Palkia/Lugia/Deoxys. The old bait and switch.

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by WuBMaYNE, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. WuBMaYNE

    WuBMaYNE You Need More Minerals

    So I've been fooling around with ideas of what to run at states. I'm still in between that stage of deciding whether or not to play seriously or just have fun with something rogue. Give me some input on this deck to help me make my decision.

    Pokemon - 14
    Deoxys EX x 3
    Palkia EX x 2
    Thundurus EX x 2
    Lugia EX x 2
    Snorunt x 1
    Frosglass x 1
    Suicune x 2
    Keldeo EX x 1

    Energy - 13
    DCE x 4
    Plasma x 4
    Prism x 4
    Lightning x 1

    Trainers etc.. - 33
    Sycamore x 4
    N x 4
    Skyla x 3
    Colress x 3
    Ultra Ball x 3
    Team Plasma Ball x 1
    Colress Machine x 4
    Muscle Band x 3
    Float Stone x 3
    Tool Scrapper x 2
    Max Potion x 2
    Dowsing Machine x 1

    Basically you pump up Palkia quickly and start switching into Suicune or Snorlax depending on the situation. Use Keldeo and Float Stones to keep the cycle going. Ideas! Critiques!
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  2. Mr_Rumpleteezer

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    Palkia is really good I think. I like what you have here, though I would eliminate Frozen City entirely. I would consider putting in Catchers!
  3. WuBMaYNE

    WuBMaYNE You Need More Minerals

    Yea I'd really like to cut Frozen City, I just don't want something like Shadow Circle or Tropical Beach getting stuck in play. I feel like those are too game changing to not have a few counters to them.
  4. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    Imo, I think lugia is a better card to play over snorlax, plakia to suicune is probably more destructive overall.
  5. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    I would second putting a tech Lugia in here, it would fit in rather seamlessly and could be great for speeding up your pace and taking those last few prizes. The thing I love most about this deck is how it capitalizes on people not playing a lot of catchers and switching cards, which is really cool. I would actually add in Genesect EX instead of Catcher in here, you already run 4 plasma and you wouldn't need to flip a coin either.

    Speaking of which, I don't like how Genesect can break your lock without too much trouble. So if VirGen (or any plasma variant Using the bug really) is super popular at your States then I would probably reconsidering using this deck. Outside of Genesect though this deck is amazing! It utterly destroys Blastoise/Rayboar, while having positive match ups against Trevenant (if you can maintain Keldeo hand have Snorlax handy) and Plasma (Unless they run Genesect) and it can even go toe to toe with Yveltal if played right! (No way Garbodor is going to touch you with 3 Tool Scrapper and a Dowsing Machine. :p )
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  6. WuBMaYNE

    WuBMaYNE You Need More Minerals

    So I made a few changes after testing this deck relentlessly. This deck almost ALWAYS plays close matches but I couldn't ever get the upper hand in the FairyBox matchup, he almost always beat me with that deck. But check out the new list, I edited it.
  7. therocket290

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    I have been trying a similar deck. Sableye with enhanced hammers gave me a lot of trouble setting up.