PallyPander's Precious Trade Thread!!!

Discussion in 'For Trade' started by PallyPander, May 27, 2013.

  1. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    Hi guys! My name's Alex and I'd like to trade! But first, we've got to lay down some ground rules.

    1. I am only shipping to the U.S, but if deal is good enough, I will ship to UK/europe etc
    2. I'll be shipping from Washington D.C. in a sleeve that is well protected. ( Like with bubble wrap)I expect you to do the same. Please let me know if you will or will not be doing so
    3. I value cards off of completed listings on both ends of the trade
    4. I am only trading for Near-Mint or better conditioned cards unless stated otherwise
    5. Have some fun!!!
    6. Being a hipster is not mandatory but it is recommended :D


    x3 Mew Ex
    x3 Landorus Ex
    x2 FA Ho-Oh Ex
    x2 Keldeo Ex
    x2 Shaymin Ex ( 1 FA- 1 Non-FA)
    x2 Terrakion Ex
    x2 Registeel Ex
    x1 Latias Ex -_-
    x1 FA Groudon Ex
    x1 FA Cobalion Ex
    x1 FA Kyurem Ex (96/99 Next Destinies)
    x1 FA Giratina Ex
    x2 Promo Mewtwo Ex
    x1 Mewtwo Ex
    x1 Miscut Mewtwo Ex

    Ace Specs:

    x1 Crystal Edge
    x1 Victory Piece
    x1 Computer Search ( Most likely not for trade unless good offer)
    x1 Scramble Switch ( Same situation ^)
    x1 Gold Potion ( Same situation^^)
    x1 Dowsing Machine


    x1 Tornadus
    x1 Thundurus
    x4 Zekrom ( 2 are misprinted, 2 are not misprinted)
    x1 Reshiram

    Meta Cards:
    x3-3 Accelgor Line
    x4 Gothita
    x4 Gothitelle
    x3 Hydriegon (Dark Trance) ( 1 Reverse )
    x3 Pokemon Catcher
    x6 Rare Candy
    x10 Energy Switch
    x3 Max Potion
    x1 Zoarark (Brutal Bash)
    x1 Flygon ( Boundaries Crossed)
    x1 Sigilyph
    x1 Ditto
    x4 Ultra Ball
    x3 Roselia
    x2 Roserade
    x3 Klink ( Smash Turn)
    x2 Klinklang ( 1 Reverse)
    x1 Bouffalant
    xX a lot of trainers and Supporters and Energy. Just ask for specifics.
    x3 Kyurem ( All Reverse Holo with Glaciate)
    x4 Blastoise

    Secret Rare's:
    x1Pikachu (Black and White)


    x1 Latias Gold Star


    x2 Pre-release Metagross ( Plasma Freeze)
    x1 Pre-release Flygon ( Boundaries Crossed)
    x1 Pre-release Volacarona ( Dark Explorers)
    x1 Pre-release Arcanine ( Next Destinies)
    x2 Victini ( Noble Victories)


    x70+ Plasma Freeze Codes
    x18 Plasma Storm Codes

    Lvl X :

    x1 Dialga Lvl X ( DP Promo 17)
    x2 Absol G Lvl X
    x1 Palkia G Lvl X

    x1 Sealed Scrafty Playmat ( PM if you want a picture)
    x1 Darkrai Binder ( PM if you want a picture)

    High Wants*

    xX Deoxys Ex
    xX Thundurus Ex
    xX Kyurem ( Plasma)

    Medium Wants*

    FA Colress
    Holo Energy

    Low Wants *

    CorroCorro Japanese Shining Mew!!!:D
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  2. MrGatr

    MrGatr > Doesn't have SR Krookodile ;-;

    I have the 4 Gothita with Hypnotic Gaze, and thats about it. Could we try to work out a deal for Cobalion EX, then maybe a Lando EX??
  3. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    Maybe, let me see your thread:)
  4. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Got any spare skyla? I have an Absol incoming soon but for now on hand I have a dusknoir, duskull and 3 float stone :p. If you have no skyla I could do all that I mentioned for 3 ultra ball. If you do have skyla than 2 Skyla and 2 Ultra ball and I'll throw in something else small.
  5. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    Ultra balls are about 5-6$ right now. Skyla's are about 4... Dusknoir is 3 and float stone's are 50 cents... Not exactly even
  6. camohunter19

    camohunter19 Feeling English Teacher-y

    What would you value the Darkrai Binder at?
  7. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Dusknoir, duskull and 2 Float stone for Reshiram FA. I don't value it too highly...
  8. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

  9. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

  10. camohunter19

    camohunter19 Feeling English Teacher-y

    I have some older cards (around DP), and I want the binder. I don't have a list yet, but what cards would you want?
  11. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    do you have anything else? i mean besides that? like a trade thread or some other cards? or even plushies and stuff
  12. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member


    Shinx plush


    FA Cobalion EX

    rh Ghetsis
  13. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    Can I get a Pic?
  14. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    I can link you to a video of it on my youtube channel tomorrow.
  15. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    haha sounds good, PM me or just put link in thread
  16. camohunter19

    camohunter19 Feeling English Teacher-y

    Bleh. I have a giant Pikachu plushie, but I do not have the funds to send it.
  17. MrGatr

    MrGatr > Doesn't have SR Krookodile ;-;

    Did you see anything on my thread. I updated it last night with a few more new things.
  18. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    MrGatr Honestly not much besides reverse dark claw and reverse random reciver. I would be interested in Darkrai Ex and Reerse juniper if that deal doesn't work out.

    camohunter19 do you have ANY new cards? like any new ex's?
  19. camohunter19

    camohunter19 Feeling English Teacher-y

    I'm not using White Kyurem EX PLS or Articuno EX PLS
  20. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Could you ship to the UK if I cover the shipping costs with throw ins?
    I have Gothitelle EPO.
    And there are a few things I want in your list but my main want is Plasma Freeze Codes which doesnt need to be shipped.