New Hampshire, States championship 3/15

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  1. Thank you. I'm going to go test this now, BRB.
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  2. Suminorudder

    Suminorudder New Member

    Any thoughts? I would love to hear more ideas from someone else who play tested the deck. :)
  3. I like Dusknoir in it. It helps you finish KOs, I've found that my opponents like to retreat once they get a ton of damage on them and try to deck me.
  4. Gelato

    Gelato The Swarm

    That is a Huge problem with Aegislash. I won a game against this deck at States by sacrificing Emboars and Delphox's until they decked out, because this deck doesn't take prizes quickly at all. I think Dusknoir is probably the best solution to this, because 4 Kings Shield's worth of damage can KO an EX with Sinister Hand and keep you ahead in the prize exchange.
  5. Salamencetrainer34

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    You like dusknoir in everything:rolleyes: For good reasons too though
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  6. Suminorudder

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    I so badly wish I had been able to acquire a dusknoir line for last weekend. In at least one match he could have secured a win.

    I am definitely +1 on dusknoir.
  7. I'd also suggest one of the Sword Aegislash, if you aren't running it already.
  8. SamSoldier

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    Could you tell me why you ran KlingKlang?
  9. Suminorudder

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    Well, Klinklang is one of those Pokemon that is so irreplaceable in a deck with metal types. Safeguard Pokemon have found there way into a lot of decks because they are so good at buying time to bolster your own defenses, even when not used as attackers. And Klingklang is even stronger because it spreads it to almost every other Mon in the deck except Keldeo.

    So really, he is there to provide a buffer if they have loaded EX and your lock is not established, and also if they have no basics, you can Stance Change to sword form and spread damage a bit quicker.