"Phantom Gate"- XY4 (Japan)

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    Thank god extended exists.
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    I think the trevenant lock with Gengar and dragalgae might work. But still, I was really hoping that aegislash ex would be really boss (it's my favorite pokemon). I would have been excited if it could have been paired with regular aegislash. That would be cool, but it won't happen . Anyway, I do t get MGengar. What is so important that you would take 2 turned and 3/4 energy to coppy? Evil ball? X ball? Heck. Maybe an aegislash counter . Maybe coppy a cobalion ex iron breaker? But, it's (cobalion's) not very popular and would only be good (to coppy) in extended.

    I think they ruined AZ. I thought they would make a really good card for him being one of the most important game characters. After all, they just reprinted super scoop up, and there is scoop up cyclone, so I dont see the point to include a bad card like that. Also, are we going to be seeing team flare cards???


    And, what is the spirit-something-place-card-thingy? Could we have an explanation and even a card that had it in an attack or effect? They announced it and then didn't show us anything. I think that it will be like the lost zone.
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    Character importance isn't always reflected in how good a card is. Pokemon Collector and Roseanne's Research were great; Professor Birch and Ghetsis, not so much.

    AZ is not a bad card in itself. SSU is flippy, while Cyclone is an ACESPEC and there are better options for your one-per-deck. Mr Briney's Compassion (a very similar card) got played back in the day.

    The problem isn't the card. Being able to scoop up a Pokemon for Prize denial or Ability re-use (think Jirachi EX) is good. The problem is that with no other draw in the format, you don't often have the luxury of using a Supporter for more technical things, and that's a shame.

    It seems that we are.

    We don't know exactly what it is. Something to do with Mega Evolution, apparently. We'll just have to wait for the spoilers.
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  4. Salamencetrainer34

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    AZ sucks because, unless you want to take advantage of blacksmith, Cassius is much better. AZ - Watered down super scoop up Cassius - Super scoop up w/ 100% heads
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    There are situations where AZ would be better than Cassius. If you wanted to re-use a 'coming into play' Ability, would you rather the Pokemon returned to your hand or got shuffled into the deck? If you wanted to save a Benched tech from an imminent snipe/spread KO, what would you rather use?
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    I forgot that Cassius shuffles into deck, haha. I think AZ wont really be played anytime after release. It had potential, but the effect makes sense, AZs floette returned to his hand at the end of the game. This does the same, brings a pokemon back to your hand.
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    I had a question about this too, but it prob won't be answered until the card is officially released. But maybe someone on here could answer it. The way I read it, MGengar can use any attack on the opponents pokemon. Does that mean he doesn't need the energy required to use that attack (besides the PCC energy to use phantom gate)? Say MGengar uses Full Metal Impact of the new Dialga EX, does MGengar have to have MMCC energy? Does MGengar have to discard 2 MM to use the attack?

    Reminds me of this card: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/bw-series/bw9/94/
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    A better comparison is most likely Zoroark BLW.

    Usual warning about basing this off a fan translation and we should wait for official rulings etc . . .

    M Gengar will not need to match the Energy costs to use an attack. When it comes to paying the cost of an attack, if it can pay, then it will, if it can't, it still gets to use the attack. For example, if you copy an attack that says 'discard 2 Fire Energy' (like Reshiram LTR) and you have no Fire attached, you don't discard. However, if an attack says 'discard 3 Energy' (like BKEX), then you can pay, and you do.
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    At the risk of over complicating things, there is one possible exception but I don't think they've used it since before the BW-era. Some attacks would have a clause that stated you must do something "...or this attack does nothing." For example, you might have to discard a [R] Energy, or while you still used the attack, it did no damage and had no other effects.
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    That's a great point, thanks.

    The only card I can think of that has that kind of text is Lugia EX ('if you can't discard a Plasma Energy, this attack does nothing')
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  11. Phoenix15

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    I just wish that AZ could pick up the attached cards too. If you aren't running dowsing machine, you could run into trouble. Especially in the case of Victory Piece or float stone
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    120 dmg for 1 energy is insane!
    With a Mystery Energy he has free retreat too.

    Edit: Gardy only works for basic energy. lol :/
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  13. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    Not quite. Dimensional valley bullies attack costs, but doesn't count as attached energy
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    So that means that combo hits for only 40 dmg for one energy? right? @Ein how to you get to 120?
  15. Otaku

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    Thanks, I forgot what should have been a pretty obvious example of recent implementation of said clause. XD

    He's using Psydrive, not X-Ball. Dimensional Valley knocks the cost of Psydrive down from [PPC] to [PP]. With Gardevoir and its Psychic Mirage Ability in effect, a single basic Psychic Energy provides [PP]. Having to discard that same Energy is actually a bit of a mixed blessing; so many attacks hit based on how much Energy is attached to the Defending Pokémon, after all.
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    I often forget Mewtwo EX even has a second attack. Thanks.
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    Yeah... and Psydrive is actually a solid-to-good attack, but because X-Ball is X-Ball, its easily forgotten. I won and lost games for that reason. XD
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    Dimensional Valley could make Mew playable again. When you can easilly use attacks like Emerald Slash and Land's Judgement.
  19. hfechhelm

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    The things you could do for one less energy.
    Turn one emerald slash
    2 energy night spear
    3 energy black Balista.
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    The only thing that looks intimidating is the T1 Emerald Slash :p
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