Once XY releases will all B&W be banned??

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  1. ninjapikachu

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    One of my friends just Facebooked me asking if I'd seen the new rotation, XY-Flash Fire.
    Is that actually real, it just doesn't sound quite right to me?
    Hope it isn't, or all my good work building every deck in format will need swiftly undone...
  2. baby_mario

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    Go look on Pokemon.com

    If there is an announcement that they have rotated to XY-Flash Fire (a set that isn't released yet), then they have.

    If not, then you have just heard some stupid BS rumour.

    Pokemon are VERY good at keeping the rotation confidential. It NEVER leaks out to randoms.
  3. PellOfTheTundra

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    I think that rotation was a word used accidentally instead of set. There will be no XY2 rotation this season, because good luck sustaining a playerbase when there is one playable deck (maybe two) in format.
  4. Otaku

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    As opposed to half a dozen decks that feel like the same one (maybe two) decks. ;)
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  5. PokemonGeek

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    If DRV is counted as a set then wouldn't we shift to BCR-on
  6. Otaku

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    Why does that make a difference?

    KPiplup's post (at least now) seems a bit ambiguous; he could have been suggesting that a target number of sets would be cut (3,4, and 5 are all very common) so whether BW: Dragon Vault "counts" as a full set or not is irrelevant to that line of thinking. I thought it was more about milestone mechanics: BW: Plasma Storm introduced Team Plasma cards to the game, and while they have split card families before, there is an added risk of imbalance. BW: Dragon Vault didn't introduce any key mechanics as the Dragon-Type debuted in BW: Dragons Exalted (which came out first).

    Historically, we haven't gotten many mini-sets like BW: Dragon Vault. The only one I can remember is the Southern Islands expansion that came out in the middle of the Neo block. If we count the Southern Islands mini-set as a full set, it makes very little difference. It was cut when the game shifted from WotC to Nintendo (and what would become TPCi). That rotation cut the four Neo sets, the Legendary Collection (a reprint set), and the Southern Islands; if each are treated as a full set then that is six sets cut... but that doesn't make cutting that number especially common or make the "5 set" cuts drop to an "uncommon" amount. If we do not count the Southern Islands release as a set, then this rotation goes from slightly abnormal to normal, which suggests to me that it didn't count.

    Again though, it is really too soon to tell and there have been enough exceptions that one shouldn't rely heavily on the past for concrete answers. Don't forget we'll be getting an "Extended" style format soon, so about the only the to really rule out is the game expanding backwards to BW-On for the Standard Format (as that would make them identical). It may justify an even more severe cut, or it may make no difference.