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    Hey everyone, this is my first post here, and I'm really looking for suggestions with this deck I threw together.

    Pokemon - 21

    4 x Tangela SF
    3 x Tangrowth SF
    1 x Tangrowth lvl X. Platinum Arceus
    3 x Nidoran female RR
    2 x Nidorina RR
    3 x Nidoqueen RR
    2 x Shaymin UL
    1 x Shaymin lvl X. Platinum
    1 x Uxie
    1 x Unown Q

    Trainers - 22

    4 x Rare Candy
    4 x Interviewer's Questions
    3 x Bebe's Search
    3 x Pokemon Communication
    2 x Pokemon Collector
    1 x Prof. Oak's New Theory
    1 x Lookers Investigation
    1 x Dual Ball
    1 x Expert Belt
    1 x Miasma Valley
    1 x Luxury Ball

    Energy - 17

    8 x Grass
    5 x Psychic
    2 x Warp Energy
    2 x Double Colorless


    What I was aiming for with this deck is to have a nice wave of healing between turns. Tangrowth heals itself for 10 between turns and Nidoqueen heals everyone for 10 as well. The purpose of Nidoqueen is two-fold. Healing is obviously the first priority, but she can attack as well and do decent damage, especially late game. Tangrowth is supposed to be the main attack normally, but using either him or Nidoqueen would depend on the situation. Shaymin lvl X. really boosts the survivability of Tangrowth, especially in his LvL X form by supplying 40 more HP for him. In theory he could heal 20 at the end of the opponents turn, and then with his Poke-body and some luck, he can heal 40 more, and then by the end of your turn, he will have healed another 20, thus making him a wall. The point of unown Q is to get shaymin lvl x out of the active spot for free. I also threw in some warp energies in case unown doesn't show up. Uxie is there to do what Uxie does, add draw power. I would add more Uxie if I could.

    Any thoughts or ideas to make this any better would be great.
  2. mrmatt91

    mrmatt91 New Member

    anyone have any suggestions?
  3. pho

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    I would do this instead:

    Pokemon - 21
    4 x Tangela SF
    1 x Tangrowth SF
    2 X Tangrowth AR
    1 x Tangrowth lvl X. Platinum Arceus
    2 x Nidoran female RR
    1 x Nidorina RR
    2 x Nidoqueen RR
    2 x Shaymin UL
    2 x Shaymin lvl X. Platinum
    2 x Uxie
    1 x Unown Q
    1 x Azelf

    Trainers - 23
    4 x Rare Candy
    2 x Warp Point
    2 x Energy Exchanger
    3 x Bebe's Search
    3 x Pokemon Communication
    2 x Pokemon Collector
    2 x Prof. Oak's New Theory
    2 x Broken Time-Space
    2 x Premier Ball
    1 x Luxury Ball

    Energy - 16
    9 x Grass
    3 x Psychic
    2 x Warp Energy
    2 x Double Colorless

    Pokemon: You should run two Uxie just to keep your hand going. Azelf helps if your Tangrowth Lv. X is prized. I reduced the Nidoqueen line since you're probably going to use it more as a tech than an attacker. If Tangrowth is your main attacker, the Arceus one does a lot more damage. I left one SF Tangrowth for healing.

    I edited the list so it focuses more on evolving/leveling up faster. The Warp Points are there just in case you get Bright Looked by Luxray GL lv.X, since Nidoqueen and Tangrowth have high retreat costs. Energy Exchanger is good for trading Psychic for Grass energy/Warp Energy.

    Energy: More grass energy since you have more grass pokemon. Plus if you have more grass energy, you can do a surprise Seed Flare from Shaymin Lv. X.
  4. ian

    ian Member

    Run cyrus! I know it sounds weird but you can pluck an energy and a supporter with this card.
  5. FunkyStrong

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    Nononono. Reaching Tangrowth is a boss. Arceus is good for Swallow-Up, but as your life gets drained, one healing power and merely the luck of Tangrowth Lv.X's power may not be enough to keep him up. Tangrowth SF heals him an extra 10 between turns, hits the active for 60 (80 with a belt) and 20 to two benched, thus getting them ready for a second or third prize.

    As far as I've tested, Swallow-Up Tangrowth isn't that great.
  6. strannyi

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    I agree with Funky. Using SF Tangrowth as a tank is much more effective. The extra healing he gives can really help in a pinch and gives it the extra survivability when you really need it.

    As for suggestions... Pho's trainer line-up looks promising, I would agree there. However, I'd keep what you have for Pokemon, except drop the Unown Q, mainly so you don't have to worry about starting with him or searching him out, and switch it with a Uxie if you could get one. If the Uxie is completely out of the question then I would put in another Professor Oak's, BTS, or Warp Point. The energy set up you have should handle pretty well, but switch the Warp Energies for two more DCE's. Trust me on that, Tangrowth is a real pain when you're waiting on energy and all you can do is Green Acid! You may also want drop a psychic for a grass, but it shouldn't be a big deal.
  7. FunkyStrong

    FunkyStrong Member

    Warp energy isn't a horrible idea. You've get a dangered Nidoqueen or Tangrowth, and you've got a pumped one on the bench. You don't have the energies to retreat. Warp energy! And it also gives them a colorless energy for if they hit the active again or need energy for another retreat.
  8. Pokemon - 20
    4 x Tangela SF
    3 x Tangrowth SF
    1 x Tangrowth lvl X. Platinum Arceus
    4 x Nidoran female RR
    2 x Nidorina RR
    4 x Nidoqueen RR
    2 x Uxie

