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Discussion in 'Organized Play Information & Tournament Reports' started by Chemical, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Chemical

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    Finally after months my local comic store decided to let a league be hosted there every Sunday from 2 to 6.The only problem is it will be my first time ever going to a league and I need some help to know what all they do at a league other then play each other.
  2. Thegame8228

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    Well, you need to get people to come to it. There will be a variety of ages and there will need to be at least one professor to run the league to teach everyone how to play and enforce the rules of the game. It would be nice to have a tournament each month and give the winner a prize (maybe a level x or prime).
  3. flygondrb

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    Well, at leagues you need a professor to run it, and I think the league runner will have to contact pokemon USA so you can get League promos and score cards. With the score cards you give every person participating in the league a score card, tell them to write there name on it. Every time they battle/win (league runners choice) the league runner initials one of the pokeballs. Every time a person gets to a red pokeball you give them league promos. Atleast, thats how it's supposed to go, but alot of league runners just give you as many league promos as you want. People battl, trade, talk, and do pretty much everything you would do at a tournament except for stuff like pairings and stuff like that, people battle as they wish. A tournament maybe once a month is something that is really fun, especially when we're in a long no tournament dead period. The prizes should range by how important the tournament is. EX: IF it's the big tournament of the year, like a mini league worlds, you could get people to donate and make the prizes a booster box or something. Also, in tournaments at the league, it's cool to sometimes have a special format for the tournament, for example only uncommons and commons.
  4. Chemical

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    Okay well alljudges from tournaments and a tournament organizer are holding it and they had it last week but I didn't get to find out how nay was there.
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    Well, my first day at League went like this;

    I walked cautiously into the store, looked around, then some guy (the Professor) walking up to me and said hi and asked me if I was here for the League. I said yes and he was all happy and he handed me a chart and asked if I was new to Pokemon TCG. Yes again an he proposed to do a little battle to show me how everything worked. Yes a third time and the battle started! I plopped myself down and got out my brand new deck, while he had already set up his heavily tested Jumpluff Deck. Ouch. Anyway, he mopped the floor with me and I had a great time. Meanwhile, everyone gathered round to watch the newbie get beaten to pulp (not really) and applauded when I was able to do 10 damage to his Jumpluff (obviously they didn't have too much luck either).

    Hope you will get as great of a start as I did. :wink:
  6. Chemical

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    I already went to it about 2 weeks ago, I got two of my friends to go cause one said he is only going if I'm going and he brought the other friend.I sat down waited then cramed most of the people there.I only lost to my friend twice after he built a deck that my deck had weakness to.
  7. pokeirv

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    Since when did you have to be a professor to run a league? Get your info straight guys. BTW, I don't like what the LL did to you on your first game. We always start out new players plaing against easier decks to get their confidence going. Otherwise, who wants to come back to somewhere to be beaten up.
  8. UprisingJoel

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    I run a league and I know for a fact that you don't need a professor to run one. But other than that you pretty much have everything covered.
  9. Thegame8228

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    It's not like it's hard to be a professor and even professors don't know everything...