On Failure and Losing: An Article About Not Getting 1st Place at Pokemon Tournaments

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    arcanyx- I really appreciate your honest feedback and I can certainly understand why you see no relevance in this.

    The intent for this article was to discuss the emotional side of losing and why we need to lose every once and a while. It was not an objective article looking at how players lose or what they can do to prevent losing. If you don't have much of an interest in the more subjective ideas associated with loss, then this article may not have too much to offer.

    I think an article on the more objective ideas of losing could be a good idea and maybe I'll tackle it in the future. Thanks for the idea!
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    interesting write up. its nice to see ug take a turn.....{sometimes} .....lol

    still miss the JwiTTz....;{
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    Will definitely look forward to that topic if you do get the opportunity to write it. Nonetheless this was an excellent article, one that I hope every player reads especially those who find interest in or are deeply affected by the emotion-fueled sector of the game. Like my girlfriend perhaps, lol. :D
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    Amazing article. Being a new player, it's so easy to look at the deck list I've made (taken from other players) and think I'm gonna do great and I set myself up for disappointment. I've found losing to be so important because it helps me to grow and learn. This applies to every area of life. I can't tell you how many times I've felt like I'm failing in life, when God was just wanting to use my weakness and failures to grow me into something greater and show that I can't do anything without Him.

    "Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again."

    It's not about failing. It's about what you do when you do fail, because failure will always be inevitable.
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    Great article! I'm very competitive, and even though I'm new to Pokemon (I'm learning so that I can help my son, who is a Junior, practice), I have a tendency to set overly ambitious goals for myself. You've done a great job of reminding me (and other readers, too, I'm sure) of the different ways we can view success and loss and how to learn from our "failures". Also, my son is extremely hard on himself when he loses, and it breaks my heart. This article gave me a lot of ideas not only with respect to my own reactions and emotions, but also with respect to how to teach my children about healthy competition. Thank you.
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    Just came to UG and this was the first article I read. Thank you so much for this perspective. As we head into this season, I now think it would be very healthy to change my goals and expectations. This was a very refreshing read and it spoke volumes to me. Loved it
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    Nice read and some ideas I will share with my children as the season starts! Thanks!