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  1. Googleplex

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    Not sure if this belongs here, but...

    What are the best ways to advertise a League? My parents set up a league a couple of months ago (UK, Midlands) and we're finding it hard to bring in members, especially (hate to use a term like this really) "decent" players.
  2. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Googleplex: First of all, where is it? As I'm based in the midlands and know a few people who are so can spread the word if ppl are close

    If its on the event locator on Pokemon that's a good start. Other than that, creating a Facebook community is a good idea, and just general word of mouth tbh.
  3. Googleplex

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    It's on the event locator, and we do have a Facebook group too. We have a site too ( I'd link you now but I'm on my phone and links don't work too well.

    It's in Stratford-upon-Avon and runs once a fortnight on Saturdays (next weeknd and then every other weekend after that)

    We were thinking of holding a mini-tournament during one of our league sessions to try and bring in some people.
  4. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Only problem with leagues on Saturday is that it's tournament day for me, don't know what more you can do tbh if you have all that set up
  5. Reclamation

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    As tamoo said, any other day would be better if you want to bring in "decent" players. Saturday just means that alot of players will be at events
  6. dragontime

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    Hey guys I'm having a poblem with my account and need some help becaus ethe people on the help site are not very helpful. Anyways, at the beggining of the year I registered myself into ratings and rankings and to get my Play Points counted. However I went back to check on how I was doing a few weeks ago and found that they didn't count any of them putting me back at 0 championship and play points which is a bummer. So I need to get 5 more play points so I can go to Nats (Seniors) which is not a problem but the issue is when I try to get opted in it won't let me. I have my POP pin and evrything else but my Player ID which I couldn't find for some reason. So if you guys could try to help out that would be great, the main thing I need to know is where to find my player ID. I'm also wondering if because I didn't register when I first got my POP ID 5 years ago for my points and ELO to count, thats screwing it up since they've moved to OP instead of POP.

    Thx for the help with a question that probably has an obvious answer XD.

  7. pokemonguy

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    Ask your league organizer or the person who gave you your POP ID he/she should have it.
  8. Falco413

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    I believe you can find your POP ID on the official pokemon site, while logged in.
  9. Alastair

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    What is the top cut for tournaments, by number of people?
  10. baby_mario

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    The attendance needed in any given age group is as follows

    You need 8 for a top 2
    16 for a top 4
    32 for a top 8
    64 for a top 16
    128 for a top 32
    512 for a top 64

    Tournaments with >1,000 players (basically just US Nats) will split the players into 2 flights and get 2 sets of top 64 which will then be merged to produce a top 128.

    But . . . there is a limit put on the top cut depending on what the tournament is. This is regardless of how many players attend.

    Battle Roads in the US no longer have a top cut (TOs in Europe can do what they like)
    Cities are limited to a top 8
    States are limited to a top 16
    Regionals are limited to a top 32
  11. Ziggmiceter

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    Shouldn't we create a BLW-PLF Nationals results thread? It would be easier to look for results there.
  12. canadianhitman7

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    By winning you country nationals do you recieve a scholarship like in the US nationals
  13. pokemonguy

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    They have cut the scolarships from many counties.
  14. canadianhitman7

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    Does Mexico have one if so which places
  15. NoPoke

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    Only the USA TCG nationals and TCG Worlds have scholarships now.
  16. Serperior

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    Does anyone know where Fall Regionals will be?
  17. sibon

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    Yes, but we're not telling you.
  18. PP101

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    Sorry, sibon, but I'll tell him.

    So far, I only know two of them, but there will be one in Pleasanton (NorCal) on October 12th and 13th and one in Fort Wayne (Indiana) on October 26th and 27th. Both confirmed by the Tournament Organizers.
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  19. KPiplup

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    And I'll tell you that Philly and Houston are the same day as Fort Wayne.
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  20. tonenkyra

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    ok, I guess this might be the place to post this question. sorry if it is not. My name is Antonio and I am a league leader at Golden Eagle Pokémon League. I am trying to inquire where or how we would get our hands on season 7 supplies? My League owner put in a request with TPCi and got no response from them. They have shipped and we have received season 8 materials and we have already in our possession season 6 and before. I am not sure if I should post here or try my luck under my dashboard on pokemon's website. Any help guys?

    P.S. We are also looking for like 5-6 basic badges (season 1) and only the badges. we still have the code cards. any help on that too?