NJ Marathon Report! Senior!

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    New Jersey Marathon!

    Day 1

    Blastoise 3-2

    Round 1 L – Lex D'Andrea W/ Accelgor/Snorlax ( Prized Double Keldeo FTL)

    I was so confused about what he was playing, but I ended up forming a game plan. I had looked through my deck and saw two Keldeo prized. The game came down to me N’ing him to 1 with nothing on his board, not even a Shelmet, and Him drawing and passing. If I could get a Scrapper + Superior + Keldeo, I would be in a great position. But I was 98% sure that my Keldeos were my last two prizes, but I had to check. They were prized, no way to heal my Blastoise ( fully loaded) and it would be knocked out, without any way of setting up another Blastoise. It stinks that I could’ve beaten the Klaczynski Open champion, but that’s the way the game works!

    Round 2 W Michael Morabile w/ Hydriegon

    I know Michael from tournaments, but never really talked to him, but he is a familiar face. We start and I have a good start, but beach into 3 Ultra Ball, 3 superior and a juniper, fabulous. I wait for an opportunity, as I ultra ball away stuff and beach again. Of course I don’t hit anything, and I wasn’t expecting it. I finally throw it all away when I get a top deck rare candy, and ultra ball away some stuff, and beach. Meanwhile, he’s setting up double Hydriegon and loading energy, also juniper away lots of stuff. We get to the point of the game, where he is just kinda sitting there, while I secret sword. His deck is thin and all of a sudden he flips his prizes, 2 N’s and an ultra ball, he’s gonna deck! We shake hands and I feel like I dodged a bullet, even though I may have ( probably ) had the game. GG!

    Round 3 W Nolan Wilson w/ Hydriegon

    1-1 and I feel pretty lucky about it. I see my pairings and It’s one of my good friend, Orrin Wilson’s little brother! I don’t know him well, but he’s a pretty cool kid. I get off to a rocket start and so does he. It comes to the point where I’m steam rolling him, but he sets up dusknoir and I’m scared. I have lots of stuff left, and electrode on my bench when he N’s me to one. He decides to let my electrode live as he night spears, but it doesn’t matter, I top deck juniper into superior ftw. GG!

    Round 4 W Dexter w/ Chadalure/Chandalure EX

    He’s playing an odd deck, but it actually isn’t terrible! He is able to 2 shot my blastoise on the bench, as well as kill some squirtles early, which was really scary, but I live through it. I juniper for superior and black ballista for my last 2 prizes. Yahoo!

    Round 5 Pass on ID L Jessy Weidman w/ ToolDrop

    Since this was my first city of the year, I didn’t understand the whole Intentional Draw thing, but my friends were telling me to, as lex was also 3-1. My Opponent doesn’t want to ID, because Zach Bokhari decides to draw even though he was about to win, kind of screwing me out of cut, but it’s his decision, and I respect that! We set up and she just kinda destroys me with tool drop for 180 t2 with double EXP shared Trubbishes. It’s hopeless at this point, gg!

    Upset about Grinch, but bowling with friends eases the pain! ( I got a strike, and my friend Jordan apparentally was a good bowler, and got 3 strikes in a row, a turkey?!!!)

    Day 2

    Blastoise 3-2

    I wanted to play Blastoise again because I feel like I needed to redeem myself.

    Round 1 L Sydney Morisoli w/ Darkrai Garbodor

    Came down to a catcher coin flip, and it didn’t help that I junipered away dowsing and scrapper t1 to stay in the game. GG Sydney, I knew we’d play again!

    Round 2 W Christian Curiscioa? w/ Klinklang

    I get t2 black ballista on cobalion ex, than catcher klink and slash, than catcher another and slash, than black ballista a cobalion than black ballista a cobalion ex. GG! Nothing he could do when that happens.

    Round 3 W Zachary Bokhari w/ Darkrai/Garbodor

    I get really lucky on coinflips, and it comes down to me waking up or staying asleep for the game. I kiss the coin and BOOM a heads!!

    Round 4 W Nadia Bokhari w/ Blastoise

    Funny how I played Bokhari siblings back to back! It was kinda just bad for her, I ran hot, and catcher slashed and catcher ballista’d squirtles and blastoises.

    After this round, both siblings were very upset about the dice I was using, and claimed it was rigged. They rolled it and got tails….

    Round 5 Pass on ID L Jeremy Gibson w/ Virgen ( Had 2 catchers for the win, both tails)

    I had 2 catchers to seal the game but go double tails with them…. Darn, btw same dice I’d used all day, Grrrrr! They failed me!!

    Double Grinch! Last round opponent was also the 4-0

    Day 3


    I needed to switch it up!!

    Round 1 W Bryan Tam w/ Darkrai Garbodor

    I just kind of won, and the 4 potion in my deck really helped, Bryan is a funny, and very cool player, congrats on the top 4 Bryan!!

