Once XY releases will all B&W be banned??

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  1. ianthegamer

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    Im seeing a few trainers that act like past trainers such as evolution soda instead of rare candy.
    Seems kind of dumb that they would changed this as that would more than likely mean rare candy will no longer be a legal card.

    Anyone know what will happen? I know within the 2014 year most of the B&W will be legal but how long does it usually take for a set to become fully unplayable?

    I just started playing again and it would be sort of annoying to know my cards wont be playable in the the short future
  2. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    This seasons isn't the short future in terms of competitive play seeing as how X&Y won't be released till Feb. Otherwise, it's unnecessary to start projecting what TCPi is going to do when they might not even know yet.

    *even though they probably do.
  3. KPiplup

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    It definitely won't be an immediate thing. Format Rotations happen in August, and XY comes out in February.

    It's anyone's guess what sets will be chosen to rotate, however. Past precedent suggests Plasma Storm-on, however, this isn't a guess to base anything on.
  4. InfinityMinusOne

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    There's no real need to worry. It's more likely than not that we'll get our usual rotation after the 13-14 season rather than right after XY is released, and even when we get our rotation, there is a next-to-zero chance that we'd lose ALL BLW sets. If I had to make an educated guess (and this is a complete shot in the dark--there's no way of knowing how things will be until the official release occurs), I'd say that our next format will be something along the lines of Plasma Storm-on. However, I repeat, this is complete speculation on my part with little more than knowledge of the fact that it would make sense for them to rotate a year's worth of sets on a yearly rotation.
  5. Otaku

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    1) Cards overlapping is a regular occurrence. While it is less common for there to be "same card, different name" releases, even those aren't unprecedented and if anything, seem to be becoming more and more common.

    2) Instantly banning the BW sets would drop us to one set; that would be unprecedented.

    In the event the-powers-that-be want to rotate Modified to XY-On (or even LT-On), then we'll get a later rotation to accommodate an extra set. This is quite unlikely, of course, and I only entertain it in the slightest because:

    a) I am weird that way
    b) We are supposed to be getting an "extended" format that allows the use of some older cards (Black & White and later sets) that is meant to compliment the actual Modified format.
  6. ianthegamer

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    wow. That would retire the darkrai deck as it stand today
  7. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Sure Sableye is gone and is a huge blow, but no one knows if Darkrai won't be good without him. Maybe it'll be faster...
  8. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    It's the loss of Dark Patch that will finish off Darkrai as a main attacker.
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  9. StormFront

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    I must admit, it has been depressing to see so many reprints in the BW block, and LT was just adding further insult to injury. We'll either get PLS-ON, or XY-ON IMO. With the former being much more likely.
  10. ianthegamer

    ianthegamer Member

    is there a set list of how many cards will be in the xy?[DOUBLEPOST=1384880928][/DOUBLEPOST]that would also mean N and Skyla would go away correct? If it were PS on
  11. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    N will be a League promo card soon, so we will most likely keep it.
  12. ianthegamer

    ianthegamer Member

    That makes since. I just got skyla promo at league play as well so i guess she is good to stay as well
  13. kalelkent1

    kalelkent1 And then I topdecked

    ianthegamer, was the Skyla a blackstar promo? Or just league foil promo?

    In regards to the rest of the thread, I can't predict what the new rotation will bring.
    Something I do know is that there was a Majestic Dawn through B&W format which was like 13 sets in scope. I forget if Emerging Powers or Noble Victories were also in that format, so it could of been 14 or 15 sets, but for sure 13.
  14. KPiplup

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    MD-BW was an exaggerated size due to the DP-on (lack of) rotation the prior year.
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  15. kalelkent1

    kalelkent1 And then I topdecked

    You're right, but it still happened. And something like that could happen again even if the chances of it are close to nil.
  16. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    MD-BLW (AKA the Sabledonk format) existed for one set of Spring BRs in the US (Europe stayed with MD-CL for BRs and Nats).

    The lesson learned there was that huge formats cause bad card interactions (YGO has the same problem pretty much constantly). It forced them into the early HGSS-on rotation.
  17. ianthegamer

    ianthegamer Member

    ill have to check but i believe it was a league play foil
  18. MaverickNate

    MaverickNate Active Member

    Skyla is a Mirror Holofoil print of the Boundaries Crossed card. The Crosshatch Play Pokémon foil was not used.
  19. kalelkent1

    kalelkent1 And then I topdecked

    Ok. Thanks for sharing. Wonder when my league will be getting this?...

    If I got to choose what the next format was, I would like it to be Dragons Exalted on. Kill the Dark Patch and kill Sableye. Darkrai would still be used of course, but I think its play would decrease. Aside from that, I'm starting to get tired of Sableye, especially SableHammer combination. -_- I think it would be a good change of pace for the format.

    How about all you folks? If you magically had the power to choose the next format, what would you have it be? What benefits would it have for the format?
  20. Kronk

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    This explains my feelings exactly. With the time constraints of the new format, it seems like they want to keep the game at relatively fast pace, Sableye+hammers, lazer, etc, seem to promote more slow gameplay. Not to mention incredibly annoying.