New Members Thread - Info and Introductions!

Discussion in 'UG General Discussion' started by Adam, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. DCalpha

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    There is a lot of very nice interesting people here.
  2. Watusa

    Watusa Member

    Hey, Names Bernard. Im from Ontario, Canada!

    I pretty much started and run the league in London, Ontario. Started playing about 2 years ago. Havint had any decent results at any tournaments due to just being bad/defeatist attitude. (Wait no I placed third at a battle roads)

    Was gonna go to Worlds this year but decided not to due to my lack of confidence.

    I play a few other tcg's:
    Cardfight vanguard
    Magic The gathering
    And a bunch of ones that never made it.

    Funny facts:
    - Almost unlimited funding to build any deck buying singles or pulling through packs.
    - I spent most of my time at work on my laptop looking things up.
    - Have no real playtesting partners. (bar one person but that doesint help)
  3. 765Bro

    765Bro Hibiki...~

    Unlimited funding, you say? Would you mind sending me a few copies of Tropical Beach, yeah?
  4. bluntmonster

    bluntmonster New Member

    Hiya Six Prizes!
    Im Sullivan, Ive "played" pokemon since it came out. In and out of competitive play until recently i decided to actually get competitive and stay up to date. I work a lot of my time as a chef here in Seattle, Wa. but almost all my spare time goes to Pokemon now. I havent done alot this season bacause i started back a bit too late so i just want a firm grasp on all the ins and outs again and plan to pass my professor test on my second try. (first was 31 out of the 32 needed) Mostly i want to staff future poke events. maybe one day become a major organizer. I am currently running a Plasma accellerated Darkri absol list. but it still has some kinks to work out:)
  5. cyndaquil

    cyndaquil Gravia is love, Gravia is life

    I guess this is the UG 'hello' thread?
    I'm not really new to the site, but I am new to UG.
    Introductions....I'm Bella, and I've been playing the TCG competitively since January. The people on this site taught me most of the Pokemon related stuff I know, so i thank them for that. :)
    I want to start a league near where I live, and me and my dad are working towards starting one up. I am currently playing Blastoise/Keldeo/BKEX.
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  6. pkmnred7590

    pkmnred7590 Member

    hey is there anyone from jersey that would like to practice and test etc i need some people to go to league and tournaments and stuffff!!!
  7. JayHornung

    JayHornung Active Member

    Wow bunch of new guys lately, welcome everybody!

    pkmnred: I know there is a few NJ guys on the board

    Milky: UG is great for only spending a few minutes reading and getting tons of useful ideas and resources. It also helps to narrow down playtesting so you have a better idea about decks before you start.

    Watusa: Hopefully UG will help get those tournament results up :)

    As always guys feel free to message me with any questions!

  8. SteveBaPanda

    SteveBaPanda Putting SA on the map

    Hey all the other UG peeps. Name's Stephen Botha, or SteveBaPanda on here, Twitter and Playtcg. I'm a player from South Africa, so hoping to get more people from down here competitively involved and that the game grows so we can even get travel awards for Nats sometime :p.. check you around on the forums*
  9. Omnus

    Omnus New Member

    My name is Charles. I live in seattle and I love all forms of competitive nerd gaming. Trying to make a long story short...I played pokemon tcg for about 2 games right when it came out and hadnt since. Over the last few years I had start dating a girl with a daughter. I have since become the only father figure she has ever had. Even though her mom and I broke up...I still do my best to be a good role model and father to her. Her mom loves pokemon and when Brittany turned 7 she got into the tcg. I have also worked at an LGS before. I did not want be one of those parents that had to ask a random kid to help Brittany with her deck. So I read the rules and bought a box boosters. She and I opened packs and started making decks. I opened two Thundurus EX and after some research, and singles I am learning a lot about competitive Pokemon Tcg and Brittany is already doing very good for being so young.

    That's basically it.
  10. MVTK

    MVTK Tech M9me

    Hey guy, I'm Thomas. I pretty much started playing competitively this past February in the CT/NY/MA area after my brother and I played a couple of casual games over Christmas (which we used to do all the time as children). I can't say I have a bunch of wins under my belt (unless you count one Plasma Freeze Draft, but that's not quite the same...) but I make it a point to read as much literature on the game every day so I can learn new things about the game from every angle. Hopefully in the coming months (AKA Starting September 1st) I can start making a the run at a World Invite (definitely on my List of things to do before I reach 30), so maybe I'll see you guys around in the future!
  11. Falco413

    Falco413 Can see the ending.

    Hello! I'm Falco413, I've been playing since 2010 as a Junior after switching from Bakugan. I quit for about a year due to some family medical stuff, but I started playing again this January. I got 4th place in Florida States seniors, but that's about the only decent win I've pulled off. I've been running Darkrai as my main deck for a while now. I look forward to discussing the game with you guys!
  12. DiegoGGP

    DiegoGGP New Member

    Hi Everyone, I'm Diego, I used to play about 12 years ago but lack of funding and people to play with made me stop, I recently found some friends I can exploit this with and have been playing competitively the past six months. I had a bad Battle Roads and a decent first Nationals, and my dream right now is to make it to Worlds next year, so I'm going to be preparing for that. Recently got an UG subscription after a report I made on my run. So cheers.
  13. pikajew1213

    pikajew1213 Jewrachi and Pikajew :3

    Hi Im Josh and I like Pokemon:)
  14. Evil_eggs

    Evil_eggs New Member

    Hello everyone! I have played pokemon for a long time, but found the card game a few years ago, and found a league near me a year ago. Since I have joined the league I have tried several different decks, but my favorite and the one I hope to take to battle roads is Dark Propogation (my own variation). I hope to perfect the deck and do well next tournament season!
  15. eharrold

    eharrold New Member

    Whats up everybody. My name is Ernie Harrold and Im out in CO. Been playing for a couple years now with my son who just started Senior division and wanted to up our game. This site and everyone contributing has been very helpful. We just got to attend our first nationals and got our 6p die after meeting Adam. (Great to meet you). Looking forward to the whole season this year and doing better at Nats next time.
  16. jedisurvivor

    jedisurvivor New Member

    I'm Andy - 30yo, from the Sacramento CA area. I work in a biotech lab, but my hobbies are musical theatre and (as of about a year ago) tabletop gaming.

    I played a bit of Magic and Pokemon in high school... never competitively, because I didn't know how to find tournaments, and I sucked anyway. :p When I decided last winter to pick up a TCG again, I chose Pokemon because it was more familiar to me, and the players seemed friendlier.
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  17. lolamitsa

    lolamitsa New Member

    hi, i'm 'Lolamitsa' and i like pokemon much!
  18. Ziggmiceter

    Ziggmiceter Ultimate 6P tournament procrastinator

    Hey everyone, I made T4 in Bronzong Chef and I requested the UG early because it's really nice advice for the Grinder.
  19. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Hey everyone! My name is Abe Tyler, and I am a 15 year old from Wisconsin.

    Fun Facts:
    In my first ever Pokemon event, a Plasma Freeze Pre-Release, I took 3rd out of 31 players. I had learned the rules to the TCG just a week before.
    I built my very own bouldering wall (climbing wall) in my basement.
    Literally no one else within 30 miles of me plays Pokemn TCG... I have a few friends that play the Video Game but don't like the cards.
  20. hypnotoxic

    hypnotoxic New Member

    Hello, my name is John, but I go by hypnotoxic here and on PTCGO.
    I started playing online slightly before Plasma Storm was released. I live in Iowa and I was hoping to make some friends here to help me with my game, since nobody I know plays Pokemon. Also, I would love to meet some players from Iowa to go to tournaments and leagues with.
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