Ended [Official] Winter Wars #8 -- SMP wins!

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  2. snscompt1

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    Wow. you're on top of things lol.
  3. OshaWaterBottle

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    Its because my opponent hasn't responded.
  4. PP101

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    Haha you don't need to remind me every time. :p

    As @JonSuperEmerald responded to his opponent, but hasn't been online since Friday (even with their scheduled game), he will not be dropped, but @OshaWaterBottle will take the win.

    Working on pairings now.[DOUBLEPOST=1401303388][/DOUBLEPOST]Round 3 Pairings:
    1. @Professor_N (2-0) vs. @Phoenix15 (2-0)
    2. @OshaWaterBottle (2-0) vs. @snscompt1 (2-0)
    3. @cruel_lizard (2-0) vs. @pokeawesome (1-1)
    4. @Salamencetrainer34 (1-1) vs. @SMP (1-1)
    5. @troller100 (1-1) vs. @Googleplex (1-1)
    6. @Kirbyswag (1-1) vs. @JonSuperEmerald (1-1)
    7. @infernaperocks (1-1) vs. @Serperior (1-1)
    8. @HighShroomish (1-1) vs. @Jirachion (1-1)
    9. @Gelato (1-1) vs. @Wrags23 (1-1)
    10. @Floral (0-2) vs. @Reshiphlosion (0-2)
    11. @desufnoc (1-2) vs. Bye

    Round 3 Results Due Monday, June 2nd at 8:00 PM PST.

    For what it's worth, this is why I don't like running big events when I don't need to. I know you guys wanted a better chance to join a WW, as they do fill up quickly, but the amount of drops and unresponsive opponents we have here is too much. Please convince me that it's worth running bigger events with more people.

    Good luck! :)
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  5. Phoenix15

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  6. Professor_N

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    The unflappable OshaBlakes beat @snscompt1. gg
  8. snscompt1

    snscompt1 The worst Mafia player ever.

    Confirming. GG.
  9. Jirachion

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    I beat @HighShroomish. Good luck for the rest of the tournament!
  10. HighShroomish

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    Confirming. GG
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    Give @SMP the win. Incredibly busy until tuesday and playtcg cant fit in.
  14. Kirbyswag

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    No word back from Jon.
  15. Reshiphlosion

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    After some complications I think that @Floral gave me the win. (Although I'm pretty sure he would've won if we were able to do our match... :( )
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  16. Floral

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    It was definately close but please give Reshi the win:)
  17. Phoenix15

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    Bumpity bump bump
  18. Serperior

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  19. Gelato

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    @Wrags23 didn't show up to our playing time today
  20. infernaperocks

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    I gave you the win dude, could have won if we battled.
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