Not This Time – Jay’s Nebraska and Wisconsin State Synopses

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    I really liked the tip about Full Arts. I would extend that to holos of any type – I think it's best to play as many plain cards as possible, unless you want to pimp out your whole deck, then I guess it's ok.

    One other related tip to go along with this: play as many different versions of reprint Trainers as you can. It makes it so much easier to keep track of what's in your deck and what's Prized. It's way easier to remember when the artwork is different. So Switch, for example, if you play 4, use 1 of each of your favorite artwork:

    One scenario where you can see immediate benefit from this is if you're N'd before you are able to search your deck. Maybe your opening hand has a Switch in it. You get N'd, and draw into a different artwork Switch. Now you know there are at least 2 Switches in your deck, which you couldn't have known unless you played the different versions.

    If you want to give yourself the best opportunity to win, you need to use as many of these little hacks as you can to your advantage.
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    Heh, that's a nifty trick. But for some things I wouldn't want to play different artworks for everything. If you can count it, so can your opponent. If they can confirm you play 4 N's instead of 3, or 4 Switch instead of 3 (which can easily happen during a best of 3), then they can play with the knowledge that they could be N'd, or that you will probably have a Switch. You can often search your deck pretty quick (with Skyla, Ultra Ball, Level Ball, Heavy Ball, Computer Search as all of your outs) and can determine the number of prized things from there. ^_^;
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    Good point Crawdaunt, but I doubt most opponents would be attentive enough to notice you're playing different artworks and keep track of them, and they could only really infer card counts during top cut (in Swiss they wouldn't be able to unless you mulligan or they were playing a card that allowed them to look at your hand or you had something allowing you to put cards from your discard pile back into your deck).

    I think the reward outweighs the risk. You can search your deck pretty easily, but when you're under stress during a tournament, any little memory trick can help. Try it out during your testing with opponents who both know and don't what you're doing, and see what happens. I might be wrong, but testing is the only way to figure out if it's worth it for you.
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    Why do you think Hydregion lost so much power, it seems like it would be a pretty safe play right now, being able to 1hko, blastoise, blackkyuremex, klinklang, rayquazaex, and its got Darkrai for that quick attacking power?
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    Adam haha, I know I do that in best of 3's! Especially the N's. if I see an N NVI and my opponent has played three N DEX, then I can be sure they still have one left. I even take note of Switch BW vs. Switch BCR :p I am probably more attentive to that kind of stuff when i'm confirming their counts than most people though.

    Another quick note is that the thickness and bend of old cards are different than new ones. And with Jay's full art fiascos, playing uniform prints of cards could help prevent awkward shuffling. I know Starmetroid plays only recent prints of trainers for this reason (even if base set has such swag value).
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    Wow nice article, like the others I enjoyed reading the tips on FA cards and I don't think it's "just in your head" since myself and plenty of other people have experienced the same problem.
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    Adam: I've seen a lot of good players do it and I don't think its a bad idea. Crawdaunt is right, but that usually only applies to BO3 or scouting for their teammates. Another advantage I have found playing different copies is its very easy for players to miss certain counts of cards because they are so focused on the picture and not the title. I've checked my opponents discard and counted 3 N's and than went back through again and found the 4th because it was a different picture or something. I personally don't do it because I'm OCD (not really) about all of my cards being exactly the same and it drives me crazy if their not.

    Techno: Its slow, has trouble finding room for a lot of stuff, and free Max Potions isn't a good enough trade off for the loss of speed and considency. I guess to summon it up I feel speed Darkrai does the exact same thing just better and faster.

    Crawdaunt: No I do the exact the same thing

    Reshiphlosion: Good to know I'm not going crazy!
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    Great article Jay!!
    I've always liked Tornadus EX and your thoughts on maxing him out has given me some new options to consider other than my Garbodor deck.... (I love flipping over a Trubbish and watching the other guy flinch!!!!)
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    Jbcheshire: I agree Tornadus EX is very underrated
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