Rogue Ninetales DRX, Munna BCR, Keldeo EX

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  1. darkslayer

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    I really dig this list, my only question is why 2 keldeo EX's? I'm guessing due to the fact you may have to discard one or you could end up getting KO'ed. I also see Jirachi as a walking Target, with Lysandre, Genesect EX, Combustion charizard and Pyroar I'm not so sure he's a great idea to be in this deck anymore.
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  2. Professor_N

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    Keldeo EX is really needed for this deck to function properly. You don't want a Long Distance Hypnosis failing and you being stuck asleep.
  3. darkslayer

    darkslayer New Member

    Good Point, having two is useful the way you put it, rush in, retreat, hmm now what could we take out inplace of jirachi. Jirachi is great for grabbing any supporter but I feel like he's no longer worth using. I think random receivers would be quite useful in place of him, I'll have to mess with the list a bit.[DOUBLEPOST=1401162817][/DOUBLEPOST]Hmm, off the top of my head, I'm thinking Toxicroak EX, inplace of Jirachi EX, yeah it might slow down the deck, but Jirachu EX will quickly get pulled in or sniped. I'm going with Toxicroak EX as a possible solution.
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  4. Ein

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    I don't think Toxicroak is a natural fit. You should be streaming Ninetails. I would rather run a Ditto or Mr. Mime.
  5. darkslayer

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    I was considering Ditto actually, to speed up evolution, it almost would seem more favorable to run 2 ditto rather than 1 in that case. I just think the deck needs to be tinkered with a bit. I mean just because Toxicroak EX doesn't fit naturally with the concept I don't see him as not being a possibility, he could add on heavy poison damage against Megas not to mention he has a very low retreat cost of only 1 energy.[DOUBLEPOST=1401166304][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I meant why 2 versus just having 1, just realized I didn't make that very clear on my point of what I was asking.
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  6. Professor_N

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    No you made it perfectly clear. I was saying that is why you run two.
  7. PokemonGeek

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    God, this deck is fragile. It totally sucks if you don't get the 2nd status
  8. darkslayer

    darkslayer New Member

    The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is to incorporate Entei EX into the deck, he can attach energies from the discard pile and inflict the burn status with just 2 fire energies. So with that in mind you would probably need 2 of him and more energies in the deck.
  9. shong

    shong Member

    Agree with this. I had the best success with 4-4 Ninetales, 2-2 Raichu. Bright Look for something that Raichu can OHKO for weakness or that Ninetales previously failed to OHKO is really nice.

    The deck still really suffers from being hit with N late game, more than any other deck I've played. Aside from the N weakness I absolutely love this deck though.

    I also agree that 2 Keldeo EX is the play. I had 1 for the longest time and having it prized is pretty catastrophic.
  10. SparkyArg

    SparkyArg Member

    LOL. Great fun deck xD

    Pokemon (18)
    4-4 Ninetales DRX
    4-4 Amoongus
    1 Virizion EX
    1 Munna

    Supports (12)
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    2 Skyla
    1 Colress
    1 Shauna

    Items/Stadiums (20)
    4 Devolution Spray
    2 Silver Bangle
    2 Muscle Band
    4 Level Ball
    2 Ultra Ball
    2 Energy Switch
    2 Switch
    1 Proffesors Letter
    1 Dowsing Machine
    1 Super Rod

    Energy (9)
    4 Blend DGFP
    5 Fire Energy