    Trainers - 25
    4 x Rare Candy
    2 x Warp Point
    3 x Bebe's Search
    4 x Pokemon Communication
    2 x Pokemon Collector
    4 x Prof. Oak's New Theory
    3 x Broken Time-Space
    1 x Luxury Ball
    2 x Expert Belt

    Energy - 15
    5 x Grass
    4 x Psychic
    2 x Warp Energy
    4 x Double Colorless

    Overall this appears more consistent of a build. Give this a try and let me know what you think. Also SF tangrowth is a no brainer. Arceus Tang, gets damaged to easily and played around and before you know it you have a huge retreat pokemon in the active that took 4 energies to power up only to swing for 50. I find no need for the hassle of Shaymin or it's Lv X. Seeing as how it would only benifit Tangrowth, and would be a hassle to promote, lvl up, return to bench, it just seems like it would be too much trouble, especially when you have a Nidoqueen whom doesnt gain anything from it.
  9. FunkyStrong

    FunkyStrong Member

    I don't think this should be called NidoGrowth, but TankGrowth, because I feel that's what you're going for. 40 extra HP with Shaymin, and 20 healed between every turn with Tangrowth and Nidoqueen. Nothing against your deck list, Masacre, you know I wouldn't hate on a Team FS member (LAWL), but I don't think regular spaghetti is what he's after.

    I'd say worry less about about using Nidoqeen for much and FOCUS on Tangrowth. If anything, have Rainbow Energy since the damage will roll off regardless just in case you're in a sticky situation and need to use Nidoqueen but will still benefit Tangrowth insead of it being a dead draw.

    Pokemon: 19
    4 Tangela SF
    3 Tangrowth SF
    1 Tangrowth Lv. X
    2 Shaymin UL
    2 Shaymin Lv. X PL (Land Forme)
    2 Nidorin Female RR
    2 Nidoqueen RR
    2 Uxie
    1 Unown Q

    TSS: 27
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Pokemon Communication
    4 Level-Max
    4 Bebe's
    2 Broken Time Space
    2 Miasma Valley
    2 Professor Oak's New Theory
    1 Luxury Ball
    2 Pokemon Collector
    2 Expert Belt

    4 Double Colorless
    4 Rainbow Energy
    6 Grass Energy

    I'm not a badass deckbuilder like my friend, but that's where I'd start.
  10. mrmatt91

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    Hey everyone, thanks for the suggestions, sorry I haven't posted back in awhile I've been busy with college and various other things. So anyway, I took some of your ideas and tweaked it a bit based on what friends helped me with. I'll post my decklist I used at BR's yesterday and then get into what somethings I realized halfway through it and some other things.

    Pokemon: 24
    4x Tangela SF
    2x Tangrowth SF
    1x Tangrowth AR
    1x Tangrowth Lv. X
    2x Nidoran female RR
    1x Nidorina RR
    2x Nidoqueen
    2x Shaymin UL
    1x Shaymin Lv. X
    2x Cherubi SF
    2x Cherrim SF
    1x Uxie (I really could not find another one to use.)
    1x Unown Q
    1x Caterpie
    1x Metapod

    Trainers: 22

    4x Rare Candies
    3x Bebe's Search
    3x Pokemon Communication
    3x Interviewer's Questions
    2x Pokemon Collectors
    2x Expert Belt
    2x Judge
    2x Bench Shield
    1x Luxury Ball

    Energies: 14

    7x Grass
    3x Double Colorless (Again, I never had any and these are the only ones I could get from people.)
    2x Warp energy
    2x Rainbow Energy

    So after some changes I thought my deck was pretty consistent. The Cherrim was added to deal more damage, which actually helped slightly, especially against Donphan. I also cut back the Nidoqueen line a lot, which I now realize was a good idea. The warp energies are there to get Shaymin out of the active spot fast after I get him set up. The funniest thing I managed to do was donk someone with Cherrim since he started with Hoppip and I had Cherubi, rare candy, and Cherrim in my hand, so he died with my zero energy cost attack. Unfortunately my fears were realized when I started with Unown Q, TWICE! I got donked both times...which completely screwed my record and made me go 4-2 in the tournament. However, I realized during a match in which I was trainer locked that I neglected to use Sunflora, which I added last night after it was all said and done and removed the Cherrim line. Someone also suggested I run Lvl maxes to get shaymin set up on my bench which is a good idea in theory, but it all boils down to a coin-flip, so I'm not to sure if I want to include them. As it stands im debating on removing Metapod, I have yet to actually worry about a fire card, but at the same time, there is a chance the moment I remove him I'll be up against a Blaziken and wishing I had him. If I do take him out I may add a 1-1 line of Cherrim UL, which would increase my healing by another 10, so by the time the opponent attacks again, and if I hopefully get Healing Growth off, I will have healed 90 HP. What do you all think of these changes? I think with a few more minor revisions It will be all i ever hoped and dreamed, haha.
  11. HenryP

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    Wheres your Blaziken counter? he will practically walk all over your entire deck
  12. mrmatt91

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    Metapod dude, that's what I'm using him for, unless you didn't read the second post I made.
  13. Sylvester

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    Metapod? please hes Garchomp bait. You need that bench shield for it to work, and Lux will just bright look you anyway
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