Night Rider – Jay’s 2013 US Nationals Report

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    I think what I like most about this article is the ability to discern your viewpoint on the metagame from your discussion. Something I am having difficult on settling on right now.
  3. Hvae you tried 2 Audino in Plasma? I have 3 Switch and 2 Float Stone so I can basically reset a Kyurem when I need (so I don't need Keldeo and I can have a free bench space to get the 3rd Deoxys or another attacker). So I find that the 2 Keldeo do absolutely nothing against Goth because you can't retreat them. With Audino I can get that key Goth KO. The way I have tested the matchup, it actually is positive for Plasma if you can get that Audino. It also isn't a dead card since it will heal 10 damage and remove poison or sleep when needed too. What do you think'
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    Great article as always Jay. I have nothing specific for you, but thank you for continuing to share your insights on the game.

    I wrote about 2000 words today at work on draw engines and a specific focus on how to run 4 Bicycle and why it is so good... so I'm a bit disappointed you beat me to the punch. But happy that I thought of the concept before someone else wrote about it. The card is so good, people should be building their decks around having 4 of them.

    The night before Madison Regionals I got discouraged by Blastoise and built a Victini EX/Terrakion EX deck and went 5-3, simply by outdrawing my opponents (the deck was terrible). That's how good Bicycle is.
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    Great article again Jay!

    I am currently toying around with Darkrai as well. After seeing how Life Dew did in Plasma, I have been trying it in Darkai. I can usually use it at least twice in a game thanks to Junk Hunt, but haven't tested it enough to see how much it hurts consistency over many games. What are your thoughts on Life Dew in Darkrai?

    I have been using Bicycle in Darkai for a long time versus Random Receiver for the same reasons that you mentioned in your article. I am contemplating trying a 2nd Colress in place of the 4th Bicycle due to trainer lock, though.

    Currently I only have room for 2 Energy Switch in my list, but have been tempted to try 3 Pokemon Catcher to fit the 3rd ES.

    For those of us that are attempting to get into Worlds through the LCQ, what are your thoughts on RayEels in a best of 3 games environment?

    Thanks again,
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    Lux: I haven't...leading up to Nationals I did very little testing with Plasma just because it wasn't clicking with me.

    Kris: Yea the Supporter/Bike Ratio is perfect imo and plays amazing

    Parenting: The idea crossed my mind to, but Computer Search is just so game changing. 3 Catcher plays much better than you think it would and I strongly suggest testing it.

    As for RayEels I never got on that bandwagon and now probably isn't the best time to start imo. None of it match ups I feel are that great compared to other choices.
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    Top notch article and good job on such a good tournament run! You're def the go-to guy when it comes to Darkrai. *thumbs up*
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    Thanks I appreciate that...the running joke on the weekend is those 3 Darkrai EX have been the best Pokemon investment I've ever made.