“Phantump of the Opera” – A Detailed Look at Trevenant/Accelgor, Blastoise, and Emboar

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  1. Charzano

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  2. Squeaky

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    You are still a scrub but your article is good.

    I can't wait to see you play Trevenant/Accelgor at states!
  3. areuter

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    Great read, but I personally think that 3 Keldeo, 2 BKEX is better, but if you think that your way is better, then I suggest that you run 4 lightning.
  4. xKerst

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    Good article! I myself have been deciding between Emboar and Blastoise for regionals, and was leaning towards Blastoise in fear of Trevenant/Accelgor
  5. Charzano

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    @Squeaky: Thanks for your feedback dude. I look forward to seeing you when I defend the title in March.

    @areuter: I played around with different splits of the two attackers. I agree that Keldeo EX is certainly better in some situations, but with all of the Virizion/Genesect and Darkrai decks out there, I decided to go with a more Kyurem-heavy build. So far I haven't had too much trouble drawing the Lightning Energy with three copies in addition to Professor's Letter and a set of Skyla, but if I were missing attacks due to not hitting the lightning I would certainly consider upping the count.

    @xKerst: Blastoise definitely has a better Accelgor matchup thanks to "Rush In." Both decks have their strengths and weaknesses, but if you're worried about Accelgor, I would definitely go with a Blastoise build featuring heavy Keldeo. Adding a Wortortle would also not be a bad idea.
  6. NJ_Bob

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    Why not play the egg in Emboar too? And I think 1-0-1 of Delphox is way too thin. Delphox is what makes that deck.
  7. Charzano

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    @NJ_Bob: I cut the Exeggcute in Emboar to make room for the 1-0-1 Delphox line. Also, with Delphox, I usually WANTED to discard more cards in order to draw more cards with "Mystic Fire." The reason that I only play a 1-0-1 Delphox is because I didn't want to detract from the main focus of the deck; if you are too focused on setting up Delphox, you won't take knock outs as quickly. When I play the deck, I think of it as a priority to set up Emboar first to start taking advantage of "Inferno Fandango" to score knock outs, and then I think of Delphox as a very useful tech later in the game.
  8. NJ_Bob

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    I also have not felt a need for egg in Emboar because Delphox draws extra stuff for discard. I always evolve Emboar first, but 1-0-1 would just seem too risky setting up what makes the deck so competitive.
  9. Charzano

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    @NJ_Bob: A thicker Delphox line is certainly not "bad," I just think that other cards are more necessary. It's totally up to personal preference though, a lot of really good players are opting for the 2-0-2 line. I just wanted to share my list with you all and explain my card choices because it is a little bit different than some other Emboar lists right now.
  10. scybuck

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    My big question is: What do you run in RayBoar to overcome Trevenant/Accelgor's item lock? The deck is already a little crowded. The only three ideas I have are: 1. Keldeo-EX 2. Verizion EX and 3. Chatot
  11. Charzano

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    @scybuck: The Trevenant/Accelgor matchup is a very difficult one for the Emboar player. If you are playing Emboar and want to have a better matchup against Trevenant/Accelgor, I personally would play one Keldeo EX and two Float Stone. This can keep you from getting stuck in an endless lock, but it is still a very uphill battle through the item lock. To further increase your chances of winning, I would play a single copy of Pignite. Verizion EX is a bit more difficult to play effectively in this deck because Grass Energy does not really fit too well. Chatot is an interesting concept, but I feel like the Trevenant player can just reattach Float Stone and keep rolling. These are my thoughts.
  12. scybuck

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    Thanks for your response, Charzano. I put in two Chatots but found that it would be difficult to fish out a Chatot when you need it and difficult to ever get ahead of reattached Float Stones. So far, I have one Chatot, two Virizion EXs, and three grass energies and have found it to be workable. With Cilan being a supporter and allowing me to fish out energies for my deck, I have been successful in testing. Gotta find a little space for some kind of Stadium card(s) so that Frozen City does not eat my lunch!
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