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  1. daGlaceon

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    People have been talking about how the weight of your pack affects your pulls. So, is a lighter pack the one to open? Or heavier one?
  2. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    In theory the heavier pack should have more shinyness in it I guess.

    But that shinyness might be some crap reverse holo though . . .

    I know people do it in YGO (big surprise), I'm not sure I believe people who say it works for Pokemon.

    But it's a REALLY good reason not to buy a bunch of random packs from an open box imo.
  3. m_p_s

    m_p_s Member

    I'm not sure about some booster packs weighing more than others - I didn't check the weight, but I did check the "thickness" of each pack. I don't think there's a way for a person to check the thickness of a booster pack without a micrometer caliper or some similar tool, but I've been hearing people "bending" the booster pack a bit to check resistance. They say if you get a bit of resistance when bending the booster pack, then there's a good chance a foil or reverse foil card is in it.
  4. TrainerDerek

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    Reverse foil cards are in every single pack though.. It'd be almost impossible to tell in Pokemon.
  5. m_p_s

    m_p_s Member

    This isn't exactly true. Most booster packs have reverse foil cards, but there are a few that have none at all.
  6. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    I'm 100% certain you can weigh packs. I've never done it electronically cos I just don't have the equipment for it atm (shame, I worked for a year in a physics lab last year lol) but I genuinely believe I can weigh packs by hand. I've managed to pick out the primes and legends in the HS series incredibly easily. I also managed to pick out the one good pack from 9 CoL packs. I'd find it hard to believe I'm just getting lucky guesses every time I do it :/

    But weighing packs then selling light ones is pretty unethical. You should never buy packs from ebay imo, it's so easy to open a box, weigh the best packs and open them, sell the singles in that pack and sell the rest of the packs seperately. I know for a fact that people do this.
  7. Vejita

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    quote!!! Never buy open boxes!!!

  8. m_p_s

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    I agree - don't open boxes that seemed to have been opened or tampered with. I'm going to discuss that with more detail in my next article.
  9. bcepicwin

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    I have weighed packs before, and I tend to be pretty good at it. With HGSS packs and beyond, though, it is harder to tell if there's better stuff in it (for me at least). I see if it's bending for those packs. PL-Arcues and below, I can weigh accuratly though.
  10. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    RR to AR I can hit the Lv.X cards. Anyways My comic shop is really smarter for this now letting me hit the rare cards and mix them up and they let you choose but you have about a minute xD. I personally let them pick and I usually get some great pulls.I use to weigh packs at local Wal-Marts, worked everytime >: D
  11. Versilaryan

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    Technically, that's true, but that's only if a secret rare (Prime, Lv.X, etc.) takes the place of the RH card. So packs without a secret rare are guaranteed to have a reverse foil card in them. I know for certain that the Primes take the place of the RH card in packs, and Lithographs take the place of the rare and not the RH, and I'm pretty sure the LEGENDS do the same. Not quite sure about Lv.X's, or EX's, though.
  12. m_p_s

    m_p_s Member

    During the third generation, a common card could take the place of the random card. Has this been changed?
  13. flygondrb

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    I don't know if pack weighing works with your hands tbh. At regionals three days ago I tried weighing the 9 Call of Legends packs that I won and it seemed to work considering the one that felt the heaviest to me had a shinny Ho-oh. But idk it could have been a coinsidence.
  14. the_gorn

    the_gorn New Member

    I knew someone who used to sell individual packs as well as selling rares/ultra-rares on eBay.

    At the time, you could search eBay by username and see what that person was buying as well as selling (can you still do that)?

    One of the items that they were buying was a precision scale.

    I never bought anything from them again. Sealed boxes only please.
  15. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    I'm really happy with the B/W booster boxes. I got my hands on 18 packs of an unopened box and wrote down my findings so I can break the code. The next time I get the chance to go through a unopened booster box, I can see if it has the same code and get the Full Art card and holos. Weighing by hand could work at least in my opinion. I tend to squeeze a pack and go with the pack that is harder to squeeze than the other tends to be a holo or a Lv.X/Legend/Prime/Full Art.
  16. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    The hand weighing thing is just luck/delusion.

    The difference in weight between a Prime/LV X/Legend and a crappy rare is so small that you can't possibly detect it by hand. Especially not when it is in a pack with 9 other cards.
  17. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Nah you just don't know Jak, I got 100% success rate with hand weighing ;)

    Anyway, just did it with 5 HGSS packs and managed yet again to spot the prime (stupid meganium :/ )
  18. Neo_Bankotsu

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    Hey, saw this thread and thought i would throw in some info. I have been scaling yugioh packs for a long time and when i decided to get into pokemon i tried it with mediocre success on the HGSS packs as the lack of RH's with primes made them hard to get. However, with the BW packs i am getting much better results as the holo : no holo weights have a much wider gap and packs that have full art holos also come with RH's making it possible to scale them out. if i remember correctly, packs with holos weigh ~ 28.55g.
  19. Kuprin

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    Wouldn't a lack of RHes with Primes end up causing considerably LIGHTER packs? Also, out of curiosity, do we know much about box patterns for HS block sets?
  20. Neo_Bankotsu

    Neo_Bankotsu New Member

    i can see how it would be easy to think that ( i did too at first), but since the primes replaced the RHs there was relatively little weight difference. combining this with factors that already make scaling from blisters annoying, it made spotting them too difficult and not worth the effort as the cash return u get from pokemon cards is nowhere near that of yugioh