gothitelle EPO
    2x Reverse Rare Candy PLB
    1x Dragonite PLF
    3x Reverse Rare candy HGSS
    2x Froslass PLB
    1x Reshiram Reverse LTR
    1x Power Keepers Fire
    3x Plasma Energy
    2x Sigilyph DRX
    3x Aegislash XY Prerelease promo
    8x Cities Glaceon Promo
    2x Aegislash Holo
    1x Prof Letter
    1x Prof Letter reverse
    1x prof sycamore
    1x super potion
    2x reverse slurpuff
    1x non holo slurpuff
    1x holo slurpuff
    4x Roller Skates
    1x Dusknoir BRC
    1x Emolga RC
    1x Meloetta EX FA
    1x Meloetta EX RA
    1x Shaymin EX RC
    1x Voltorb Reverse
    1x Reshiram FA BW
    1x Kingdra PLF
    1x Reverse Kingdra PLF
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  2. icemanmatt

    icemanmatt New Member

    Will u take 15 for the 3 suicune and 35 LTR codes?
  3. Crystaleyemonster

    Crystaleyemonster New Member

    Yeah, I can do that @icemanmatt
    PM me for confirmation paypal gift.
  4. Crystaleyemonster

    Crystaleyemonster New Member

    bumping, I really need cash!
  5. Crystaleyemonster

    Crystaleyemonster New Member

    BUMPP~~~ I really need the cash!
  6. pokemonguy

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    I am from the UK but how much for the Golden Reshi? I hope you can ship to the UK, I've shipped over to the US before, not very expensive or much hassle.
  7. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    I don't want to buy anything as of now, but you skipped rule #4 :p