November 2013 Underground Schedule

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  1. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    [11/6: Legendary Treasures is officially released.]

    Tuesday 11/5: Mike Diaz (His 4th place Philly Regionals Tool Drop deck.)
    Thursday 11/7: Kenny Wisdom (New cards and how they fit into established decks.)

    [11/8: Rule changes go into effect.]

    Tuesday 11/12: Henry Prior (Rule changes, Cities preparation.)
    Thursday 11/14: Jon Bristow

    Tuesday 11/19: John Kettler
    Thursday 11/21: Erik Nance

    Tuesday 11/26: Ray Cipoletti
    Thursday 11/28: Jay Hornung

    Tuesday 12/3: Dylan Bryan

    I'll keep this list updated as the guys decide what they're going to write about.
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