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  1. Zystral

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    Saw this first-hand at Nats this year. A friend got top 16 and won some packs, we weighed them all electronically; one pack was 2 grams heavier, contained a Klingklang.
    One pack had the Secret Rare Pikachu, 2 micrograms heavier. Similar story with the Ultra Reshiram.
    Weighing packs definitely work, but you need to be super precise about your numbers to know exactly what is lurking where.
  2. bcepicwin

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    Electronically is quite accurate, but I weigh with my hands, until HS sets came out.
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    Yeah, scaling works too good. i got 6 packs from target and pulled:
    2x Klinklang
    1x Emboar (not ability) :(
    1x Samurott (also not ability)
    1x Zekrom (normal art)
    1x full art Reshiram and reverse of normal art in same pack (how does he do it?)
    all packs weighed roughly 28.60
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    I don't weigh packs myself, but out of curiosity, I tried it on a box I opened to check if it worked. Provided the scales are accurate enough, the holographic sheet from a card adds about 0.15 grams to the total weight, so as long as you have scales accurate to 0.1 of a gram then it's easy to do. Tamao - if your hands are that accurate, you have a real talent!
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    Ben picked the two best packs from half a BW box (FA Reshiram and Zoroark), by holding them and deciding which felt like it had the good cards. The holos in the other packs were rubbish.

    Was he weighing them?

    Was he using psychic powers?

    Was he just jammy, like he always is at Pokemon?

    I know what I believe.
  6. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh


    tbh the FA cards are genuinely easy to find, as are primes and legends.
  7. evolve

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    I gave my friend a pack of LTR from 4, and told him there was an FA. It was emolga.