    Round 2 L Jeremy Gibson w/ Virgen

    Very solid t2 emerald slashes from us both, and than I colressed for 9 and missed plasma energy, even though I had roselia, so I could hit the plasma straight or hit ultra ball, or level ball, or roserade, but whatever, gg Jeremy!

    Round 3 W Jack Kolbert w/ THE YETI ( Sick 6-1 Comeback #Hambone)

    I setup a great 6-1 comeback that really makes me feel like I’m a worthy player, and that I deserved that win!

    Round 4 W Justin Tam w/Blastoise

    It went as it should, I red signaled a lot of blastoise’s and he couldn’t get setup fully. Similar to his brother, a very cool and funny kid!

    Round 5 ID Tyler Schwartz w/ Virizion/Mewtwo

    We played a fun game and I beat him t3…. darn


    Bubble at 5th with 63% Resistance ( Top tables were most likely going to play it out, and Jeremy ( the 4-0) decided to scoop, shooting my resistance and causing me to whiff) That’s 3 in a row!

    Day 4


    Round 1 W Christian ______ Curiscioa? w/ Darkrai Garbodor

    I wanna talk about this game, a little more than the most. It was a good game! He played well for the most part, and was a fun match. I won because he forgot to count how many cards were left in his deck when he colressed, but I had superior in hand for the win anyways, and Zachary Bokahri had watched the match from the halfway point, as he finished early. After the game, Zach looks at me and says“ Dang man, that’s low” I ask him what he was talking about. Than he says “ You know what you did you cheater, you dragon bursted away two energy and killed a fresh Darkrai!” I was offended, and asked him two things. 1. Why did you not say anything when you say it happen? 2. How didn’t my opponent or I catch this? I don’t discard my opponents cards for him. He says “ I didn’t want to get involved!” Than walks away saying “ It’s people like you that ruin this game, you should just quit if you’re going to cheat, we don’t want your type in the community, just play fair man” than goes to tell his friends about how much of a cheater I am, and they all give me funny looks. This is really upsetting to me and I’m in disbelief, why would he do something like this? I assume he’s upset about me beating him Day 2 off luck, but you can’t do anything about that. I respected Zach as a player and a person, but now, I just don’t know.

    Round 2 L Nadia Bokhari

    Again I’d like to come back to Zach calling me a cheater, because as Nadia and I were setting up, he tells his sister “ Watch out, this guy’s shady, he cheats” right in front of my face. Than I tell Nadia “ If you want me to flip with different dice, so be it. “We than borrow different dice from a friend. Nadia wins a close game, in which if I hit a single energy off a juniper, I would have been in a great position, and probably won. But I whiffed, and she took the game, as her electrode saved her when I N’d her to 1 to grab the superior. GG!

    Round 3 W Sydney Morisoli w/ Genesect Virizion

    I got revenge on a good player, and a new friend! ( BTW I'd also like to mention how many friends I made, including Sydney and her dad Doug!) T2 Blue flare is not too fun when you’re playing virgen , gg Sydney!

    Round 4 L ??? w/Plasma

    Really friendly person, I get t2 burst for 180, he replies with t2 burn for 170 as well as an N and a Frozen City. That’s pretty much all she wrote!

    Round 5 W ?? w/ Plasma

    I turn 2 him with t2 Burst for 180, we play a fun game and swap decks for fun, and I win! I liked his plasma deck a lot! GG!

    3-2 Bubble at 5th

    Overall I had a great time at my very first marathon! If I played you please put your name down below as well as what day/round! (Also, as a side note, I'm not trying to put down Zachary Bokhari, but rather trying to understand why someone would do this.)
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    Gauwd u such scrub why am I even talking I did just as horrible

    Well uh tough luck and uh hope to see you at regs?

    That was very unlike Zach to say that kind of stuff.....usually he's a great person even when he loses...weird in my opinion. I wouldn't take too much of it to heart though, the majority of people know that you aren't what he says you are (including me btw).

    Also when you were playing against Orrin with my Dark/Garb, Orrin was cheating soooo much when you were looking away it was hilarious.
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    hahaha oh i
    Yea, he seems to have taken a dislike to me, whatever. But yea! Quad bubble OP!! Maybe we're bubble buddies! If you could talk to him about it i'd apprecaite it, even though I am over it :p Hopefully i'll be at regs!![DOUBLEPOST=1388783777][/DOUBLEPOST]But classic orrin <3
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    I don't think I'll see him soon but whatever, as long as you're fine. I have too many bubble buddies D:
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    What!? Who?? I bubbled all 4 days :( </3
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    Fine you can be one too.

    BTW, Jeremy is like the bane of your existence.
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    Yeaaaaa :(