NXD on the refresh of the RPS format?

Discussion in 'UG General Discussion' started by mattynate, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. mattynate

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    Iv been doing a lot of testing with the new format, and it seems to me that it is getting to a game of Rock Paper Scissors again.
    What is everyone else's thoughts on this, and do you think it is good for the game?
  2. baby_mario

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    Pure RPS is terrible for the game. When your results are purely decided by the whim of the pairings, it kind of sucks all the fun out of it, along with the skill.

    We will have to see, but I don't think the new format will have reached that state. I don't see any near autowins between the top decks. What is confusing the issue is the emergence of counter decks (Mirror/Bangle, Drifblim, Suicune etc), but they are risky meta-call type decks, rather than established top tier.
  3. Parenting101

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    I have only been playing through a couple of rotations now, but it seems to me that the new season's 1st quarter usually is a RPS type format. And now with no top cut for Battle Roads, pairings really do decide how you do. After the 1st quarter, more sets get released and things start to diversify. I only started playing when SPs were getting rotated out, so I can't speak for those previous years.
  4. Obro

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    ^I don't think this season can be compared to the last season at all. More sets to diversify the metagame? We already have 8 sets (kinda 11, because of all those reprints).

    RPS is absolutely not good for the game, but based on the testing I've done so far, I wouldn't call it RPS.
    Most decks has very viable tech options if they are concerned about a specific matchup, and as BM said, there are not many autowin/loses between the top tier decks.
    It seems to be more an issue of how you balance your deck to face the predicted metagame at a given tournament.

    I'm very excited to see how the metagame is formed when the tournaments starts again, because right now I'd say there are at least 10 types of decks with huge potential to make great results during the first many tournaments.
    That is until some deck gets too hyped because of early good results and everyone will have to deal with that deck.
    Still then, there will be lots of opportunity to balance the format because of the new silver tools, which John Kettle pointed out in his article.