"Phantom Gate"- XY4 (Japan)

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    They do seem under powered right now (or rather, not as overpowered as what is competitive).

    Is "Met Ball" a real thing? I am not well versed in the video games: haven't even played anything since Pearl, which I grew frustrated with and never finished... just like Emerald and Crystal before it. I did beat Yellow and Red and thoroughly played through Blue, so it isn't like I don't enjoy the games... but I digress. If it is real, I didn't see it on Bulbapedia or a general Google search. It might be good to explain either way. After all, even the obvious assumption for the ignorant (re: me =P) is a Metal-Type searching Poké Ball and... the deck you listed contains Metal-, Water- and Fire-Types.

    Personally I just think we need a Ban List, but it would probably be too large, and as the main point seems to be to provide a place to use all the relatively recent cards, it would probably be counterproductive. Exactly what support will Metal-Type decks need in a BW-On format? They have a Stage 2 to move Energy around, and if they can handle the split, can simultaneously be immune to attacks by Pokémon-EX! Whether regular Metal Energy cards, Special Energy cards that can provide [M] or a combination of both, there are some great single Energy attackers, so adding Energy acceleration would be overkill, and in BW-On you've got Ultra Ball, Heavy Ball and Level Ball.

    So... what kind of support do they really need?

    Do you mean the Politoed from XY: Furious Fists? It is still technically an unreleased card outside of Japan, so clarification is nice so I don't have to double check and make sure there isn't another noteworthy example (long time players like myself often remember potent cards from up to the beginning of the game). Politoad, or rather its Ability only works on Poliwag, Poliwhirl and Poliwrath: so do you mean you want a split Metal Stage 2 line with a similar gimmick, or one that works for all Metal-Types, which seems unlikely to be a good idea, especially for BW-On. That is a very powerful effect and for all the weaker cards it would bolster, it likely would make the average and some of the top attackers far too strong.
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    meh. Just pretend I never said
    anything. You are right about all of it.[DOUBLEPOST=1407098934][/DOUBLEPOST]And no, I just made metal ball up
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    Phantom Gate is the fourth expansion of the Japanese XY Era. The set continues to feature Mega Evolution as powerful Pokémon-EX and centers around the Shadow Pokémon Gengar. It will be released September 13, 2014 and will contain at least 88 cards. The expansion will be accompanied by the Hyper Metal Chain Deck, a Metal-typeTheme Deck featuring Dialga-EX and Aegislash-EX.

    METAL-TYPE THEME DECK. Looks like you get your wish.
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    Watch Metal Ball be a thing.
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    This was why I had hoped that with the XY generation, the sets would be more or less sycnhed up between Japan and the rest of the world, or at least in the major markets. No offense to more minor markets (and the distinction between the smallest "major" and the largest "minor" might be trivial); I just know that a truly global release is hard to coordinate and safeguard (as the recent gift box early release just proved).

    As someone unable to attend Pre-Releases (actually... anything, but that's a longer story) somehow XY: Furious Fists is already starting to feel "old" when I haven't used a single card (not even via proxy!) and I crave news on Phantom Gate (whatever its non-Japanese counterpart ends up being called). I still would love to see the gap shrunk as much as possible; how about we get a set and we have at least until our set's Pre-Releases before we learn about the next Japanese set. ;)
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    I think the main reason why Furious Fists seems dry is that there isn't much to it other than the obvious Fighting deck. Seismitoad EX looks promising, but the rest of the set is either oriented towards [F] Pokemon, or really "Blah". We have also had a few weeks to "drool" over this set, already.

    I think the hype for Phantom Forces is also pulling from the hype from Furious Fists. What is this new "Spirit Link" mechanic? Will it make Megas competitive? Will M-Gengar EX be as OP in the tcg as the video game? Will our favorite cards that are rotating be reprinted? (Level Ball, Heavy Ball, etc.)
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    The next English TCG expansion has been revealed exclusively by Blackfire European distributor. The set, named Phantom Forces, will be released on November 5, and will feature M-Manectric-EX and M-Gengar-EX. Based on the Japanese Phantom Gate expansion andHyper Metal Chain Deck, the set contains over 110 cards, 6 Pokémon-EX, and an unknown 'Spirit Link' concept.

    Master Mysterious Powers! Gather your courage and peer into the haunted void with the Pokémon TCG: XY—Phantom Forces expansion! Mega Manectric-EX makes a shocking appearance to light the way, while the ghostly grin of Mega Gengar-EX frightens challengers near and far. Take along Aegislash-EX to give you an edge, push the limits of Mega Evolution with new Spirit Link cards, and call on all of your Trainer knowledge to escape the eerie forces at work!

    M-Manectric-EX woot woot!
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    So Spirit Link affects Mega Evolution... Why am I not surprised.
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    New cards released. None show promise.
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    Gengar and Valley look good.
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    I mean, what do you want to copy?

    On a Mega, seems just meh.
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    I think he means the non mega one. Zero for 30 isn't bad, but is not worth building a deck around.
    Could be fun is Landerous builds with laser and everything.
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    Oh, Chandelure is better even. The extra counter and freedom to spread makes it worth the energy.
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    I was talking about the regular one. Mega gengar is a replace zoroark (Foul play) with a bad attack cost (Zoroark had DCE, you need 2 energy attachments for megengar). I am seeing a lot of hype on virbank, Gengar/Trevenant/Dragalge. Use Dark corridor, switch into trevenant, then dragalge kicks in. Your opponent then gets: Item lock, and no retreating. It seems good.
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    Tsunami Seems legit.

    Why bother with gengar? Trev has a good attack too..
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    So you do what Seismitoad/Laser does for a DCE. Seems like a great use of Psy/Colorless/Stadium/Trevenant.
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    Inaccurate, though I can see why you'd come to that conclusion. It may even be 100% correct but if so it isn't because you "know" how effective the cards will be, but because you made a good guess (even if based on an unfortunate trend).

    There is nearly an entire set of cards we don't know. For that matter, we also are all still guessing about what the game will be like come September 3rd (or rather the next tournament series of even mild significance). Even those testing with proxies or Japanese cards are still making assumptions.

    I mean, Charizard-EX... well, the "good one" doesn't look that good if you saw it but not Blacksmith or Pyroar. With what we have seen, I think there is a little promise. Is it worth it? Have to wait and see.
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    Dimensional Valley + Gardevoir. Mewtwo EX is popping 120 for a single energy. You get an energy efficient Sigilyph as well.
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    Too bad Gardy rotates.